Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pics and news of the new Neo

The Neo & Trinity Pulling Team from France are building on a new Light Modified Tractor at the moment. After a lot of years in the 3.5t Modifed class, the French Team has decided to make a switch into the Light Modified class this year. The new Light Mod gets a new homemade wedge frame with a new homemade ROP. Also the Tractor gets a ZF rear axle with Mercedes planetaries, a Crower clutch and a Kepply gearbox. The Team purchase a set of used Firestone Puller 2000 HP tyres with rims for their new Light Mod project. The new Light Mod will have the same RR Griffon V12 engine on petrol fuel as they have used on the old Tractor in 2014.
The first start of the new Neo Light Modified Tractor is planned for 2017.

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Changes at Dschinni Evolution

The Mathmann Pulling Team from Everswinkel in Germany are working on their Deutz - Allis Component Super Stock Tractor called ,,Dschinni Evolution´´ at the moment. The 6 cylinder Deutz engine gets some changes at the moment, because of the engine damage at the EC in Brande, Denmark last year. The engine will completely disassembled and controlled at the moment. The biggest problem were the pistons of the engine last year. The old pistons will replace by new homemade forged pistons. The Team hopes to get a better performance and less damage on the engine with those changes. Also the rearend of the tractor got some changes during the winter. The Tractor receive a new drawbar holder, new wheely bars and a new lighter rear axle cover. Also the old heavy cast iron planetary housing were replace by new lighter homemade aluminium planetary housing on the rear axle. The Tractor is now around 90kg lighter on the rearend after those changes. And last but not least, the Team bought a set of old Firestone All Traction tyres with rims from the Hurricane Pulling Team from Lochem in the Netherlands.
The Mathmann Pulling Team will compete in the German Championship this year. The first start is planned for the 24th of April 2016 in F├╝chtorf, Germany.

Euro Cup 2016 competitors are known !

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ITPO 2016 calendar

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NTTO Grand National Pull Alphen 2015 Part 2 on RTL7

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