Thursday, May 31, 2007

International Hot Farm competiton at Lengerich, August 25th and 26th

Attention Hot Farm pullers!
You all have heard or read about the Tractor Pull at Lengerich / Emsland / Germany, the biggest Stock and Hot Farm madness in Germany, famous for it's unbelieveable party crowd and the Pulling Party until the weeh hours of sunday morning where everybody who's been there already had at least one too many....
For this year the promoters have opened up the competition for everybody from everywhere, and to make it a little more attractive to show up, a total of 4500 € will be paid out in price money for the (super-) sport classes.

The international competition will be held in the 3,5t, 4,5t and 5,5t classes, and tractors that want to compete have to follow the rules of either NTTO (Super Sport), DTP (Farm Stock) or DTTO (Sportklasse). In short - 2750 rpms (except for DTP machines with lower cui), wheely bars, Turbo shielding, exhaust cross, kill switch, 3,5t at 7000ccm, 4,5t 9000ccm and 5,5t at open ccm - max. 1 Turbo.

For further info, rulebook and registration check -> Teilnehmerinfo.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bernay - new promotion video

The upcoming weekend for the hardcore pulling fan means a trip to the Normandie, to Bernay to be exact.
Nowhere else will you find a bigger crowd staying in the stands all evening until way past midnight, watching the top of the European Tractor Pulling having a real battle for precious Euro Cup points.
For the 24th edition they have made a nice promotion video, which you can watch here.
For further information check their website at

Hassmoor premium video download

The premium video download of the Hassmoor event is now avaliable on
87 min in DVD quality for 6.50 €, payable with Pay Pal.
Direct link to the download page

The process is rather simple. You just click on the "buy now" icon, then log into PayPal (if you are not signed up with them, sign up), make your payment and then click the "back to seller" button on the confirmation page of PayPal (DO NOT CLOSE IT - it will close automatically and direct you to the download). The download will then start. Please store the file on your harddisk.

Car Pulling

Bas Blaak has started a Picasa Gallery for Car Pulling!
Check out the last update from Lopik and also check the videos in album!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pictures of last weekend

Finally more pictures of last weekend's pulling:
Hassmoor by Hermann
Emmeloord by AJ

New clips on

New video clips on
3.5t modified, Super Stock and Prostock

3.5t modified,TWD and 4.5t modified

Results of the weekend

Results of this weekend are up!
Since I was at my grandad's 80th birthday party, I couldn't take pictures this weekend. If you want to see pictures from Hassmoor, check

Some news from Brazil

I have received some more news from Brazil!

-"Panther", which competed in the 2.4t category, will compete in the "Iniciantes" (Beginner?) category in the upcoming season.

-"Trac Thor", which was operated by Guillermo Reijers, will be run by Patrick Groot, and Guillermo Reijers will come back to pilot "Trovão Azul"

In Brazil they also have competition with Agricultural Tractors and Micro / Lego Pulling.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tractor Pulling Cothen

Pictures Tractor Pulling Cothen by Reinier

Green Extreme converted to methanol

Right in time for the tractor pull at Emmeloord today, the Green Extreme Team have converted their Deutz 130 06 Pro Stock into a little Alky Burner to compete in the dutch Super Stock class. The current (expensive) level in the Pro Stock class has now forced the first time to switch over to the Super Stocks, which is still missing competitors and thus offers more price money for coming in at the end of the field. Smart move and also good for the show, as we not only need a lot of Pro Stocks, but also need a full Super Stock class - and this means not 4 or 5 top machines fighting for the podium spots only.
The Green Extreme guys were so kind to put their first tests on youtube:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beach Pull site reworked and updated

In time for the Euro Cup in Putten, the website was upgraded and also recently updated.

Brazilian championships

Nice Email in my mailbox today!
On the 15th of July, the Brazilians have their national championships in Tractor Pulling at Holambra-São Paulo.
I hope to get some more information and pictures out of them - but seems like I need to improve alot on my portuguese!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Judge & Jury Team back to Allisons

Long time Allison and later converted to Turbine Pullers, the Barga family has brought a "new" Jury tractor out. In fact it's the original twin Allison tractor they'd been running before the turbine machine.
Thanks for bringing back some Allison thunder to the circuit!
Check their new website at

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NL Pull Chat

NL Pull Chat vanavond!

Wierden short

Last thursday I took my 7year old nephew Vincent, loaded my little car with food and drinks and off we went to Wierden. Totally thrilling for Vincent, that you can drive for two hours and people speak a different language. But as he quickly figured: "They all speak german here, too". Well.. the parking lot had a lot of german liscense plates and I had a lot of chats with german pullers and fans alike.
Anyhow - getting my camera and doing pit shots he was happy. He sure has a different perspective:
Anyhow, Pro Stock class was first and it looked like a lot of them were not really awake from their winter sleep or simply not even ready to compete.
Jan Burggraf had the first hook and with 84.85m set the first distance. Arjan van der Kolk with the Rednex Steyr could not build boost. Looked like there was too much water injected.
Extreme Temptation came to 88.53m. Sed was sure set heavy.
Edward Beukeveld on the Snoopy had his engine not running to perfectly, getting under the charger but moved the distance to beat to 88.55m.

The first run of Neighbour`s Nightmare was also not perfect but a 4th place finish in the end for sure not a bad result for the first time out.
The Next Sensation ran out of bounds, Red Attraction did not build boost and after Barend Huybrechts laid down a picture perfect Full Pull it became clear something was going pretty wrong for the rest of the competition. Looks to me there still is a lot of adjusting left to do for the others. The 3.5t modified was started with the twin Griffon the Judge, which again ran great, but blew a lot of oil onto the track due to an oil hose coming loose. 93.78 m looked like a good distance though. Lambada had a pretty screwed up run and Willem Dingerink sen. had to back out of it early. Whispering Giant - one of the top condenders in the class - went 96.35m and again it showed the sled was set heavy. Didn't seem to matter for the Bandit though. With new Enderle scoops mounted, the three Hemis blew it out the end in a perfect manner.
The Black Cat was a little underpowered but the next multi V8 machine sure has the power and when the dust settled, the Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible was out the gate!
Rising Star, in the past a machine that was running for the championships, now could only manage 84m, in the end an 8th place only. Beverol Eager Beaver lifted a cylinder head and pleased the spectators with one nasty fireshow and all the others failed in reaching the Full Pull, too. The Pull Off was between Bandit and Simply Irresistible and the Hemi machine sure put it on the Arias/Profiler combination there.
Good job by the gang from Putten!
The TWD class has become a Hemi show but with the new Screaming Bobcat in between, a little bit of thrill was added during the winter.
In the end it was still Jan Lyendijk on the Sledge Hammer coming out on top of a two way pull off with the new kid on the track, while Johnny Krai was did not seem too happy about his third place finish with the Heart 2 beat machine.
The Predator team probably had more reasons to be sad: They had new tires and wheels mounted and when it got tough, the left hand wheel spun inside the tire and caused some bad smell over Wierden...
950kg unlimited modified (=mini rods) next!
The Challenger Team showed up with a blower mounted to their Rover Meteor, but the setting of the fuel system still must have been a little off: Backfire!
The class actually put on a good show, much better than at the indoors, and in the end we had four out the gate: Let's try, Gompie, Lambada and the Little Rascal.
Lambada came out on top of it all with the Little Rascal on runner up. The Let's Try guys were super happy with their third place finish, considiering they only have a Chevy engine on board.

Time for the Alky SS class and one heavy but interesting sled setting. Aerdvruter was first to hook and came to a hold at 98.63m. Since the tractor is considered a "sub topper" in the class they left the sled setting alone, but they probably forgot there was a new head sitting on the International engine and that tractor ran VERY well. How well became clear when Willem Veldhuizen came just 20cm further and could not manage a Full Pull. Big surprise three minutes later though: The Zapo made it out the gate and we had a New Holland in the lead!!!
All the rest failed to manage a Full Pull and so it was the first victory for a blue Super Stock in a looooong time.
And then there was this "demonstration run" of the Just Maybe, an IH V8 Alky equipped with a screw blower. Screw blowers are actually not legal to run in the ETPC, but this tractor was still built and now needed a place to hook. So after one year of discussions and adjusting the safety rules the machine is now allowed to run outside the competition in the Netherlands. The tractor sure looks nice and it also ran well... until a backfire popped the burt panel open and the pressure wave made a dent in the hood. But one thing is for sure, them screw blowers sure create some horsepower!
Time for the heavy mod guys and an excellent show.
Perfect sled setting with 4 out of 11 out the gate and then we had one heck of a Pull Off!
Whispering Giant was to set the first distance and made it to 87.51m. Albert van der Waal on the Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible sure went "hammer it" and dragged the sled to 93.48m. What a relieve after having to miss the Pull Off at the Euro Cup a few days earlier! Wimpy Dingerink on the Lambada had big time trouble keeping the machine in a straight line and had to back out of it. Maybe this was the chance for the Green Spirit twin Griffon to take the lead? No - at 85.57m it was over and out for the yellow machine but team and fans alike were happy with the third place finish.
So another nice event at Wierden was over. The dutch got their season going and except for the Pro Stock class everything else looks in good shape.

Vincent liked it, too and already asked when we'd go to Holland again ...

Thorsten Zimmermann has started a picasa gallery, too

you'll now find pictures taken by Thorsten Zimmermann.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have just checked the weather forecast for Wierden tomorrow and with an estimated 3 mm of rain of which most is supposed to go down in the morning, I think it should be possible to have an event.
So I am now loading my camera batteries and CU at Wierden tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pennzoil and NTPA Proudly Announce The 2007 "Pennzoil Cup" Promotion

Worthington, OH--Pennzoil, a division of Shell Lubricants based in Houston, Texas, and the National Tractor Pullers Association are pleased to announce the creation of the first ever "Pennzoil Cup" which has several aspects that will benefit NTPA Competitors as well as pulling fans and will certainly generate excitement and interest in the sport .

"The NTPA represents the top level of the pulling sport," stated David Lerch, Pennzoil Motorsports Marketing Director. "With our long standing involvement with the Koester Family in the Mini Division, our affiliation grew last year when we sponsored the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio. From that positive experience, Pennzoil has tailored a program that will drive excitement to three focused NTPA venues while promoting our Pennzoil and Pennzoil Platinum lines of quality motor oils which will impact the pullers, fans, and venues in an exciting way."

The "Pennzoil Cup" venues include the Budweiser Dairyland NTPA Super Nationals in Tomah, WI on June 22-24; Lion's Super Pull of the South in Chapel Hill, TN on July 20-21; and the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, OH on August 17-19. Up for grabs in this unique program is $50,000.00 ear-marked to five, stellar divisions competing at each: Unlimited Modifieds; Super Stock Diesel Tractors; Two Wheel Drive Trucks; Four Wheel Drive Trucks; and Mini Modifieds. Points will be calculated from each event to declare the "Pennzoil Cup" champion in each respective division. Point winners in each division will receive $4,000.00, while runner-up finishers receive $2,500.00, third receives $1,500.00, and fourth and fifth place finishers receive $1,000.00 each. Eligibility requirements include display program decals on both sides of a competitor's pulling machine as well as being a licensed NTPA competitor.

"The 'Pennzoil Cup' will certainly be a program that our NTPA competitors will greatly appreciate," said David P. Schreier, WPI President/CEO, "and it will definitely generate fan interest as they follow how each competitor is doing in the "Pennzoil Cup" points as it unfolds through our website at and our monthly publication, THE PULLER. I appreciate Pennzoil's elevated commitment to the NTPA, and wish to express my gratitude on behalf of our competitors and fans. It should be a great relationship."

The other facet of this program has a fan portion, making this promotion truly all-reaching. Fans attending the "Pennzoil Cup" events have an extra incentive to visit the Pennzoil Platinum Ultimate Protection tour , which will allow fans to learn about Pennzoil Platinum through interactive and fun displays. Not only will fans be able to tour this awesome, fact filled display, but will also be able to receive a Pennzoil Cup special edition NTPA ball cap through a very unique cross promotion.

Any fan will be eligible to receive the handsome "Pennzoil Cup" cap after presenting a proof of purchase for a case of Pennzoil or Pennzoil Platinum purchased at any Advance Auto Parts Store. Fans have to only turn in their receipt at the "Ultimate Protection Display" for this special offer.

"We are pleased that Advance Auto Parts Stores are a component to this exciting promotion, which will triangulate our brands together, realizing multiple benefits," said Lerch. "The key for fans to attain the special edition hat is that the case of Pennzoil or Pennzoil Platinum must be purchased at the Advance Auto Parts Store for eligibility. Then, this receipt must be brought to one of the three events for redemption. Because of the uniqueness of this opportunity, there is a limit to one hat per customer."

Schreier added, "To have a component for the fans to also receive something for participating is just special. What a great promotion to truly have everybody involved in the Pennzoil Cup in some capacity. I am sure the NTPA fans will be eager to receive their Pennzoil Cup hat and check out the Pennzoil Platinum 'Ultimate Protection Display'."

Advance Auto Parts have over 3,000 stores across America, so the opportunity for fans to participate is truly nationwide. And the appeal of the three dedicated NTPA "Pennzoil Cup" Events have appeal as widespread.

Lerch continued, "We have had our eye on the NTPA for a while, and feel that their demographics and Pennzoil's market is a perfect match. We are excited about this enhanced involvement, and are optimistic about the future growth of the 'Pennzoil Cup' program."

Website Backdraft updated

One of the nicest projects out there... the Backdraft mini rod from the Netherlands. Again lots of work has been put into the machine and with a hotter camshaft we should expect some more power from the Rover Meteor this upcoming season. Check the gallery on their website for all the news!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Website Team Tractor Racing

Many of you have wondered about the new home of the Starlight Express. Your interest can now be satisfied, those guys have a pretty nice website!
you can see how they've rebuilt the tractor and what they have done before. The site is in italian but kept simple and easy to navigate. Just check the "galleria"...

New Pulling site for the german speaking area
is a new Pulling website, based in Austria, for the german speaking tractor pulling area in Europe.
Still some work to do there, but a good start!

Competitors Wierden

Competitors lists for Wierden are online:

Wild Times Motorsport site updated

The Wild Times team has added a couple of pictures from last season as well as some shots out of their workshop showing work on new headers.

New De Jong tractor

New De Jong Special - May 2007

The De Jong Team is making good progress with their new, twin superchargerd V12 Meteor machine for the 2.5t (5500 lbs) modified class!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New pictures by Christian Brocksch

Christian has updated his picasa gallery with pictures from Füchtorf, Herning and some Micro Pulling - as usual excellent shots!!!

Rednex site updated

There is plenty of news about the only Steyr Pro Stock on
The guys sure have been busy lately!!! (Website is dutch only...)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

John Parker the founding President of the Australian Tractor Pullers Association, has died from injuries received in a fall from a ladder. John was life member of the ATPA and the Quambatook Tractor Pullers Assocn. He owned the Quamby Quaker and the T&I Terminator and was planning a NH pro stocker. Some in the US may remember meeting John, he had made many trips to the US and attended many pulls. I accompanied him on one trip in 93, to pulls at Macon and Bowling Green. He had just founded the Heritage Working Machinery assocn and was the founding President, he was trying to preserve our cereal growing machinery before it was all lost to the scrap yards. I work for John for 12 years but first started travelling to ATPA meeting as far back as 82, and at one time served as Vice president to him while he was President of the Australian Tractor Pullers Association, where he serves 4 terms. We cannot understand what effect his death will have on our sport. He was the Major sponsor of our Australian Championships, with his Machinery dealership T&I Centres along with New Holland they have carried naming rights to the National event for some time. Todays funeral saw the procession travel through the Pulling complex which he was the major instigator of it being built, there was a avenue of vintage machinery which he had purchased and donated to the Associoation, along with his beloved Quamby Quaker and the T&I Terminator. John was a visionary and always happy to give anyone a helping hand. I think a little photo I took of him a couple of years ago and I had put the a couple of words on the photo would best discribe John. Tractor Pulling in Australia will never be the same. I hope everyone will get together and build it to a greater status in honour of John, this would be a fitting tribute to a great man.
We will miss him so much,
Kelvin Jobling

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stroe cancelled

Because of bad weather the pull at Stroe this saturday will not go through!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Short Report Herning

The first Euro Cup event of the 2007 season sure was one to not be forgotten too soon.
Still excellent weather in northern Europe and a hell of a track in Herning. A combination we rarely had up there before.
It all started with the 4 t B-Division, but a too tough sled and track sorta spoiled the show a little. For the B-Division Pullers it was one of those days, when you have to use gears in your transmission that you forgot you still had! A pretty impressive show was put on by the "Red Rooster", powered by a naturally aspirated, V12 russian tank diesel engine. Tourque and smoke was not the problem there and a third place the final result, behind Bison and Hingsten, both powered by smaller, but turbocharged semi engines.

The 4 ton Farm Stock class (510 cui, 3200 rpms) was won by a Ursus tractor, the Hercules, in front of the Ford Powerstar and another Ursus, the Orange Fighter 2. My friends of the Vestager family with their 966 IH were not too happy about their 4th position, being beat by "east block and assambly line shit", as Niels Ole refers to those two winning brands...

The 4.5t mod competition for the danish point series was won by the Starfighter, but they had to pay their win with some planetary problems. The tough track took it's toll!

The danish mini rod competition had a clear winner, the blown Rover Meteor powered Interceptor, ahead of the N/A Meteor Ghost and the blown KB powered Wild Toy. The Lambada 6 was also in the competition, running on Cepecs again and doing very well, but the team skipped the Pull Off. Important pulls for the dutch points are closely ahead!

After a little break the first Euro Cup points competition was started and the Super Stocks entered the track. Unfortunatly the track crew got a little too much water onto the track and it turned out to become a little slippery. This a) screwed up some runs (D'n Aerdvruter the worst) and b) with the track getting better again during the class, the sled setting for the Pull Off was a little bit too light. For luck the new german sled Red Shadow SE allows for quick and smooth runs so the final distances of over 110 m (360 ft) weren't as bad as they could have been with a more material killing sled.
Anyhow, David Jones could celebrate his first Euro Cup win ahead of Willem Veldhuizen and Peter Clarke. Geoff Ashcroft fried the engine of the Red Alert, but as Peter Clarke told me before the class: "If this engine dies today, it doesn't owe us a single Penny - it's been rebuild a couple of times and the last time we've fixed the main bore with a hone brush...." So I guess the brits were happy.
Good performance of Sjors Zeinsta on the "Zeinstra well done Deere", formerly known as the "Flip flop Bits'n Pieces", coming in 5th ahead of Judgement Deere and the Berner Bits'n Pieces of Edwin Derkesen, who had to skip the Pull Off because of a broken turbocharger. I should not forget to mention the new hood on the danish Hobo Alky SS:
Red but a rare site on the pulling tracks around the planet. Unfortunatly something under the hood let go and stopped the all homemade machine rather early.

Final class of the day were the 4.5t modifieds and with 11 competitors with all over 6000 hp it sure was a tough competition.
The track by now had recovered completely and after Bert Wuytak made a way light pass, the sled was reset a little tougher. Still 7 went out the gate but it sure wasn't easy to make the Full Pull!

After a hard week of work, fixing three Allison engines after Füchtorf, the Claas team was very happy after laying down the first distance in the Pull Off with a perfect run and nobody being able to pass it. Peter de Regt also had a picture perfect run with the Green Spirit and just came less than half a meter short to become runner up. Willem Dingerink senior had some troubles keeping the Lambada on a straight run and had to back off to not run out of bounds, which probably cost him the victory. Even more bad luck for the Simply Irresistible: Butterfly trouble and not able to get the 5 V8 machine into gear, after a MONSTER run in the qualification. I can tell you - the fight for the European 4.5t crown will be a tough one this year!
What else: Baby Duck had it's crossbox broken.
Fox ran well and the danish boys sure need to be considered as a top team again after their performances at Füchtorf and Herning

The next day started with pulling for the danish championships again, 3.5t Farm Stock. A new class in Denmark with only 3 competitors so far. According to the sled people those guys better not travel too far south yet, if they don't want to get their butts whipped in the rpm limited classes. Well.. everybody needs to start somewhere and we should give them time!
The next class on the schedule again promised top notch competition: For the very first time the 2.5t modified class (that's 5500 lbs for our US readers) is part of the Euro Cup series and WOW what an interest there is from teams and spectators alike. But it makes sense: The class is affordable (so far), horsepower is not neccesarly the key to winning and there is A LOT of variety in the class. There was two radial powered tractors in the competition and there is even more of those tourque monsters to come.
After the qualifiaction runs, it was the "old gang" making the finals though. The top german and danish teams along with the two Griffon powered tractors Little Giant and another single engine creation of the Green Spirit team, the number 8 by now. And what a finish in the end!
Daniel Frische on the Green Monster set the distance to beat at 94.61m with the single Allison. Not quite satisfied with the tire pressure (still experimenting with HP tires in this light class) and a spun rod bearing this was all the german could manage that day. The next one out also had some tire pressure problems, keeping him away from going full throttle at the start and making the Griffon hit the rev limiter a couple of times once the big butterfly was open down the track: Frank Bartholomé and his Le Coiffeur. Still him and his crew were all smiles as the tractor had not perfomed any good since the middle of the last season, when his MSD 8 ignition turned into smoke and replacing it with Magnetos took quite a while, as they exchanged a good supercharger clutch with a worn out one (that looked nice from the outside) in the process of getting the bugs out of the engine (just putting more in).
Bad luck for the Little Giant Team: What looked like a good run was stopped by something going broke in the driveline. The fact Poul Ager Jensen on Black Power made it out the end again was no surprise for anybody. That machine has power, balance and a guy on top who really knows how to drive this thing.
But the distance to the runner up is getting closer and Jeffery Constanie (sp?) sure laid down a brilliant pass with the Green Spirit 8 to runner up distance.
The last pull of the danish Fighting Star radial was also quite impressive and the 5th place finish well deserved for this "different" tractor. Bad luck for Peder and Sören Jacobsen: Their single Griffon "Voldsom Volvo" destroyed it's drop box on the line when Sören was aiming for a good result in the Pull Off.
I think we'll get to see some VERY good competition in this class in the next few years. Let's just hope money doesn't spoil it too soon, now that it's an Euro Cup class.
One class that, in my opinion, has seen a little bit too much money involved in too short time is the 3.5t Pro Stock class, that followed after the light mods. These guys have been investing like there is no tomorrow. The result of this competition wasn't too surprising: There is the three Valtras of the Herlevi Family that are always tough to beat and leader of the pack and then three others that can compete with them: Rocky, John Deere and Bukke Bruse. Bukke Bruse couldn't come back in the Pull Off so the other five had to determin a winner, which this time was Matti Herelvi, going just a little further than his sister Johanna, who was runner up. The danish John Deere with Michael Galsgard behind the wheel came pretty close and put more than 7m on Barend Huybrechts on the Rocky, who, from my point of view had the power but hit the wrong trail in the track to make the podium. Pekka Herlavi also was no match for his kids and came in fifth.

Since my friends, the Faber Family, still had an 9 hour drive ahead of them and I came with them, we decided to leave Herning before the last 3.5t mod competition. I don't want to report about things I didn't see - so I herewith end this little summary.