Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rudy Linthorst: Tzum photo's (National Championship Farm Stock)

These photo's are just to show what I've got. 

I have been trying some settings with my camera during the day.
So some photo's might be dark and some might be to bright.
All is a learning curve.

Any request photo will be edited before I send it.
Tzum 2.5 ton Standaard
Tzum 7.0 ton Standaard
Tzum 4.5 ton Sport
Tzum 3.4 ton Super Sport
Tzum 2.5 ton Sport
Tzum 3.6 ton Super Sport
Tzum 4.5 ton Super Sport
Tzum 3.5 ton Standaard
Tzum 4.5 ton Standaard
Tzum 5.5 ton Standaard
Tzum 9.0 ton Standaard
Tzum 11.0 ton Standaard

Valtra Tractor Pulling 2014

The Rebel Tractor Pulling

Test & Tune Krumbach 2014 pics by Kevin

Test & Tune Krumbach 2014

NTTO Grand National Pull Stroe 2014 on RTL7

Part 1: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/83a12d71-f3fc-39a6-a734-79726c2051bd

Part 2: www.rtlxl.nl/#!/truck-tractor-pulling-189453/25cc6754-dcc4-3992-8e7d-3e4f4a832e6f

This Weekend !

EC Bouconville 2014 on Motors TV

schedules, check here: tractorpulling.com/documenten/EC%20Motors%20TV%20GB%202014.pdf

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sonsbeck 2014 Sportklasse 3 5t

Sonsbeck 2014 4,5t Sportklasse

Evolution Pulling Team Red Evolution II 4,5t Wettkampf

Sonsbeck 2014 Mannheim Magic Showpulls

Sonsbeck 2014 Never Enough

Sonsbeck 2014 Supersport 3,6t

Te koop / For Sale Pro Stock Next Sensation

Te koop / For Sale

Next Sensation pro stock pulling tractor

Valtra S 353

2de in euro cup 2014 / 2e Euro-cup 2014
Complete of in delen / Compleet or in parts
Met onder andere:

8.2 agco power diesel engine
Met bfs high flow cilinderkoppen / Bfs high flow heads
Billet columbus diesel pomp 17 mm elementen
4.6 turbo holset en Grote intercooler / big intercooler
4 disk Eagle clutches koppeling (nieuw dit jaar/new this year)
Puller 2000 met Midwest aluminium velgen (nieuw dit jaar/new this year)
Chassis en plaatwerk 2 jaar oud
2 gears versnellingsbak

For more info mail to: carlo@nextsenstion.nl
Voor meer info mail: carlo@nextsensation.nl

3t5 Modified E.C. Bouconville 2014 Full HD & DDS5.1

Mini pullers 950KG E.C. Bouconville 2014 Full HD & DDS5.1