Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Weekend !

The new Midnight Deere

After a lot of work during the last few weeks, the new John Deere Super Stock Tractor called ,,Midnight Deere´´ of Marcus and Benjamin Carle from Neuenstein in Germany is done. The John Deere got a new wedge frame with a new homemade Rollcage (ROP), a JD 4440 hood, JD 4440 fenders, a JD 4010 gearbox with special made gears from GMS (Genes Machine Shop) in Hamilton, Ohio (USA), a Kaiser Performance liner in the clutch bellhousing, a JD 4010 rearend, a new brake system and a Kaiser Performance clutch with 3 discs.
The paintjob on the tractor was done by Bjoern Guse from Forchtenberg in Germany. The design and the stickers for the hood were made by Steffen Schaab ( from Selent in Germany.
The Tractor received a set of used rims with Firestone All Traction 23 10Ply Pro Stock tyres.
The Super Stock is powered by an 6 cylinder John Deere 6076 engine with 7.6l capacity on methanol. The engine has a used revised Indy alumnium cylinderhead of the first Magkal Bits n Pieces from the Netherlands, a intake and exhaust manifold of the old Magkal Bits n Pieces, 2 Holset HX 80 turbocharger, Koebrugge rods and Wahl forged pistons, a JD 6076 crankshaft from GMS, a MSD 8 ignition, the old datalogger of the Best Solution and a VSP (Veldhuizen Special Product) methanol injection system.
The Midnight Deere Pulling Team will compete with their new Super Stock in German Championship.

The Midnight Deere Pulling Team would also like to give a big thanks to Kaiser Performance, Willem Veldhuizen (Veldhuizen Special Product), Steffen Schaab, Herman Weber and Björn Guse !

first run of the new Midnight Deere in Edewecht, Germany with Willem Veldhuizen in the hot seat

Midnight Deere workshop 26.6.2016
Midnight Deere workshop 14.7.2016

Edewecht (D) 2016 pics by Kevin

Edewecht (D) 2016

German Champions 2016 are known !

950kg Modified: Catweazle 2

 2.5t Modified: Le Coiffeur

3.5t Modified: Green Monster Stage 4

4.5t Modified: Iwan

Pro Stock: Mannheim Magic

 Super Stock: Best Solution 

congratulations to all german champions 2016 !

final point standings 2016, check here:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Edewecht (D) 2016:

Cadzand (NL) 2016:

Hjallerup (DK) 2016:

Cervarese S. Croce, PD (I) 2016:

PPL Champions Tour Henry, IL (USA) 2016:

 PPL Silver Series Henry, IL (USA) 2016:

America's Pull 2016 Henry, IL pics by JP Pulling Productions

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Joker Pulling Team fan page on Facebook

The Joker Pulling Team from Ettlenschieß in Germany has now their own fan page on Facebook.

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Cadzand and Henry

Tractor Pulling Team Crazy Horse on Facebook

The Crazy Horse Mini Rod Pulling Team from Recklinghausen in Germany has now their official fan page on Facebook !

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Team Kaiser Edewecht 2016