Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last updated pulling websites (dutch)

Indoor Pull Gelredome Netherlands

Just two more weeks to go and it's time for Europe's biggest indoor pull again!
On April 14th the huge Gelredome in Arnhem / Netherlands will again be set up with two 80m pulling tracks and filled with pulling action at it's best.
A lot of effort was put into the preperation of the clay to build good power tracks for the six competition classes.
Competing classes will be the 4.5t Super Sports, 3.5t Pro Stocks, 3.5t Super Stocks, TWD, 3.5t and 4.5t Modifieds.
Further info and tickets:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last updated pulling websites

Pictures from Weseke

I've just added my pictures from Weseke
Weseke '07

International Pull Chat

Don't forget the international Pull Chat at 8 pm today!

Results Weseke

Results Weseke

First pictures Weseke

Weseke 07

First pics from Weseke (fixed)
I was busy organizing behind the scenes before the event and during the sport class and Stephan (Schizo) was there with a DSLR, too so I gave my camera away to Dennis Laue's GF to take pictures (the ones you'll see in that gallery).
Now.. if I could just remember her name! Anyways, thanks a lot!
Stephan said he'll have pics online by tonight, too.

Weseke in short

while the pictures are still loading...

Excellent weather, full house, good track - a little too much difference from one side to the other so some were hard on brakes or out of bounds early in the event. Starting of the right hand side worked fine though.

3.5t mod
Green Monster won, first time out with an MSD 44 on the front Allison. Whispering Giant and the Judge behind - followed by Isotov 2.
Black Cat with ratio / horsepower / clutch problems
Le Coiffeur better than in Zwolle but still not perfect (low in rpms and way rich - but no misfires. Just spoke to team on phone, everything ok technically, two options left: MSD 8 is better than MSD 44 OR fuel from last year was not good anymore).

4.5t sport
Oh well.. locals and beginners want to have fun, too. Generally ok class but 14 tractors with two attemps is too much - even though we made 27 passes in one hour and 7 minutes.
Peter Manders joined in "out of competition" as he was over the cubes. 1st for Blue Wum, 2nd Team Beesten, 3rd Team Sondermann
Premier of "Blue Wendelin" Pro Stock ended with fuel delivery problems and probably some broken valves

2.5t mod demo
Green Monster outclassed Isotov 2

Alky SS demo
Terminator blew engine up and threw parts everywhere - some stuff made it through the oilpan and then flew waaaaay too far

4.5t mod
Green Spirit blew the right hand Griffon in the Pull Off
Whispering Giant, Kiepenkerl and Iwan pretty close together in Pull Off
Judge had oil leakage

Nice win for Beverol Exception ahead of Ghost Buster 1 an Landy.
New, careful driver on Blue Magic
New mini "Extreme Rage" (old Hot Head, blown 468 Chevy) worked ok in first run - but driver needs more experience (parked way out of bounds and then ruined clutch)
Crazy Horse with the Turbo V8 Ford made a nice pass... looks promising

5.4t unl
Dragon Fire not ready because of fuel problems. Can't get engine to do what they want it to do... Injection system needs more care
I left before class was over...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

2007 PPL Champion Tour Points Competitors

PPL has updated it's website with the 2007 points competitors.

Off to Weseke

Can't believe it, it's OUTDOOR SEASON 2007!!!
Ok - not actually warm outside, but dry and sunny and since farmers are already planting corn in this area, time for the little tractor pulling event at Weseke to do some test & tune.
Big board meeting of the german association for me on saturday and checking out what our local guys have done over the winter on sunday. I hope to be back by sunday night and get pictures online then.
Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Last updated pulling websites

Website Survivor Team

The new dutch component Alky SS Survivor Team has put their new website online. So far only in dutch, but under "fotos" and "nieuws" you already get to see some detailed pictures of the new machine.

Ninth Annual America’s Pull to Feature NTPA Grand Nationals

$68,000 Purse and Prize
Saturday July 14th, 2007 3:00 and 7:00 P.M.

America’s Pull at the Marshall Putnam Fair Grounds in Henry, Illinois will host the National Tractor Pullers Association Grand National Tour, July 14th, 2007. This is the second year the NTPA will showcase their Grand National Tour pulling units at the two session Henry, Illinois based pull.
In its ninth year as a national event, America’s Pull offers one of the highest one day purse payouts in all of North America. Each class will receive a raised purse payout above the standards set by the NTPA ensuring that best competitors will target this premier pulling event.
America’s Pull not only offers $68,000 in purse and prize money, but it also awards the NTPA World Cup to the winner of each class. The 30 inch tall engraved lead crystal trophy is revered by pullers who have won it and those that wish to have it.
This national event is conducted on two parallel clay tracks specifically designed for pulling. Over 1,000,000 pounds of clay was transported to the stadium complex in 2001 to establish two of the toughest and consistent pulling tracks in the country.
Stadium seating along both sides and entire length of the two pulling surfaces gives the pulling fans excellent visibility of the entire track. Interconnected concrete safety barriers line both sides of the track.
The 3:00 P.M. session features Mini Rods, Modified 4WD Trucks, Super Farm Tractors and Modified 2WD Trucks. Four classes will be showcased in session two starting at 7:00 P.M. Heavy Diesel Super Stock , Light Weight Super Stock, Pro Stock Tractors and the radical, earth trembling Unlimited Modified Tractors will finish out the program.
The Marshall Putnam Fair has free parking and no main gate fee. Camp sites with electricity and water service are available on the grounds by reservation.
6,000 non-reserved $25 general admission tickets allow pulling fans all day access to the entire fair grounds, both sessions of pulling and the infield pit area. Reserved box seating is available on a limited basis by contacting the fair office at 309-364-2814. For more information please go to:
or email
The Marshall Putnam Fair is building on a Tradition of Excellence.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


List of competitors Weseke

WPI Officers Re-elected

WORTHINGTON, Ohio – The WPI/NTPA Office is pleased to announce that the following officers have been re-elected to the WPI Executive Board. David P. Schreier will return as President, Ken Lamping returns as Vice President and Larry Richwine returns as the Secretary. These gentleman combine many years of experience and bring a vast array of expertise to the table which will contribute to the continued growth of the sport of truck and tractor pulling. Their talents help guide WPI/NTPA in a variety of capacities, some of which include day to day business as well as long range planning. During the recent shareholder meeting in Brownsburg, Indiana, elections were held for the above referenced positions. WPI shareholders had the opportunity to vote during the meetings in order to help determine the course of our sport. Each officer will serve a three year term.

David P. Schreier stated, “It is an honor and a privilege to continue serving the WPI Executive Board as President and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, I look forward to working with the NTPA Executive Board, Member States, Promoters and WPI/NTPA staff as we begin our 38th year of sanctioned competition as the world leading sanctioning body in the sport of truck and tractor pulling. We are working diligently to procure new sponsors and ensure our competitors, fans and promoters have a safe and attractive venue for pulling. The NTPA deserves the best and we are working hard to provide that.”

The NTPA is the sport’s oldest and most respected truck and tractor pulling sanctioning organization. Governed by a board of directors, the NTPA is managed by World Pulling International (WPI) an independently owned entity. Headquartered in Worthington, OH, the NTPA provides rules and regulations and the infrastructures required for organizations throughout the country to arrange truck and tractor pulls. The 2007 NTPA Championship Pulling Circuit is sponsored in part by Chevrolet, Enderle Fuel Injection, Superchips, Turbonetics Turbochargers, Cen-Pe-Co Lubricants, R + L Carriers, and SpecCast/Gottman Toys as well as other supporting sponsors.

NTPA Championship Pulling airs four (4) times weekly as follows: Saturdays @ 4:00 PM, Tuesdays, @ 7:00 PM, Wednesdays, @ 3:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Each week a new episode of “NTPA Championship Pulling” will premier on Tuesday and repeat during the scheduled air times listed above. RFD-TV is available through DirecTV (379) and Dish network (9409).

Tractor Supply Company (TSC) stores carry NTPA’s official monthly magazine, THE PULLER in each of their 650+ locations. THE PULLER magazine brings you the best in NTPA news, stories and related pulling information.

For more information about the NTPA, visit their official website at or contact the NTPA offices at 614-436-1761 or by e-mail at

English Pull Chat

English Pull Chat at 8 pm tonight

Saturday, March 17, 2007


One of these days when you come home and check for further updates on Google tools and see you can now use your picasa gallery for videos...

Videos 2007


Videos 2005

More to come - I am currently uploading Bettborn to the 2006 folder ... one by one

Video about the Judge at Ahoy

The dutch Ag magazin Boerderij has put a nice little video feature of the Judge team at Ahoy online. Watch out for the team members shooting footballs out of milk cans with carbide and water....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lots of great pics on

You gotta check out Jake's Photo Gallery. He just uploaded loads of great pictures...

List of competitors Füchtorf

I have been working on getting together a nice field of tractors for Füchtorf 2007.
Still waiting on some replies on invitations, but for now it looks like this:
Competitors Füchtorf, April 29th
On the 28th we have A LOT of garden, stock and hot farm pulling as well as BIG party planned!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scandinavian Pull Chat

Viking chat tonight!

The Italians chat on tonight.


On the 25th of march at the tractor pull event at Borken / Weske, right on the dutch german border, the Dragon Fire of Paul Heistermann will have it's first appereance in a tractor pull competition.
After almost 4 years of construction and building this impressive machine, the tractor is finally done and just yesterday germany's biggest yellow press newspaper did a little coverage about this machine.
I am sure Paul is going to write Tractor Pulling history at Weseke and if you want to be part of it, make the trip!

Besids the maiden run of this impressive machine, there will be a 4.5t sport class, 3.5t modifieds, 4,5t modifieds, 950kg mini rods and 5.4t unlimiteds.

Building Dragon Fire

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Michel's Ahoy Pictures

And Michel's Ahoy pictures are online now, too! (

English Pull Chat

English Pull Chat at 8 pm tonight

Steve Beattie – “the voice of Tractor Pulling” 20/5/54 – 8/3/07

Last week the European Pulling lost one of it's best announcers. Who ever has been to a Tractor Pull in the UK remembers the voice of Steven Beattie. I have never experienced any announcer being louder and as knowledgeable about pulling than him. A lot of people called him "Desperate Dan's 6th motor" and remembering the 2005 European Championships at Grt. Eccleston, there must be some truth to it.
I for sure will miss him - he was just such an original and solid part of britsh pulling. It's hard to understand I will never get to hear him anymore....

Born the son of a hill farmer, approx 900ft above sea level, winters were long & hard living well above the snow line in a big farmhouse with sash, single glazed windows, solid walls and 11ft ceilings, you grew up fast and hardy, no central heating in those days. The only good point Steve remembered was when it snowed, sometimes for several weeks, there was no school.

When he left school there was lots to do on the farm but no money, so Steve got a job constructing bulk feed hoppers for a local firm Ernest Collinson & Co . Surprisingly he found it too noisy inside those steel hoppers riveting them together, so went to work on a dairy farm for a couple of years. After that a short spell of lime spreading for Robinsons of Bilsborrow, Steve started for James Hornby land drainage at Nog Tow at Preston.

About 3 years later he wanted to do something different so decided to take his Class1 HGV test, passed it in November 1977 and made truck driving his career. Steve married that same year and leaves 3 wonderful children, Tom, Edward and Charlotte.

Another string to his bow was that Steve became a popular DJ, and enjoyed 30 years before he retired and handed the reigns over to his son Tom. It was the fact that he was a DJ that got him involved with Tractor Pulling. He went to watch a local pull, one of the first to be staged in the North-West, and thought that all that noise, power and smoke out of a tractor, the first vehicle he had ever driven, was absolutely brilliant. Being a DJ Steve was asked if he fancied doing some commentating. Knowing most of the competitors he thought it would be a good way of getting a ringside seat at every pull, and the rest as they say is history.
Steve being a Class 1 driver was to prove very handy for a lot of the North-West pullers, as he was keen to go to all the pulls up and down the country, and was frequently asked to drive a truck load of tractors to the next venue, and was usually asked by the host club if he would commentate for them too.
Over the years he had transported most of the NW tractors to and from pulls, names include Ken Smith’s ‘Lancashire Lady’, Brian Armisteads ‘Moss House Marauder’ & ‘Desperate Dan’, Harold Hewitt’s ‘Primrose Perkins’ & ‘Rover’, Walter Parkinson’s ‘Bits & Pieces’, Andrew Cooksons ‘Road Runner’, John Holmwoods ‘The Mighty Quinn’, the Whittinghams Paul, Kevan and Neil’s ‘Scorton Firefly, Scorton Scorcher, Martini, The Hooker and Snoopy and most recently Simply Red for John & Lorena Eccles .
Steve once said “Hobbies? well you don’t get a lot of time for hobbies when you’re a truck driver but my main ones are Tractor Pulling and drinking Whiskey.” Over the last 18 months Steve did lots of both, travelling to European Pulls with the Desperate Dan Team & to
UK events with the Simply Red Team.
Steve you will be greatly missed by all those that were privileged to call you a friend , R.I.P. good buddy.

More Ahoy pictures

Carsten has his Ahoy pictures up!

First web videos Zwolle indoor pull

The first videos of the indoor pull in Zwolle are online on!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ahoy - the aftermath

Rarely before has there been so much discussion on the forums after a pulling event than this week after the Ahoy Indoor pull.
The fact there is so much discussion going on tells me, the people really do care about this prestigious event - and there seems to be a reason why people voice their opinions about what happened last saturday.

For those who weren't there:

In the afternoon session the top ring of the right hand side was completely closed and the rest of the stands weren't sold out either.
The evening session didn't look too bad attendence wise and probably better than last year, but was still far from being sold out.

Another thing that was mentioned by a lot of people on the boards was the fact there was no "fair" competition between Uncle Sam and the European tractors, with Mr. Purser running five engines and 600kg/1400lbs heavy in the 3.5t and getting a lighter sled setting in the 4.5t due to a broken clutch on the top motor.

About this second thing I would like to give a short comment.
Having been thousands of miles away from home with the tractor before, playing the show act in a less strong circuit than our home one, equipped with just a tool box, lacking our equipment to take one engine off our tractor and a promoter in the back who wanted us to entertain the crowd with all the power we have, I know the absolutely last ones to blame for "no competition" are the "guest pullers".

They get paid for the show and they try to do as those who pay the bills desire.
I think nobody who owns and operates a pulling tractor has a problem with running his machine in competition if that's what he is supposed to do - that's what the tractor was build for.
You may worry about different altidude, different tracks and how you can adopt to the different conditions quickly without risking your engines - but after 2 hooks you usually know what's going on and are ready for competition.

But you for sure don't act opposing to your "contract".

Be thankful we had the chance to welcome a fellow tractor puller with a very nice and strong running tractor and let's hope we still get the chance to see US tractors run here in the future. For me this also is a thing of honor and pride.

If you want them to compete, be ready to pay more money as at least the mod guys, would have to bring more equipment and would have to change ratios during classes to be able to run under our limits and weights, which differ from what they run at home.

Nuff said...

What seems to be the WAY bigger problem anyways, is the fact there is less spectators at Ahoy than there used to be and how it's talked down lately.

I do remember very well how my team tried all kinds of improvements for that event. Ahoy was "THE SUPER PULL" that you had to do well at. Pretty much alike to what the European Championships used to be.

Now - ask the americans what they think, when you say "Super Pull": "Great memories". They don't have the (Indy) Super Pull anymore and it took them a while to figure what they've actually lost there.
WE STILL HAVE IT - and I doubt we want to loose it.

But I do agree - it has lost a lot of it's appeal to me, too.

In the past we went with bus loads of people.
This year not even my fellow team mates cared to go spectate, not even speaking about competing there.
They are working hard to get the tractors and themselves ready for the outdoor season, where we'll run against the other European Top tractors, looking forward to the Euro Cup events.

10 years ago Ahoy was one of the few occasions where you could see international competition, with a guest puller from US as "cream on top".
These days, at least for anybody living within 300km of Ahoy, it's easy to watch international competition at Euro Cup events.
On top of that the Indoor Pull in Arnhem offers twin tracks that are longer than Ahoy's single track.

So a lot of the "special" appeal of Ahoy is gone.
But do want Ahoy to be gone, too?
Was it really bad? We had a heck of a competition in the SS and PS classes. TWD was good, too and actually the 3.5t mod wasn't too bad of a show either. 4.5t wasn't great though.. true.

I am not saying Ahoy doesn't have to improve, but if we, as fans, want to keep that pull alive (and it means a lot to the sport having it) we need to support it.
The same needs to be said to the teams: Try to be there.
I know the time of the year is not good and the tack is really short, but they have worked on the track and it really was a good pulling track the last two years.
If they get more people into the stands because you pull there, there is a realistic chance to get more price money. If we just don't show up we'll soon have no place to go to.
I think we're better off with keeping Ahoy alive than loosing it in the long run! Memories usually come with a loss....

Dutch Pull Chat

Nederlandse Pull Chat vanavond!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Off to Ahoy

Ok.. bed time for me and out of bed early saturday morning, to leave for Ahoy.
According to the latest news on the dutch board, Unlce Sam is weighing 4300 kg and Mr. Purser is going for it. Sounds like he has a very realistic chance to me!
I will try to take as many pictures as possible tomorrow.
I am not yet sure if I stay with the Le Coiffeur team sat night or can make it home. As soon as I am home, I'll put pictures into the gallery.

CU in Rotterdam!

"Euro Pullers" back

Upon several requests, the "Euro Pullers" overview is back ...

First results DuQouin USA

First results from DuQouin...

French Pull chat

Chat Tracteur Pulling francophone ce soir!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More updates for the World Wide Schedule

Added some more circuits to the World Wide Pulling Schedule. Special thanks go to Bryan Garfoot! If you want your circuit listed there, please send me the dates in an Excel spread sheet (.csv will do) to

2007 World Wide Pulling Schedule

English Pull Chat

English Pull Chat at 8 pm tonight

No more "Minis" in the Netherlands

The latest news from the NTTO is the removal of the "Minipuller class" by changing it's name to "950 kg Modified".
The dutch drivers of this class decided for the name change at their last meeting, because they want to point out it's also a modified class (in fact the only unlimited class in the Netherlands) and the name "Mini" has little in common with the technology and investments involved in these tractors.

So - the next time you will be at a dutch pull and look for the "unlimited modified tractors", remember that's the ones with the 18.4 x 16.1 tires...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NTPA History

You have to check out NTPA's website. Jermey Yantes is currently doing a lot of good work about Tractor Pulling history.
The "Historical Crossroads" as well as the "Hall of Fame" feature some great history!
Thanks Jeremy for the good work. Really appreciated!

Uncle Sam in the Netherlands

He made it!
Yesterday night, Wayne Purser's Uncle Sam arrived in the Netherlands on a 747.
The tractor will give a couple of demo runs at the Ahoy Indoor pull this upcoming saturday. If you look close, you can see all five Hemi engines mounted!
Let's hope Sam has recovered from jet lag by then! (click on picture for more pictures)

Dutch Pull Chat

Nederlandse Pull Chat vanavond!

New look finished (?)

Been a long night and I've worked it over again, but now things are more handy (at least to me). The sponsor banners around the main blog along with the links leading into the same frame were not nice.

I've also put some more work into the 2007 schedule. Please keep sending me your pull dates!!!

Let me know if you have any comments (there is a add comment feature below)!

Monday, March 05, 2007

German Pull Chat

Heute deutscher Pulling Chat

Southern Illinois Shoot Out

Just a few more days to go until the Southern Illinois Shoot Out at Du Quoin, IL at the Southern Illinois Center from march 8th to march 10th.
Pullers from all across the USA will compete in 8 different classes over 3 days and 5 sessions. A lot of these classes are usually not represented on the national level which gives some extra thrill to this indoor competition, having tractors and teams competing that usually don't run against each other.
Promoted by Klint Tucker of, a Super Farm Puller from Illinois, this event is a MUST for every hardcore pulling fan. There sure is more to Tractor Pulling than national pulling only!
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tickets Great Eccleston Pull

Press Release

Tickets are now on sale online for the first Euro cup class in the Uk which will be held at Gr Ecclston on the 25th and 26 th of Aug.

The tickets are at a reduced rate than buying on the day, find all the info on

Ahoy Super Pull

Press Release:


Wayne Purser to appear with quin-engined Uncle Sam

On Saturday 10 March 2007, the Ahoy’ complex in Rotterdam will once again be the setting for the European Indoor Tractor Pulling Championship. Tractor pulling enthusiasts from all over Europe will converge on Rotterdam for the 29th edition of this spectacular event, in which all leading international teams will participate. In line with tradition, a top American attraction will add to the European muscle power at Ahoy’. This year, Wayne Purser and ‘Uncle Sam’ look set to thrill the audience. This winter, the mega-powerful Uncle Sam will be fitted with a fifth engine, lifting its total power rating well beyond 10,000 HP. Wayne Purser will use the reconfigured tractor in anger for the first time at the European Indoor Championship on 10 March. So head for Ahoy’ Rotterdam to witness a world first.

The European Superpull in Ahoy’ promises to be the spectacle of champions. After all, the Dutch entrants have already achieved some excellent international results. InterTechno Lambada, Berner Bits ’n Pieces and Lambada VI won the Euro Cup, a series of top-level European contests. The Dutch national anthem was also heard more than once at the European championships in Lubersac, France. D’n Aerdvruter, Reny’s Mission Impossible and Heart2Beat all took European titles there. And there will be plenty of other Dutch and European heavyweights at Ahoy’.

Other good news for visitors is that the successful flanking programme in the exhibition hall alongside the Sports Palace will be continued. In addition to all the participating machines, which will be on display for a close-up inspection, there will be many other attractions to add to the excitement.

The European Indoor Tractor Pulling Championship will take place on Saturday 10 March. Two sessions will be held – one at noon and one at 7 p.m

Website European Super Pull

Pull Chat

Don't forget the international Pull Chat today!

New look

Here we go with a new look!
Not 100% done yet, but I am happy for now.
To get back you can always use the "home" link top left under the Eagle Clutches banner.

I have put up a comparrison of the European Hot Farm classes. Quite a mess in my opinion.

If anybody has any input on how to get it straightened out a little bit, you can leave your comment here.


Picture upload works, too... off to bed!
Posted by Picasa

This seems to work

Way too late in the night again - but the move to blog format might happen earlier than expected... as you can see I have added the first parts of content.
Now still need to figure out how to get the sponsors and some other things on here. But that's for tomorrow. Need sleep now.



Saturday, March 03, 2007

Web 2.0

Ok.. new times are taking over.
Web 2.0 is the keyword.

From what I have found out, there is no clear definition of web 2.0, but it means:

- Forget about programming skills if you want to build a website. You don't need them anymore!

In fact - since I never saw myself as a webdesigner (I'm a Tractor Pulling writer with added (medium) skills in webdesign and photography) I like this development.
No more worries about running your website and doing it all on your own.

A few weeks ago I've changed all my photos to Picasa and now I am going to add content via Google tools: Documents, this blog and also spread sheets.

Now - what changed today: I have added a calender that is supposed to show ALL pulling events around this planet.

This calender can be found here

For now it only shows the german pulls
I am nationalistic and lazy enough to leave the rest up to those who think they need to add the pulls of their home country. You want to be one of those? EASY!
Get an Google account, let me know the Email address you've signed up with there and I'll give you editing permission on that file. Then you can log into it and add your dates.

You want to add that calender to your site? No prob, the more the merrier!
Here's the URL:

You want to write here?

Let me know why... and I might give you writing permission to this blog.

Well.. that's it for today.

Don't forget Ahoy is coming up. I'll be there taking pictures so check back to next week!



Btw: Feel free to add a comment