Thursday, February 28, 2008

Books... I can do that, too!

This picture collection book of John M. Predovic first got me thinking.. and then working.
I have made a choice of my best shots from the last season and also put them together in a photo book that is now avaliable at I am not going to get rich on this as the production and distribution cost alone is over 20€ per book, but I think it's a nice thing to have to save the best moments of 2007 on the shelf and then have a chance to look at it once in a while. Also makes for a nice present.


The evening is safe! has the Dutch Hot Farm Finals online and finally the US videos of have shown up on my Tractor Pulling video channel! You will have to download the "VeohTV" application that is linked there to view them in full length - but it's worth it!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


To stop the confusion.
To registrate for our forum, just follow this link:
I keep getting a load of Emails here - while registration is open to everybody except for one person for this week!

English Pull Chat

English Pulling Chat tonight!

New Thunder Pulling video out now!

Gerald Wallaberger has the new Thunder Pulling video out!
This time he covered the European scene again and filmed all over Europe during the 2007 season, including the german championships, Ahoy, the European Championships in Denmark and the Euro Cup Finals in Luxembourg.
Over 100 min of trackside action avaliable for €19.50. Contact

Forum for registered users only

Our Forum will from now on be for registered users only.
Reason is this idiot from LEWISBURG (ZIP 45338) OH who tries to drag everybody through the mud and is even using other people's name to post crap.
You now have one week time to register and from then on new registrations will only be accepted by sending your name and address, desired username and password by Email to either or

Blue Hazard Team online

The Blue Hazard Team has their new website online!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Picture Book avaliable

John M. Predovic has published a new picture book with Tractor Pulling pictures from the 1980s.
It contains a lot pictures of long gone glory and good memories on 131 pages. Being avaliable on it can be quickly accessed from all over the planet and even a downloadable version can be purchased for a cheaper price.

Get the book or download, including a preview here

Shock - stg. 6 closes down

Last evening the news spread quickly over the WWW - "Stage 6" the best video sharing platform on the web (or let's say the one offering the best quality of them all) is closing down. They cannot seem to make a profit with what they've done.
Now - how does this effect you?
Easy - most of the Tractor Pulling videos we've offered on here were hosted there and will now be gone.
Of course I already had "Plan B" and I am currently uploading the videos to a new provider where the videos can be seen on my channel - but will have commercials shown before.
The first new videos should be online on my channel by tonight...

Monday, February 25, 2008

German pull chat

Heute abend deutscher Pulling Chat!

New Website Blue Power / Blue Bambino

Hi Sascha
I just got a little news for you, we just got our self a brand new web-site and this time is possible to get it in english also.
We have just startet to translate the 16 year long story about the Damgaard family and Team Blue Power from Danish to English and the first chapter is already online, so check it out and see what you think about it.. PS : Thank you for great news and update on Pullingworld all the time.. Best regards. Martin Team Blue Power/Bambino Denmark

Check out then!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Pull Chat

Pulling Chat tonight!

US pictures by Dirk Wessel, Reinhardt Timpe and Frank Bartholome

West Coast Nationals

Pomona - Drag Race

Some Garden Pulling News


I am sending you some pics of a compact diesel from Holland and it is called Flower Power from Team Versteeg from Holland, they have also a 3.5 supersport IHC 1455 named Dynamite. This compact diesel is in the gardenpulling competition since 2000. In 2001 it was national champion. This winter it has changed completally under the hood, pistons, camschaft ,turbo, cylinder head and so on. And new aluminium wheels are being made by Loenhorst metal who are having 2 compact diesels, they are building a new one. Cepek tyres are ordered in America, and hopely will bring this new package the horsepower they will need.

I hope I can send you some pics sometime of our compact diesels and our competitions for our own championship for the NGO and in the B-division for the NTTO

You can see everything on our website;

Greetings from Harskamp

Jos Franssen

Competition leader of the compact diesels for the NGO ( Nederlandse Gardenpulling Organisatie )

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye bye Chris

Again Pulling in Europe and especially on the British island has lost one of it's "people of the first hour" and in this case a brilliant innovator, an engineer, quiet the comedian, a man with more backbone than most people I've ever met - and overall a friend!
Chris George passed away on February 20th after loosing the battle against cancer.
I first got to see Chris at one of the European Championships in the 80s, where he was often competing with his "Avon Lady" tractors. First powered by V8s that later on were turbocharged, then with turbine power - you know, back in the days when it was VERY special to see a pulling tractor powered by a turbine.
Then I met him personally at the 1996 Euro Cup at Bernay, where he had his latest creation out, the John Bull, of course turbine powered.
Chris entered the track for the drivers presentation dressed like the "John Bull" painted on the fenders of his tractor. The big man put on quite a show in that dress and marched down the track with pride.
The tractor also performed well and I remember inviting him over to our home pull the year after.
His goal was to improve the tractor to the point where it would be top of the bill in the light modified class with three RR Gnome turbines, that would have given him in excess of 4500 hp at 5500 lbs. Unfortunatly it never happened as new rules were put on turbine tractor in the UK that kept him off the track with the John Bull tractor.
Chris always cared for the little guys in pulling and helped A LOT of people to get started. You could always learn from him. I remember him giving me advise on my garden pulling tractor when he saw me do my first steps out in competition.
He created the british limited modified class and also rebuilt an old single Rover V12 tractor to compete in this class, which he then sold and that is now running under the name of "Little Gold".
Chris also loved drag racing and lately was involved helping with a jet drag car and he also collected army vehicles, which got him on british TV just recently.
He traveled a lot, and knowing the end was coming soon, he took the chance to visit a lot of places all over the planet, visiting many of his friends abroad.
You could probably write a book about this man and the things he did in his too short life.
May he not be forgotten and his ideals held high in the sport of pulling and may there be many people to come that care about what is going on and speak their mind like Chris did, when things turn into the wrong direction... and most importantly: Back it up with action like he did.
To quote another british puller about Chris George:"No fool there!"

RIP Chris and strength to all the people at Pippenwell!

Official presentation Red Painter

Tonight the Red Painter was officially presented to the public. A little party was given by the LP-Racing Team and sponsors, media, friends & resentatives of the german tractor pulling association were invited to check out the latest addition to the german modified competition.
After Team captain Markus Pape opened the official part of the evening with AC/DC's "Hells Bells", he introduced the team members one by one (the old Viper crew is almost completely on board) and thanked all his sponors for their help. Then Joop Wouters, the former owner of the tractor held a little speach and handed out a little present to the new owner. More gifts were then given to the new team by various people and finally the president of the German Tractor Pulling Association, Manfred Kilian, welcomed the "Red Painters" on board and wished them good luck for their first season.
After this tractor pulling videos from the last season were shown and everybody was invited for dinner.
The first event for the Red Painter will be the outdoor pull at Weseke on the last weekend of march.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BTPA Site Updated

The Btpa Site has had a revamp and an update .. and is Now Firefox friendly !! Take a look

More Fighter pics

Workshop 19 Feb

Dutch Pull Chat

After a lot of complains about me not promoting the dutch pull chat... here it is: Dutch Pull Chat tonigh!!!

Ahoy March 8th

Not even three weeks to go before it's Ahoy time again!
European top riders will be represented at the 30th edition of European Super Pull.
As a special attraction, the organisation has managed to secure two American machines to appear at Ahoy!
Both Ryan’s Toy II and Double Stuff, owned by Larry Robert from Wilmington (Ohio), will appear in Rotterdam on 8 March. Ryan’s Toy II is a Case International MX270, which competes in the United States in the unlimited super stock class. Under the bonnet it has a six-cylinder Brent Long alcohol engine, which thanks to its three turbos has a capacity of over 4500 hp. The machine is named after Ryan, Larry Roberts’ son. The machine is driven by Tim Howell. Tim is known for his fearless driving style. At an indoor pull in Louisville, for example, he drove Ryan’s Toy II several times into the sand pile at the end of the track. Last year, Howell finished fourth in the Grand National circuit in the unlimited super stock class.

Double Stuff is a unique machine equipped with two Brent Long DT466 alcohol engines. The power supplies have been bored out to a capacity of no less than 598 cubic inches (9.8 litres) and are each equipped with three turbos. The engines deliver about 4,800 hp each. The regular driver of Double Stuffed is John Evans, who works for one of Larry Roberts’ companies and is a mechanic in the Roberts pulling team. He is also the regular driver of the super stock Big Toy II, with which he won the well known indoor race in Louisville (Kentucky) in 2005.
Double Stuffed made its appearance on the circuit halfway through the 2007 season. After a cautious start, he soon got into winning ways. At the Grand National pull in Tomah he finished second in the modifieds class.

Further Info & Tickets:

New Website European Championships

On the 6th. and 7th. of September 2008 the European championships in Tractor Pulling will be arranged by the Jæren Tractor Pulling club at their facility located just outside Bryne, about 30 km south of Stavanger.
Check out their new website for the 2008 European Championships!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Pull Chat

Pulling Chat tonight!

List of competitors Arnhem

The Arnhem promoters have put a list of their competitors online, that have agreed to show up yet. More to come. Makes the competition at Arnhem look A LOT better than Ahoy... for half the entry money....
For further info check

4,5 ton Supersport klasse
Deelnemers op dit moment nog niet bekend

3,5 ton Prostock klasse
1. Bad Boys Toy
2. Bukke Bruse (DK)
3. John Deere (DK)
4. Mr. Bean
5. Neighbours Nightmare
6. Next Sensation
7. Passion 4 Diesel
8. Red Attraction
9. Rocky
10. Runaway Deer
11. Wickie Power
8,5 ton Trucks
Deelnemers op dit moment nog niet bekend

3,5 ton Alky Superstock
1. European Maid
2. Green Muscleman II
3. Hatenboer Bits 'n Pieces
4. Hydro Stopp Bits 'n Pieces
5. Interaction
6. Red Alert (GB)
7. Red Fever (GB)
8. Silver Bullet
9. Terminator
10. Zapo
11. Zeinstra's Welldone Deere

3,5 ton Vrije klasse
1. Bandit
2. Beverol Eager Beaver
3. Burning Madness
4. Desperate Dan (GB)
5. Fox (DK)
6. Green Monster (D)
7. InterTechno Lambada
8. l 'Aspirateur (F)
9. Popeye
10. The Judge
TWD klasse
1. Butterfly Morning
2. Flash Lube - No Limit
3. Heart - 2 - beat
4. InterTechno Predator
5. No Illusion
6. Rattle and Hum
7. Screamin' Bobcat
8. Sledge Hammer
9. Thunderstruck
4,5 ton Vrije klasse
1. Alleycat
2. Desperate Dan (GB)
3. Fox (DK)
4. Green Spirit 6
5. InterTechno Lambada
6. It Kypmantsje
7. Iwan (D)
8. Kiepenkerl (D)
9. Popeye
10. The Judge

NFMS 2008 Final Results

7,500lb Modified Tractors

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Bill Voreis Argos, IN American Thunder 245.86' - Full Pull
2 Bob Jostock Lapeer, MI Wild Child 237.07'
3 Bill Leischner Weldon, IL Dirtslinger 222.98'
4 Terry Jostock Lapeer, MI Wild One 194.70'
5 Ken Veney Wadsworth, OH Funny Farmall 170.63'
6 Wayne Purser Norman, OK Uncle Sam Broke - 85.89'

9,300lb Super Farm Tractors

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Troy Schroedl Fort Atkinson, WI Contents Under Pressure Full Pull - 249.67'
2 Ryan Salenbien Maybee, MI Never Satisfied Full Pull - 248.20'
3 Steve Kavan Cedar Bluffs, NE Magnum Force 244.00'
4 Klint Tucker Pekin, IL Whats Smokin Binder 242.98'
5 Tom Gallitz Jefferson, WI Runnin In The Red 242.33'
6 Russell Counce Lawrenceburg, TN Dixie Deere 242.24'
7 James Slama Reedsburg, WI Fast & Furious 241.72'
8 Mac Darnell Cynthiana, KY Maximum Overdrive 241.14'
9 Wayne Lamoureux Boone, IA Fear The Deere 240.21'
10 Jeff Perry Hilmar, CA Power Trip 239.61'
11 Brock Oomen Hart, MI Bad Oomen 237.68'
12 Quinton Hartman Haubstadt, IN International Addiction 237.13'

6,200lb 2WD Super Modified Trucks

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Randy Petro Camden, OH Buckeye Hauler 235.82'
2 Donnie Sullivan Warsaw, KY Hansel Sullivan Memorial 232.39'
3 Adrian Hunter Medicine Hat, Alberta, CN The Hunter 230.76'
4 Craig Nation Rich Hill, MO Missouri Raider 227.05'
5 Will Teasley Pleasant View, TN Hytek 226.42'
6 Steve Jacks Fishers, IN Pair Of Jacks 220.77'
7 Stan Shelton New London, NC Cutting Edge 218.92'
8 Doug Theobald Shelbyville, IN Wicked Willy 218.27'

8,200lb Super Stock Tractors

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Esdon Lehn Dayton, MN Red Line Fever 235.88'
2 David Siefert New Washington, OH Renegade Deere 232.19'
3 Dennis Goodwin Farnhamville, IA Magnum Force 228.84'
4 Steve Blagrave Knott, TX Red Horse 228.79'
5 Jeff Demers Storm Lake, IA Smokin' Hot Deere 225.66'
6 Neil Gettinger Hagerstown, IN Up N Atom Disqualified

8,000lb Super Stock Alcohol Tractors

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Joe Kwiatkowski Dorr, MI Taking Care Of Business Full Pull - 243.12'
2 Brian Korth Shullsburg, WI Extremely Armed & Dangerous Full Pull - 242.93'
3 Jordan Lustik Eighty-Four, PA Silver Bullet Full Pull - 221.88'
4 Allen Baballe Hilmar, CA Under The Influence 243.3'
5 Jeff Hirt Port Clinton, OH Runin' Bare All-American 242.21'
6 Tim Howell Wilmington, OH Ryans Toy II Broke

10,200lb Pro Stock Tractors top

Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Dennis Boersen Zeeland, MI Greenline Express I Full Pull - 248.80'
2 Robby Lemke Helenville, WI New Generation Plus 244.30'
3 Kevin Masterson Grandview, IN River Rat 238.70'
4 Steve Wischmeier Seymour, IN Barely Gettin By 232.80'
5 Bobby Martin Chambersburg, PA That Darn Deere 232.70'
6 Stuart Maize Amity, MO Billet Binder 232.38'
7 Lance Little Tuscola, IL True Grit 232.07'
8 Tim Overmyer Monterey, IN Sandhill Binder 229.40'
9 Ken Couch Jackson, TN Cotton Pick'n Deere 227.64'
10 Calvin VanGenderen Eddyville, IA Geared Green 227.28'
11 Josh Martin Chambersburg, PA Dairy Deere 223.00'
12 Henry Smith Blissfield, MI Sneaky Snake 198.46'

NFMS pics

First load of pics by Brian L.

NFMS Sat afternoon results

9,300lb Super Farm Tractors
Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Russell Counce Lawrenceburg, TN Dixie Deere Full Pull - 239.64'
2 Wayne Lamoureux Boone, IA Fear The Deere Full Pull - 233.80'
3 Tom Gallitz Jefferson, WI Runnin In The Red 246.02'
4 Klint Tucker Pekin, IL Whats Smokin Binder 243.35'
5 Mark Colberg Freeport, IL Pro Pain 240.59'
6 Joey Morrow Mount Hope, WI Yes Deere 239.60'
7 Rod Schottel Savannah, MO Ole Black Magic 239.06'
8 Tom Zorn Interlaken, NY Snoopy II 238.16'
9 Jon Mowrey Milford, IL Deal - N - Deere 237.05'
10 Larry Steinmann Marthasville, MO Gateway Deere 235.35'
11 Dan Hensley Trafalgar, IN Hurricane Deere 232.13'
12 Darrin Hunt Herndon, KY Dreamin Too 227.05'
14 Chad Bruns Thompson, MO Strokin Motion 225.20'
15 Arlyn Smits Allendale, MI Wolverine Deere III 222.45'
16 Jeff Lance Savannah, MO Midnight Screamer 201.50'
10,200lb Pro Stock Tractors
Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Dennis Boersen Zeeland, MI Greenline Express I I Full Pull - 232.33'
2 Tim Overmyer Monterey, IN Sandhill Binder Full Pull - 217.93'
3 Kevin Masterson Grandview, IN River Rat 247.22'
4 Robby Lemke Helenville, WI New Generation Plus 246.93'
5 Monte McCoy Warsaw, OH Dusk Till Dawn 241.91'
6 Ray Link Patton, PA Gon' Moken 239.47'
7 Chris Cain New Palestine, IN Aces Wild 238.08'
8 Mike Linder Edison, OH Linder Brothers 237.85'
9 Tim Stone Greensburg, IN Rollin Stone 230.91'
10 Robert Martin Chambersburg, PA John Deere Green 228.30'
11 Gary Porter Mercer, MO Gang Green 228.15'
12 Carl Smith Greenfield, IN Night Moves 227.71'
14 Michael Fanning Estill Springs, TN Bad Habit 224.56'
15 Mark Lawyer Hagerstown, IN Rapped Up 218.96'
16 Nick McCormick Stewardson, IL Nasty Stuff 192.95'
17 Jim Brackett Richland, MO Hillbilly Binder Disqualified
6,200lb 4 x 4 Modified Trucks
Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Scott Phillips Marlette, MI Yankee Blue Full Pull - 237.63'
2 Jim Holman Wauseon, OH 4-Play Full Pull - 234.14'
3 Ron Newell Leipsic, OH Temporary Insanity Full Pull - 228.86'
4 Steve Clem Versailles, KY Ratical Full Pull - 223.95'
5 Leann Tormoehlen Vallonia, IN Charmed Full Pull - Broke
6 Debbie Sebastian Danville, KY Nite Train Full Pull - Broke
7 Jake Zaring Fillmore, IN Dixie Chopper 242.90'
8 Dustin Helland Huxley, IA Hot Shot 239.04'
9 Cody Lewis Macon, MO Fired Up 238.81'
10 Charles Hinds Quitman, TX Runnin' Wild Texas Style 238.32'
11 Terry Hagedorn Thompson, MO Untamed Spirit 238.19'
12 Brad Hunter Salem, KY Knight Rider 236.81'
14 Rob Foster Fairgrove, MI Simply Red 236.53'
15 Gary Varner Midway, KY Fast Break 235.93'
16 Tommy Tormoehlen Vallonia, IN Spellbound 230.87'