Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diesel Power Fair 2007

Saturday the 29th of December a Diesel Power Fair is held at the 'manege Diamanthal' in Balkbrug (ov) in the Netherlands. At this fair you can see various tractors from the pro, superstock and tractorpulling sports class.
All the tractors have there hood open so you can see the Diesel tuning technique they use for their tractor.
Many of the owners will show broken components and sell components that they don't use anymore.
There are also stalls which sell turbo's, fuelpumps, airfilters, tyres, fire resistent clothing, aluminium rims and many more items relating to tractor pulling.

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The Diesel Power Fair is open from 13.30 - 21.00 at December 9th.
Admission price for children (6-12) is € 2,- for 12 years and older the price is € 5.-
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