Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Chassis for Simply Irresistible and Jackass

The guys in Dronten are busy!
There won't be much left of the former Country Girl tractor after this season. After the chassis rails had been replaced before already, and instead of 4 KBs, 5 New Century engines were supplying the power, they are now working on a new chassis and completely new rearend.
The Cat planetaries are getting a 4th wheel in and the new rearend housing was just mad eout of sheet metal. All this to withstand the enormous forces occuring the 4.5t mod class, that had killed the old rearend at the Euro Cup finals in Bettborn.
Their little "Jackass" tractor (0.95t mod = mini rod) is also getting a new chassis and with both of their tractors back in good condition, the team will probably once again be a top notch operation in the European circuit.
More info in dutch: