Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NTTO and ITTC join forces - dutch lay out new future plan

As just stated, the two dutch associations NTTO and ITTC will merge into one association.
After almost 25 years of running their competitions against each other in the southern part of the Netherlands they have finally agreed on building a new competition series together.
In fact that means the current "B-Division" will undergo some changes: Having been a combined championship of dutch and belgian teams and events in the past, it will now only be a dutch series, with the dutch B Division and ITTC competitors combined.
This will add quite some spice to the B Division in Pro Stock and light Modified competition.
Added to this competition series will be the Semis, which are currently growing strong in the Netherlands and have so far pulled some with the S-Division.
For the future the NTTO is planning on introducing another top series on top of the A-Division, which will then result in a dutch competition in an A, B and C "league" for the major classes.
The current S-Division (Hot Farm) will remain untouched.

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