Saturday, December 15, 2018

New MF Farm Stock in Sweden

From Visbyslätt, in Sweden, the ASA Pulling Team around Erik Franzen and Fillip Nillson have built a new 4.5t / 9260lbs. Massey Ferguson Farm Stock Tractor. After 2 years of building, the machine made its maiden run at the 2018 Lidköping City Pull in Sweden. The ASA Pulling Team is not an old Team in the Swedish Tractor Pulling Sport. The Team was founded by Erik, Fillip and the mechanic Olle in 2015. But, Erik Franzen started with Pulling much earlier. In 2011, he purchased a old Volvo BM600 from 1997. He named it ,,Oden´´ after the nordic mythology, a god that was considered the oldest, biggest and wisest. It had a TD70 engine, he drove it for 3 years and sold it in 2016.
In the fall of 2015 he, Fillip and Ole started to built a new tractor, a Volvo BM800 for the 3.6t / 7930lbs. Farm Stock class. They called the Tractor ,,Fenrisulven´´, also after the nordic mythology.  They were ready with the Volvo for a local Swedish Championship round in Lövsta at the last minute. It wasn´t just they who made it possible to run, some of the friends helped them the last days. It was long nights and many hours in the workshop.The first pull went well, without any testing before. After one season in the 3.6t / 7930lbs. Farm Stock division with the Volvo BM800 there came the plans to built a new Tractor. In January 2017, the Swedish Team purchased the old Massey Ferguson V8 Pro Stock Tractor called ,,Red Attraction´´ without the engine and the rear wheels from the Netherlands.
Their first plans were to building a new V8 Perkins engine for the Massey and then compete in the Pro Stock class in Sweden. But those thoughts were shattered because of weight problems. After more thoughts they decided to convert the old Red Attraction Pro Stock into a 4.5t / 7930lbs. Farm Stock. The Team built a new homemade steel wedge frame with new engine brackets for the MF. The frame were made out of 3mm sheet metal. The rest like the rearend, the rollcage, the hydraulic power steering, the sheet metal fenders and the Massey Ferguson hood were took over.
The hood of the Farm Stock is a Massey Ferguson 7499 from the 2010 version. The rear axle is a machined MF 1155 axle with a MF 1155 diff and has a original 1155 ring and pinion gear. Also the rest of the parts in the rear axle like the planetaries carrier housing, planetaries and the shafts come from a MF 1155. The original MF 1155 transmission case is machined and received some better Fuller transmission gears. The clutch bell housing is also machined. The MF bell housing was spindled out and a steel liner was fitted in. With this change, the Tractor can run without the shatter blankets around the bell housing. The clutch of the vehicle is a 10´´inch centrifugal clutch with a steel fly wheel and 4 discs. The clutch was manufactured by the company called ,,Hallagårdsmek´´ from Sweden. To find the optimum grip on the Swedish Pulling tracks, they bought a set of used Midwest aluminium rims with cut Firstone All Traction puller tires.
The new Farm Stock called ,,Narfe´´ is powered by a V8 Perkins 510 with 8.3l displacement on diesel fuel.
The V8 diesel power plant has a stock Perkins engine block with Darton sleeves, a Perkins 510 crankshaft with modified stock rods and pistons, revised Perkins 510 cylinder heads with bigger valves and regrinded Perkins camshafts, better and harder valve springs, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a modified Schwitzer S500SX turbocharger, a self built water colled Intercooler, a homemade stainless steel fuel tank, a Bosch P3000 diesel fuel injection pump with 13mm elements, a Perkins oil pump and a own designed data logger with a 36 channel in 8PC sensor.
The first season for the Team with the new Massey Ferguson was very succsesful, they won the Swedish Championship in the 4.5t / 9260lbs. Farm Stock division.
For the upcoming winter they have planned to make a lots of small changes on the V8 Perkins powered Massey Ferguson Tractor to be sure to get on the podium next season.
The ASA Pulling Team also have planned to compete outside of Sweden on European Pulling tracks with their toy in 2019. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Last Chance

Yesterday, I have got a message from the tractorpullingshop because of the 2019 calendar. The most of the calendars are sold now and only 13 calendars are still in stock.
If you have not one, that´s the last chance to secure one !

further details about the 2019 calendar, check here:

2018 Tractor Pulling event pics by Kevin Part 3/4

Euro Cup Brande (DK) 2018 Sunday
Google photos:

Euro Cup Brande (DK) 2018 Saturday 
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Edewecht (D) 2018
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Krumbach-Breitenthal (D) 2018 Sunday
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Krumbach-Breitenthal (D) 2018 Saturday
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Grimmen (D) 2018 
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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Q & A with Bill Leischner

Bill Leischner, 67 years old from Weldon, Illinois in the USA. Bill is the owner and driver of the V8 Hemi powered Modified Tractor called ,,Dirtslinger´´. In 2017, he won the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Championship in the Super Modified Tractors division. Bill is now more than 40 years active and a real veteran in the US Pulling sport. What are you doing in your normal life?
Bill Leischner: I am a grain farmer in east central Illinois. 1800 acres of corn and soybeans. What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Bill Leischner: For my free time other then tractor pulling I spend time with my family and my fiancé.  I also spend time on my computer and working around the farm. Tractor pulling and farming take up most of my time. What do you like about Tractor Pulling?
Bill Leischner: I enjoy the competition Tractor Pulling, the fans, and figuring out how to make the tractor better. What was your first Tractor Pulling event?
Bill Leischner: I started pulling a farm tractor at the local pull as a teenager. Rex King let me drive his upside down F30 with 2 Chevy engines back about 1980. What is your favourite Event / Pulling track?
Bill Leischner: My favorite PPL pull is Hillsboro, Wisconsin. My favorite NTPA pull is Tomah, Wisconsin. The Farm Machinery Show pull in Louisville, Kentucky rates right up there. When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time?
Bill Leischner: My first time driving was Rex’s F30 at Farmer City Illinois. What was your biggest success?
Bill Leischner: I won numerous Illinois Tractor Pulling Championships in the 80’s and 90’s. My first National Champioship was the USHRA 7200 mod 1987. Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Bill Leischner: I like to compete in the Modified, Unlimited and Mini Rod class. What was your biggest disappointment?
Bill Leischner: My biggest disappointment was the new Dirtslinger tractor wheel breaking off on the first pass at NFMS 2014. Which things must be changed in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Bill Leischner: I think the different sanctioning bodies need to learn to coexist better. What are your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling?

Bill Leischner: My plans are for my family to take over Dirtslinger Pulling Team. What was for you the most important moment in the sport?
Bill Leischner: I think tractor and Truck Pulling being on national TV is very important and beneficial for our sport of Truck and Tractor Pulling. What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter?
Bill Leischner: I think my most important project was building the 4 engine Dirtslinger in the year 2000. Rex King and I building the 1981 Dirtslinger and then buying the Walsh Irish Challnger in 1987 going to Arias engines was also a favorite winter project. Something you want to say?
Bill Leischner: I think Tractor pulling is the best motorsport for family participation!  2nd to none. Thank you for your time and good luck for the future ! 

Friday, December 07, 2018

Krone Hulk sold !

The 4.5t / 9260lbs. Farm Stock Tractor called ,,Krone Hulk´´ of Claus Fey from Visby, in Denmark is sold. The John Deere 8530 was purchased without the turbocharged 6 cylinder JD power plant to the SH Pulling Team from Testrup, in Denmark. The new owner Steffan Hansen and his Team will convert the Tractor into a 3.6t / 7930lbs. Farm Stock.
The Krone Hulk Pulling Team are currently building on a new John Deere Farm Stock Tractor for the 2019 season. Further information about the new Farm Stock project of the Krone Hulk Team in the next few weeks, check here at

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

David P. Schreier announces retirement

From NTPA:

World Pulling International President and Chief Executive Officer David P. Schreier announced his upcoming retirement at the National Tractor Pullers Association's 48th annual Convention and Awards Banquet. The statement came at the end of his opening remarks on Saturday, December 1.
"I will step down from the WPI Executive Board at the March 2019 WPI annual meeting," Schreier told the gathering of competitors, promoters, sponsors, NTPA personnel, and families. "I will retire as Chief Executive Officer on June 1, 2019."
Schreier had informed the WPI/NTPA office staff and Executive Boards of his intentions in private meetings prior to the banquet.
"I'm confident that Gregg [Randall, NTPA General Manager] and the staff, with the support of the WPI and NTPA Boards, will carry it forward and maintain the position that we have in the motorsports industry."
Schreier was elected the first president of the Executive Board of WPI, the holding company formed in 1985 to operate the NTPA. Originally chartered in 1969 to bring uniform competition and safety rules to the nascent motorsport, the Association had by the mid-1980s incurred debts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Aided by shares purchased by individual benefactors, member states, and other organizations, the privately held corporation raised funds to repay the Association's creditors and repair relationships with competitors, promoters, and insurers. Now financially sound, the NTPA sanctions approximately 200 sessions of national and state-level competition each season.
"[There were some] rough years early, and there were a lot of people who didn't agree with a lot of things. But we kept at it, kept doing what we felt was right, and kept moving ahead. And I think where we stand today proves that we are on the right track and stand as the top organization in all of pulling."
WPI remains its parent company as the NTPA enters its 50th season of competition, meaning that Schreier will have been its leader for over two thirds of its existence.
"I want to sincerely thank the office staff, and all the past staff members, for their dedicated hard work and support. Thank you to the shareholders, the promoters, the officials, the sponsors, the member states, and especially all the present and past competitors and their families for their support of NTPA pulling.
"I want to thank my loving wife Christine," Schreier concluded, "for all her support and understanding throughout the 34 years."

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NFMS Pull 2019 competitors are known !

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

R.I.P Ian Thomas

Clarke Pulling Team crew member and all-round good mate Ian ,,Jeeves´´ Thomas from Great Britain passed away at home on december 2nd, 2018 in the age of 70 years after an short illness.
He will be dearly missed by many and are truly irreplaceable....

We wish his family and the Clarke Pulling Team a lot of strength to cope this painful loss.

2018 Tractor Pulling event pics by Kevin Part 2/4

Euro Cup Made (NL) 2018 Sunday
Google photos:

Euro Cup Made (NL) 2018 Saturday:
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Anholt (D) 2018 Sunday
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Anholt (D) 2018 Saturday
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Euro Cup Bernay (F) 2018
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Haßmoor (D) 2018
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Outlaw Pulling - Madison, SD - Modified - 2018

Friday, November 30, 2018

Q & A with Jack Stijnen

Jack Stijnen, 47 years old from Weert, in the Netherlands. Jack is the driver and owner of the turbocharged 6 cylinder DAF alcohol powered 5500lbs. / 2.5t Light Modified Tractor called ,,BMO Rocket Science´´. He´s pulling in the Light Modified class since 2007. What are you doing in your normal life?
Jack Stijnen: Production planning / work preparation / purchasing at BMO Precision Parts.
BMO Precision Parts is a sister company of BMO Automation.
CNC Milling / turning parts for BMO robot handling systems. What do you like to do in your free time, except Tractor Pulling?
Jack Stijnen: Next to my family tractor pulling takes up all of my free time. What do you like about Tractor Pulling?
Jack Stijnen: The technical challenge. Engineering and producing parts/ideas and testing them out in practice. What was your first Tractor Pulling event?
Jack Stijnen: Don’t know for sure anymore, think it was at Flevohof (NL) in the early days. What is your favourite Event / Pulling track?
Jack Stijnen: My favorite events are Füchtorf (D) and Knutwill (CH). When and where do you have driven a Pulling Tractor for the first time?,
Jack Stijnen: Think that was in 1987 at Gulpen (NL) with DAF diesel powered tractor. What was your biggest success?
Jack Stijnen:  -Dutch Champion NTTO Light Modified 2008
-Runner up Eurocup Light Modified 2009
-Runner up European Championships Light Modified 2010
-3rd place Eurocup Light Modified 2015 Which Pulling classes do you like too?
Jack Stijnen: Super Stocks, big fan of the alky burner concept. What was your biggest disappointment?
Jack Stijnen: That would be the crash at Made (NL) 2012. Very big damage to the fresh rebuild tractor, took us a month to get it back on track again. Which things must be changed in the future of the Tractor Pulling sport?
Jack Stijnen: A very big challenge in the coming years will be keeping the Light Mod class together. The great variety of engine setups in the class makes it almost impossible to keep the class together in a fair and competitive way. The gap between single and multi -engine tractors is getting bigger every year. Difficult for the class putting on a good show for the crowd. What are your plans for the future in Tractor Pulling?
Jack Stijnen: That’s a difficult one at the moment. All depending on how the Light Mod class is going to evolve.
At this moment it makes no sense to do big investments in our current concept…. What was for you the most important moment in the sport?
Jack Stijnen: First startup of the methanol DAF after building on it for 2 years. What was your favourite Pulling Tractor project in the workshop during a winter?
Jack Stijnen: Engineering and building the dual ProMag 44 ignition setup for our inline 6 cylinder motor in the winter of 2016/2017. Also rebuilding the tractor last winter, new frame and new driveline concept. Something you want to say? 
Jack Stijnen: Keep up the good work @ Pullingworld. Thank you for your time and good luck for the future !