Tuesday, July 31, 2007

what's new

I had some nice discussions and also got some suggestions at Lubersac concerning this website.
One of them was to start a collection at the readers for a new camera, since mine broke at Putten. I am not a big fan of asking for money though.

But I just went through my numbers, and it's a fact, I have burnt up app. 1200 € (and spent around 900 € for stuff that is still good) in equipment in the last 3 years and now need to spend at least another 900 bucks for a "good" cam. Out of reach right now to be honest.

The sponsoring on this site has helped a lot to cover the expenses, but not all of it. My mom just called me crazy this afternoon for doing what I do and the way I do it.
Well - maybe I am.
But if you really feel like donating, you can to my www.paypal.com account (to oldspook@aol.com).
I would prefer further sponsorship for the site though. That way I know I can give value back to you.

The other question was, why I don't write as much as I used to.
I don't think I used to write much more in the past - I just get a lot more stuff on here, so articles sorta drop off the front page more quickly than in the past.

The deal with writing though is:
If a promoter wants to have an article of his pull on this website, he needs to pay for it.
In the end it's work for me, as I miss out on time with my team behind the scenes.
Also: Them in the pits working on the tractors and me on the track watching the pull doesn't work out too well, if I travel on their expense. So if I want to spend all the time on the track, those who benefit from it have to pay. I am idiotic enough to do it for the fuel costs and some food.

As for "opinion articles":
If I really speak my mind, I'll be in trouble with some of the "higher up" guys in charge rather quickly. I still do get into trouble more than enough though.
Also it doesn't change a single thing if I bitch around on here.
I have went the correct route and got voted into the german board and that's where I think I can spend my time more effective on changing things for the better. And german pulling needs a lot of changes to stop from falling behind even more.
Technical articles:
I am methanol stupid and the longer I am into this sport, the more I figure what I don't know about the rest.
The stuff I do know is more or less "team owned" and I can't go out here and blow out results of expensive testing and development out to the public. If somebody has general questions, feel free to put them into the message board and I'll try to answer what I can.

What I've been busy with lately, was getting other photographers to use picasa galleries or send pictures to me. I think you won't find any other pulling website on the web, that connects to as many pulling pictures from all over the world. This is the result of joined forces and I think we should all be thankful for those guys letting me place links to their galleries on here.

I still can't find any help on the results or points though. The NTTO and DTTO are the only associations I know that run some kind of "results service" for the media. The rest doesn't seem to give a sh... whether what happens at their pulls get's out to a wider public or not.
So - to come to an end:
I am currently busy writing articles for the german magazine until the end of the week.
Then I'll take some holiday in northern germany and try to help some with the preperations for the pull in Lengerich, too. From September on I am back into full time courses and hopefully "normal" work (bye bye long nights).

So - if you want more stuff on here, understand that it takes time (either yours or mine) - and I only have so much free time and money. What goes beyond has to be paid for, as it keeps me away from doing things that are more important.

More pictures from Lubersac

Bennoit just sent me a link with a zillion pictures from Lubersac, taken by Serge Pillac. Check them out by clicking here.

Fergus Pics

Pictures of the Fergus truck show by Robert Alves

Euro Cup Points updated

Points after Lubersac

New videos from Italy

New videos on tractorpulling.it from Senigallia

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tickets Great Eccleston Pull

Tickets are Still on sale online for the first Euro cup class in the Uk which will be held at Gr Ecclston on the 25th and 26 th of Aug.
The tickets are at a reduced rate than buying on the day, find all the info on http://www.nwtpc.co.uk/

With Euro guest tractors attending and the first outing of the new Griffon Mod from the Whittingham camp its set to be a good two days of pulling

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pictures St. Hyacinthe

Harold Card has his St. Hyacinthe pics online!

Tomah pics

Keith has added more photos to his Tomah gallery and will keep adding ...

Long weekend ahead

At 6.30 pm I've received a call from my parents: "HELP - computer won't work" - so I jumped into my car and drove north west to my parents place. As you can see - I am still there and computer is working again. (Strange what we do for some food and mom doing the laundry...)

I will go directly from here to Füchtorf tomorrow, where we are still busy dyno testing Allisons and I am not sure if I can get computer access before monday again, as we're leaving for France friday and probably won't be home before monday.
Since my camera broke in Putten, I am not sure how many pictures I can take down there... but anyhow, I'll try. See ya'll monday!

Tractor Pulling TV in new outfit

The www.tractorpulling.tv website has a new home (server) and now offers more features.
Also heard they made some heavy investments into computer hardware to be able to be faster and avaliable in more languages (german and english) in the future.
New videos of the dutch A-Division are supposed to be online soon, too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Website for 2007 European Championships launched

Check out http://em2007.dk/index_gb.php for all the Info about the 2007 European Championships!


Videos and pictures of the last pull in Italy at San Prospero can now be found on www.tractorpulling.it
Direct link to the videos

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Tomah 07 by Keith

Putten 07 by Carsten & Annika

Onawa 07 by Fabian Düpmann

Ravenna 07 by Fabian Düpmann

Putten short

We are having a lot of work to do in the Green Monster Team's workshop this week (not happy with the 3.5t result) so before I leave for some more dyno testing, a short report about Putten:
The facility again was prepared in an absolutely perfect manner and there was very little to complain about. Probably the fact the left hand track had gotten a little too much water in before, but the scraper and roller guys did a hell of a good job, preparing the track well for everybody.
Traction was there and the heavy clay took LOADS of tourque. As the competition went on, the track dried a little and things went back to normal.
4.5t mod was first class and pretty much all made it out the gate. Egbert Dros touched the sideline (whether it was a straight line is another discussion) and got a DQ for this day, which pretty much screwed up his Euro Cup season for now.
In the Pull Off there was no way past the Whispering Giant turbine machine, as the piston powered vehicles all either had a "low end tourque" problem or, in the case of Green Spirit, blew the rearend. The still new MPM Seaside Affair did an excellent 4th place finish in this tough field and showed they have the caliber to run in the Euro Cup.
After the dust had settled, the point standings of the class had been shaken up quite a bit and it looks like the last two pulls in Lubersac and Bettborn have quite some thrill still to offer!
After the heavy mods it was Mini and Semi time and I got the shock of my life: My camera only took 1/3 size pictures. On further inspection I found the 2nd mirror for the autofocus was hanging in the way between sensor and lens and not flipping up anymore, as it is supposed to. "Done for the rest of the year" I thought and very sadly left the track.
I wanted to shoot TWDs this time - but it looked like I was done shooting for quite a while.

Back in the truck I did some further inspection and figured I could lock the mirror and shoot in full manual mode. Totally sucks to shoot pulls without autofocus - but I wanted to give it a try anyways. So back to the track, just in time to shoot the Super Stocks. The pictures turned out to be 50 % trash and 50 % ok... oh well. I need a new camera.... god let it rain money!
Back to competition.
Bram de Pijper had a "new" European Maid out, which made a good start, but came to an hold with either a backfire or some ignition problems. The Green Muscleman was also running very well, but with the HP tires now mounted, it ran out of gear. The first distance in the Pull Off was laid down by Geoff Ashcroft on the old and trusty Red Alert with 97.31m. And that was about the last good distance of the british IH clan. Red Fever as well as Just Smokey both struggled with problems, and after Willem Veldhuizen set a new leading distance, it was clear it's still a "Long / Veldhuizen" engine war on the track for the top positions, with the dutch engines up front.
Several of the others were running very nicely, like Zapo, D'n Aerdvruter, Judgement Deere and Terminator, but they are all quite a bit behind the top. Still it was nice to see a class of 16 Super Stocks and Rob van der Waal back in the game with the Terminator. I think a big thank you goes to all the guys that have brought the class back to life in the last 2 - 3 years, when numbers were really down.
So time for the last two "big" classes, Pro Stock and 3.5t modified.
They had expected 28 Pro Stocks, but only 18 of them showed up. Still - they put on a hell of a show. 15 of them over the 90m mark and six of those out the gate! Sigma Power had a pretty serious turbo explosion on the line with quite some flame and fire out the exhaust - so he was going home with 0 points that day. The chance for the others to gain some points and get it all a little closer in the points.
The finish was close! Johanny Herlevi captured the victory just slightly ahead of a super running Rocky and the Caesar of her brother Matti. John Deere and Extreme Temptation finished on excellent 4th and 5th place and on spot number 6 we had a FORD! Edward Beukeveld with the Snoopy! I think if somebody would have told him before the season he'd be right with the top of the Euro Cup guys and fighting for the dutch title, he'd called the guys with the white dresses to bring the jacket with the long sleeves...
The 3.5t modified was a close battle between Lambada and the Rising Star in a 5 way Pull Off. Tire Speed was all that mattered here on the 2nd track. Whispering Giant didn't get enough bite in the track, Simple Irresistible had some misfiring problems, and the Judge, who managed a Full Pull with the two Griffons, unfortunatly blew a supercharger and couldn't join the Pull Off. Our little tractor was "best of the rest" on 6th position. Tough fighting in the dutch championships!

Monday, July 16, 2007

More Putten Pictures

Hermann's pictures

AJ's pictures

Pictures Putten

Putten pictures

German Pull Chat

Deutscher Pulling Chat heute abend!


Euro Cup Points are updated

Video Georgetown / OH by Ralf

Thanks to Ralf for sharing this video with us!

Putten Results

Results Putten

Pictures London

Jesse's London / OH pictures

Putten Galleries

Gallery of "MicroPopeye"

Christian's Gallery

Sascha's Gallery

Friday, July 13, 2007

Gone Pullin

Time to leave and go to the shop load the tractors for Putten!
In the meanwhile: I have a video of the Georgetown Pull uploading to Google.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Team Bruns

As promised, here's the team story of Team ABC.

The first thing we need to clear up, is probably what ABC stands for.
August Bruns Cloppenburg, a big New Holland dealer in north west Germany with 37 employees in Cloppenburg and a total of 350 all over north germany.
The next thing to clear up: Who are the two cartoon animals on the left?
That's Wum and Wendelin, two smartass guys out of an old german TV show fromt he 70s and 80s called the "der grosse Preis" (the great prize). But more about them later.
It all started in 2001 when 10 employees of ABC decided to build a Pulling Tractor for the brush pull in Halen. Junior Boss Andreas Bruns promised them a tractor for this project and when a Ford 9700 tractor became avaliable in one of their shops in east germany, a semi was sent to pick it up. Unfortunatly the tractor arrived without an engine. The cabin however was in great shape - and it became crystal clear: If the boss sees in how good shape the cabin was, the tractor would not be turned into a puller. So the first thing to go off was the cabin and everything that was not neccesary.
The engine was build out of used parts lying around in the shop - what was missing was bought at New Holland.
After 5 weeks their first tractor was ready to run. In the beginning they only went to one pull a year and they kept improving: Better clutch, tires, balance...

But they were not too happy about their regional brush pulling. The competitors just couldn't stand seeing a blue tractor win.

So Uwe von Aschwege of the Red Shadow sled team talked them into taking part in the stock class at the DTTO Pull at Edewecht.

Contact was made with DTTO president Manfred Kilian and off they were to Edewecht, where they achieved a third place and got qualified for the german finals near Berlin.

What they figured at Edwecht though, was a real pulling track is a different caliber than the common brush pull sand box in north germany. They cut tires, changed weight brackets and the hitch.

At the finals everything paid off and they became german champion in the stock class.

And then the virus was in the blood!!!

At the next meeting of the DTTO the new "Sportclass" (under 2700 rpm Hot Farm) was introduced and they thought that would be the right class for another tractor.

At Weske in march they hooked again with the old tractor and were asked if it had a name. Josef decided on "Blue Wum"... "how do you spell that?" - "You ever heard of the "great prize?" - "No" - "Then you are too young!"
Hence the name Blue Wum and Blue Wendelin.

Work on Wendeling started after Füchtorf 2006 and it was done in time for the Sportclass competition in Verl. Everything worked out extremely well and they asked themselves how they would compare with the Pro Stocks. They were allowed to hook with the Pro Stocks and figured the gap to the top wasn't that big.

More food for future plans! They kept pulling both tractors in stock and hot stock classes and finished the 2006 season with a runner up in the german stock class championships. As they describe it: "We lost success but gained experience".

In the end of 2006 they decided to move up to Pro Stock. Every team member paid some money, so they could buy the neccesary parts.

Wendelin was turned into a Pro Stock and Wum got on a diet to run 9900 / 4.5t Sport in the coming season.
The first appereance with Wendelin in the Pro Stock class was not too successful, but helped to figure out where things had to be changed.
A lot of the other teams came and helped with advise, but time and money is short and they kept going their own way of trial and error.

To get the whole operation a little more family related, they took all their wifes and girl friends to the pull in Verl, who after that are now "pulling virus infected", too.

The result of all: The team works and at Krumbach they could celebrate their first victory in the Pro Stock class!

The Team members are

Josek Reinke: In his daily work he works on yellow Corn Choppers, in the team he drives the Wendeling, the truck and works as a mechanic.

Andreas Seppel: Tractor mechanic and human crane. On the track he's the loudest fan with high emotions.

Josef Lüken: His profession are food harvest and seeding machines. Mechanic and welder in the team (both Josefs always show up as double pack).

Markus Hülsman: Workshop chief at ABC - in the team he is trying to keep everything organized.

Alexander Keil: Harvest machinery mechanic. Reliable work force in the team. As they say: Without him we still wouldn't be done by now.

Tammo Leiner: Traveling mechanic. Responsible for money supply and paint jobs.

Norbert Janssen: CX and CR are his addiction. Mechanic, truck driver and responsible for the presentation in the pits.

Thomas Lübbe: His latest love is the FR 9060. Drives Wum, the truck and of course helps wrenching.

Jürgen Thoben: Only likes blue tractors. Mechanic and responsible for the good mood in the team (BBQ).

Mathias Pendola: Still in the education for agricultural mechanic. In the team he's used as gopher. Special feature: Feet only touch the ground to change running direction.

Ralf's Tomah pictures

Tomah by Ralf Hermann Meyer

Ralf is home!!!! Pictures Georgetown Ohio

Georgetown by Ralf Hermann Meyer

NTPA: London, OH Results now posted on www.NTPAPULL.com

Printable results are available as well.


I have just launched a new website.
Under www.tribünenverleih.com you can now book grandstands for your tractor pull with a capacety of 300 to 7500 people.

Mini Euro cup round at Silly

Hey sorry its taken a few days I have been soo.. busy. Here is a short review from Silly.
Well what a really good weekend! Team Little Dan arrived Saturday early eve; some of the other mini team's had already arrived and the Party had already started.
Later in the eve the big party started in the main tent on the field so we wondered over to see what was happening.... Lets just say I've never seen a tractor pulling party quite like that one it was like a night club in a tent we stayed there until the early hours of the morning.

With a list of 13 tractors competing on the next day it meant someone was going home with no money ! It was the biggest class of the day with some top tractors competing for the eurocup top places and with only 2 eurocup round this year (Silly and Great Eccleston) everything was to play for.
Lambada did a straight run all the way down the track and out the end, it looked like a light sledge but we were wrong just a really good pull from the Lambada team. Little Dan up next...

We locked into the track within a few feet of setting off and went down the track very straight until the last 20meters where it went to one side of the track and out of bounds ending in a DISQ...Just how it goes sometimes. Another 6 made it out the far end .. with the two Ghost Buster tractors just missing out in the late 90's
Gambler set of from the line but had problems with the motor and lots of fuel being thrown out of the exhausts. It was the first time out in Europe for Cystal Spirt... I think it had a balance issues with the dutch sledge... Didn't get out the end but it was a exciting ride so I was told. With the front wheel come off from a hard landing.
Pull Off:
Sore Lambada getting a 1st Postion and The Dealer getting a 2nd, Little Rascal getting a 3rd. The controversy of the class was Reny's Mission Impossible they had problems getting a gear at the line in the pull off so were dragged out of the way and aloud to drop 6 places .. In the pull off???

Thanks for a really brilliant weekend guys and we will see you for the final mini round at Great Eccleston On Aug 26th .
See full results at http://www.bktv.net/2007/2007-07-08-Silly.pdf
see pics at http://www.bktv.net/album2007/index.php?show_heading=list&dir=2007-07-08-Silly

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Voting - cars or tractors!

For those of you who speak / read german.
The west german radio station "1live" has been to the farm stock pull at Waltrop to do a report about their "country or city life?" story.
Now you can vote whether the pullers or the cabrio enthusiasts are the "real men".

Beach Pull this saturday

It's time for Beach Pull Putten, Europe's most professional Tractor Pulling event of the year!
Combining the top of the dutch competition with the Euro Cup heavy Modifieds, Super Stocks and Pro Stocks there will be thrilling action on the twin power tracks at the Intertechno Arena on the Nulde Beach.
Additional there will be a invitational 7700 lbs modified class, an international Pro Stock Semi class, a Monster Truck, a Top Fuel Dragster and a Bobcat competition.
Currently there is dozens of people working on the arena to prepare everything for saturday. The weather forecast is excellent, and if you won't be at Putten next saturday, you're REALLY going to miss one of the best shows, European Pulling has to offer!
Further info: http://www.beachpull.nl/

Dyno pics and video

GM Workshop July 2007 - Dyno runs

Result of todays dyno testing:
Horsepower numbers are where they were expected... just 500 rpms lower than we thought. Low end tourque babies these Allisons....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

With the introduction of a new trailer brake system by VELDHUIZEN wagenbouw, the builder of the Hovertrack truck, we had a test day on the Dutch TUV track in LELYSTAD .
The trailer is capable of loading up to 3.7 ton, so we used the HOVERTRACK Bits 'n Pieces tractor and drove it up to 110 km/h and ran the top bank . The result was a lot of impressed press people and clients.
We also made a couple of runs with the semi of the Hovertrack bnp team and run it up to 110 km/h and used the top bank aswell.
More pictures of this will be send later.

Back Home

I am back home and my health is in better shape again, too.
As you could see, I was at the ABC Team in Cloppenburg on friday, so a little report about them guys is to follow soon.
On the way home from Löningen, I've stopped at the Green Monster Team workshop and we are currently very busy testing engines and get everything set up right for the Beach Pull in Putten this coming saturday.
We've prepared everything to get an Allison on a dyno to measure something accurate with all the computer and logger stuff for the very first time on tuesday. So I will also spend tuesday at the workshop and take pictures and maybe some video clips to put on here at night.

For tonight I have just updated the competitors list of Lengerich. We still have room and prize money to give away there, so if you pull in an under 2700 rpm class, like some international pulling and a good party, feel free to sign up! Lengerich is just 75km north/east of Enschede (next to Lingen).
(click on map for detailed view)

Further info about signing in and the prize money you can find under "Teilnehmerinfo" at http://www.treckertreck.de/

Sunday, July 08, 2007

NTPA: Lancaster, PA ("the Buck") Results now posted at www.NTPAPULL.com...

...with help from Jerry Richardson (JR) at Eastern Extreme Pulling.
Check out http://www.easternextremepulling.com/ Sunday for details of the NTPA Summer Nationals at Buck Motorsports Park.

NTPA: Arcola, IN (Session Two) Partial Results now posted at www.NTPAPULL.com

Minis and Super Farms are in the books. Modifieds and Two-Wheel-Drives, plus printable results, will be available later tonight/tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

... break

Unfortunatly I am sick with a pretty bad sinus infection right now.
So I will head for my parent's place now and spend the weekend there as my grandma will celebrate her 80th birthday there saturday, too = no pulls for Sascha this weekend.
I have updated most of the points yesterday, so if you want to get an overview, check them out.
I might use the time there to visit a team in the area and do a little report for this website.