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Willy T makes the call in the Mod Turbo class at Manassas

This is the largest county fair in Virginia.  Makes sense as it is one of the largest counties in America.  It is notable for one more reason, I call it home.  I make birth from her every time I leave to attend an event.  Leadership does not want to break the county up because they are likely to have several big red voting districts and one small blue one.  People get so upset when school districts close because of the inclement conditions to our west.  When I think about this I recall Doc Holliday response to Mr. Erp from Tombstone, "Wyatt, I AM ROLLING!"  And really you can't help but laugh.

To the action!  In this blockbuster event, which took me 10 minutes to drive to, you had the ever powerful Mod Street 4x4 trucks get this rolling.  William Bennett and "Buckshot", J R Rolfe and "Neighborhood Menace", and Bucky Engle and his Ford all hooked and Bucky dropped a 323 down.  Well, we haven't seen Bucky in a while and being that we didn't know what truck was capable of, a reset was ordered.  Next came April Surface on her "Endeavour" Ford and laid a good run of 313.93.  Yep, that was a good setting.  Matthew Fant came next on the "BIG Show".  If you ever saw Matthew, you would probably look and him and then around and say something like I did, "So, you're the Big Show huh?"  He pulled 308.00.  Next came Brad Broy and you might remember him and his logos all over posters, videos, you name it.  Broy and Sons are big-time clients of WWPTV.  Get your pipes cleaned, car washed, you name it they do it!  Brad pulled 324.46 and I threw some sled ride along footage in there for good measure!  Nine more pullers hooked and none bested Brad and his "Ca$h Only" Ford, I mean Chevy.  Sorry I got used to saying that from way back when!  Brad I still wear my Ford belt buckle to every event, sorry but I just do!  Roger Southard and "Memory Maker" went 315.50 for second place and Kendall Brown and "Bubba Rat" went 313.99.

The next official class was the V8 Modified Tractor class.  What could be more awesome than popping in your favorite small block motor into your favorite tractor chassis?  Gary Coffey and "Deere Hunter" came first went 326.58 and turned it down.  There were reasons for the drop, but free pulling for ole Dub Dub!  Rocky Meadows came next on "Buckeater" and went 312.58 on his Chevy powered Oliver.  Hugh Crittendon came next and went 312.58 on his John Deere with movement from a Chevy power plant.  Class sponsor and flag bearer, not to be confused with a flag bear, for John Deere Kevin English and "The Gambler" came in and dropped some distance on everybody going 329.04.  Gary Coffey came back and pulled 317.36 for second place.  I am terribly sorry if reading/watching video led you to have nightmares about a bear toting a flag or a skeleton shooting poker chips at you.  It is what it is.

Sixty National Modified 4x4 trucks came next.  Wow, my friends, my favorites, would do anything to help these guys out.  "Put a camera here so we can watch this", "Send me my run ASAP so I can see what I need to do for 'Bowling Green'", "Just do better at videos Will!", I am used to these requests but love the fellowship with them.  I almost feel like a part of the family or team members in most cases.  John Dugan came first and was one of the first pull trucks every filmed by WWPTV when I say in the stands just about 8 years previous.  He brought his "Damage Plan" Ford to play in the dirt and did a good job running 331.91.  Questionable setting no, not with these engines.  It really was a good setting.  John kept the hook.  Next came Chad Lam and "On All Fours" and I caught Chad earlier this year on two wheels during a hook.  He went 311 and some change.  Next came Glenn Dugan and "White Horse".  Glenn has 40+ years pulling this truck.  One of the founders of the sport.  He went 306.47.  Next came "The Legend" driven by John T Davis.  He is a sponsor of WWPTV.  Looking to insure your pulling vehicle, trailer, or RV, call John T. 804-445-3823 or on the web at  John pulled 331.91.  Wait!  What?  They tied.  Video evidence confirmed it and the fellows choose to split the purse.  In other notes, Mason Brizendine didn't hook due to a faulty MSD box.

Okay, what do you do when a hometown puller wants to have his class put on an exhibition?  You get on the phone like mad and invite folks!  So that is why we had the non-Dragon Motorsports class here at Manassas.  We had 7 hooks on the night.  First off was my new neighbor Adam House and his Maserati blue special edition New Holland.  He is several hours away, but still a neighbor indeed.  Welcome to Virginia, Adam, it truly is for Lovers and Pullers.  Adam pulled some 287.32 feet and a call was going to made to help the tractors out.  I walked over and looked to Temple Brizendine and said, "This is a good hook for that tractor, let's roll with it!"  I placed him some 25 feet behind his winning tractor at Shippensburg earlier in the year (  Leaving the sled be was the right call.  Tommy Williams local boy from Leesburg just 20 miles away went 321.54 on "Firestorm".  Now I am feeling like a million bucks!  Randy DeVaughn and "Road Gear Farmer" went 299.80.  Jimmy Williams and "Cattellac Red" came in and pulled 296.73.  Guy Gochenour and "Stress Test" with 706 sheet metal IH went 291.90.  Then Adam House came back and went 323.76 on his "Blak N Blew" New Holland 8560.  I say it is his as he works on it but the real man behind the curtain is Gary Cubbage.  Gary knows business and he loves pulling.  Don't know about long walks on the beach, but that doesn't really matter to me as I live for 300 foot walks on a sandy-clay dirt track.  Jimmy Williams came last on "Green Max" and pulled 313.04 for a third-place finish.  Thanks to all the pullers and fans who came out!  See you next year baby!

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Antique pulling from Buchanan Virginia

Antique pulling from Buchanan.  I apologize for squeaks in the tripod.  It is set up for 30MPH+, not 6MPH.  But, I have learned that some of our fans light up when they see me at these events as they just do not get the kind of coverage I bring to other leagues.  So if antiques are your thing, here are a few hooks in HD to hold you over.  I am filming Field Day of the Past coming up with hundreds of hooks.  Let me know in the comments if you want videos of that posted.

Thanks to Jeter Farms ( for inviting me out and will hopefully have me back.  I loved the backdrop for this pull.  Just need to get them to go the other way.  I like filming into the crowd and opposite the flagmen!

The Dragon Motorsports show from that night is next and then Harrisonburg and 2 tracks.  And then more to a normal schedule.

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Tractor/Truck Pulls! 2018 Coldwater Pull Wolverine Pullers

Bobcat Jr. new leader in the Shell Rotella Cup

After the Lions Pull of the South in Chapel Hill, TN, the Shell Rotella Cup has a new leader in the Mini Mod point standings.
With 2 great finishes in both sessions on Friday and Saturday evening, Bart van der Sluis, driver of Bobcat Jr from Ijsselmuiden, in the Netherlands took over the lead in the point standings of Toplenzen Lambada 10. Bart finished in runner up position on Friday night, around 8 feet behind Chase Richardson's new Mini Mod Tractor from Leitchfield, KY. 3rd Place went to Grayson Shelton from New London, NC with Sawed Off. The 2nd European competitor, Toplenzen Lambada 10 with Gert Dingerink in the hot seat finished only in 5th place with 326.275 feet.
In session 2, Bart van der Sluis made another nice pass with Bobcat Jr., 316.325 feet were enough for the 3rd place in the Mini Mod division.
A poor day had Gert Dingerink with his Toplenzen Lambada 10. The orange Mini came not very good away and lost a lots of speed on the start, only 305.460 feet and a disappointing 12th place for the dutchman from Zwolle. The first 2 places on the podium went to the Shelton Family from New London, NC. In first place was Camille Shelton with Splinter and in runner up position was her older brother Grayson Shelton with Sawed Off.
Before the finals at the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio the Screamin´ Bobcat Team leads the points table with a 6 points gap in front of the the Lambada Pulling Team. It looks like we have an exciting final between the two dutch Teams in Bowling Green this weekend !

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This Week !


ETPC Euro Cup Hajdúböszörmény (H) 2018:

NTPA Urbana, OH (USA) 2018:

NTPA GN Sandusky, OH (USA) 2018:

NTPA GN Napoleon, OH (USA) 2018:

NTPA Zanesville, OH (USA) 2018:

PPL Champions Tour Hillsboro, WI (USA) August 10, 2018:

PPL Silver Series Hillsboro, WI (USA) August 10, 2018:

PPL Champions Tour Hillsboro, WI (USA) August 11, 2018:

PPL Silver Series Hillsboro, WI (USA) August 11, 2018:

ITPA Marion, IL (USA) August 10, 2018:

Nebraska Bush Pullers West Point, NE (USA) August 10, 2018:

OTTPA Springfield, MO (USA) 2018:

OTTPA Mound City, KS (USA) 2018

OTTPA Weeping Water, NE (USA) 2018: 

OTTPA De Leon, TX (USA) August 10, 2018:

OTTPA De Leon, TX (USA) August 11, 2018:

Mystery in them Mountains, the Mountains of Monterey Virginia

Monterey, Virginia, United States of America is the town with one blinky light.  No stop light, no crime, no problems.  What you do have is a two of hard working people that are just tough as nails, heavily bearded, and kind as the day is long.  They are kind of know for one more thing too, tough pulling trucks.  So much so that when we consulted with Moutain Boyz Motorsports ( and on their logo, it had to incorporate two things, the mountains and engines.  So it was apparent to me that the M and the B had to be mountains.  My only concern was that the B didn't look too much like a set of boobs!

Fast Forward several years later and they have beefed up their advertising game, event posters, social media, you name it, to help fans know about, plan around, and ensure they will attend the next event.  On this night, the fans gathered in the Highland County Fairgrounds area to watch the next installment of pulling.

To get the evening kicked off, we went Antiquing.  This featured a couple of classes with some good looking hardware.  The highlight was this International called "Bad Little Binder".  Now they did play some music to break up the monotony, so we had to dub that out with a little more upbeat music to drown it out.  Sorry, fans, it just the way the revenue pay to watch pulling goes.  If music is played, a nerd like me has to clip it or drown it out.  Back to the action and away from the dirty aspects of making money off pulling.

I filmed all night having a BBQ sandwich early in the day at the venue.  It was so good, I wanted another.  I just had to wait 7 hours to get something in my belly.  I don't eat during filming, its just a rule that I have.  I was enticed afterwards to try the Brisket instead.  It was amazing.  Then the most remarkable conversation happened with a fellow named Tom Hull.  We talked family, work, pulling, and I came away with this sense that's what this trip was about.  This moment in time talking at length about our sides of the sports.  What the puller thinks, what the video guys think about the on-track talent.  Tom Hull has been a pulling legend in these parts.  He has been coming around to Dragon Motorsports events hooking and winning ever since I picked up a camera.  I am pounding coffee like crazy and then I remembered his daughter Jadalyn Hull had a tremendous hook earlier in the night placing in the top three.  I asked, "So is this [her pulling] what you wanted?"  He replied and I will never forget this, he said, "No.  I wanted her to, but, I wanted her to want to do it.  She had been coming around with me to events for as long as I can remember, but to see her do well makes me very proud.  I mean after all the late nights going by yourself, it really makes you smile when those you love get into too."  So that is it, isn't it?  Anytime in life, when you are doing something, and then to have those you know to come around you and pitch in, it makes it all seem worthwhile.  On this night Tom, Jadalyn, and Stephanie (Tom's wife) did very well going 1st, 2nd, and 2nd respectively.  The crowd went crazy each time a Hull hooked to the sled.  You can easily tell when a family has an impact on a community.

Ernie Deel and his wife Laura struck fame and notoriety with their first baby's gender reveal (  Ernie Deel won the points for Small Block 4x4 class in 2016 for Mountain Boyz. So, if you recall the inaugural 2017 Dragon Motorsports Small Block 4x4 was also Ernie Deel.  Ernie used to have a clean Green Chevy called "The Lizard".  Over time the truck is now sponsored by his kids!  I told him jokingly, "You know Ernie, you gotta little bit more room on the rear quarter panel..."  Now all this Green Chevy now called "The Outcast" has done is win.  Ernie told me earlier in the year, he had no plans to repeat the Small Block 4x4 for Dragon and instead concentrate on pulls closer to home.  And concentrate on them he has.  He is currently middle of the pack in Mountain Boyz points for Small Block.  "Hootie Hoo!!!", Rusty Chestnut got the class started with a decent run.  Next came Slap Nutyz for the Grimm pulling team.  Then "Turtle Power" and Dale Thompson came and had a good run of 286.  A few more pullers passed and then the Outcast came up and took it out the gate!  Ernie drove the Z71 Chevy truck some 318.22 feet!  Jamie Dudley came next and lost his front end!  A few other pullers came after that but the deal was sealed.  The Outcast went home the winner on this night. 

Eleven thousand pound Open Hot Farm Mountain Boyz tractors featured men from the hilly circuit running points.  When I say hilly, just make sure your brakes are good before you go traveling to Monterey.  I was on my brakes 25% of the trip.  There are 4 mountains one way and two big ones the other way.  Back to the tractors.  I love 466 cubic inch motors.  They can turn some serious RPMs and can get close to 1500HP when done right.  KAM Motorsports and the Burnin' Green team of Raphine and Swoope Virgnina have been tuning on their John Deeres for some time.  John Deeres do need extra attention, but when they are right can be a thing of beauty.  Ole Herman, Burnin' Green, Kick-Ass Deere, they all were on the shelf until recently.  Robert Riley bought a Pro Stock JD called Burnin' Green and the re-branded the team as such.  That tractor is sitting on the shelf and they have been focusing on their Hot Farms.  The star of the show on this night was Robert's that used to be called Kick-Ass Deere.  He went 325 and some change.  The class started out with a White from Churchville driven by Frank Swope going 292.30.  Doug Siron went 300.05 on his Blowin' Smoke International 1066.

We will be back out filming Mountain Boyz Friday August 31.  Looking forward to some more motorsports from the mountains!

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Eurocup Mini Unlimited finale 2018 - Hajduböszörmény Hongarije

Eurol Bandit Montfoort 2018

National Tractor Pulling Championships 2017 | Toledo Aerial Media

Danish Champions 2018 !

950kg / 2095lbs. Mini Modified: Wild Toy

2.5t / 5500lbs. Light Modified: Black Power

3.5t / 7700lbs. Pro Stock: John Deere 2

3.5t / 7700lbs. Super Stock: Rabbit Gn´ Mad

3.5t / 7700lbs. Modified: Black Power

3.6t / 7930lbs. Farm Stock: Krone Red Lightning

4t / 8820lbs B-Divison Modified: Brumbassen

4.2t / 9260lbs. Heavy Modified: Beautiful Noise

4.5t / 9920lbs. Farm Stock: John 1 Extreme Edition

Congratulations to all 2018 Danish Champions !

The complete 2018 point standings, check here: