Monday, March 31, 2008

Green Fighter pics...

Third engine going on....

New pictures out of the Lambada Workshop
Another bunch working their butts off...

More Weseke pictures

More pictures of Weseke by Peter by Arne
Excellent as always: by Christian Brocksch

My video had a format error that didn't show until it was finally supposed to be online. Trying a different format now. Hope to get it on by tomorrow.
I am currently working as a welder from 7am to 3.30pm right next to our tractors workshop (= more work after that). So after ain't home much. The computer at the workshop isn't the fastest...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Something totally different

Online Videos by
My drive from the workshop (well.. main road next to Füchtorf) back home - for all those who wonder "what does it look like where you come from" (and as a test for me for the future of tractor pulling videos on my website)-
I am planning to put tomorrows pull online sometime next week - so it makes sense to download that veoh tv application.

More workshop pics of the new Green Fighter


Workshop 18_03_2008
More workshop pics of the new Green Fighter and some of Green Monster, too...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

English Pull Chat

English Pull Chat tonight!

French sled rebuild

Hello Sascha

Some pictures and words about the french sledge.

Since the beginning of the winter, the team works hard on the evolution of the trailer so that it is in conformity with the new standards.
They've taken off all the parts superior of the sledge (cockpit and others…) to transform. It will be equipped with the most powerful elements for this new season as in regards of electronics and hydraulics.
Safety is the master word.
The draft amendment will end in other evolutions in the next months.
You can see some pictures at:"


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Website Splendido Team

For a few weeks now, the splendid team has renewed the look and feel of the site, we talk about the new tractor "Sota Spirit" and updated the photo gallery


Thanks and greetings

Stefano - Splendido Team

Competitors Füchtorf

I am still awaiting a lot of confirmation from several teams, but the list of competitors for Füchtorf 08 currently looks like this:
Competitors Füchtorf 08

Risky Bizzness

Since the purchase of the old Heartbeat TWD tractor at the end of last season we have been busy in the workshop with preparing the tractor, new name – Risky Bizzness, for the 2008 season. What started as a quick ‘lets put an engine in it’ has ended up as a complete strip down and rebuild including a new paint job and overall look (not quite finished yet), and the adding of quite a few new parts. The deadline is to have the tractor out for the indoor pull at Arnhem, Netherlands on 12th April, having kindly been sent an invitation to pull there. We have a few items still to finish off but the tractor is starting to look something near completed. We are intending to compete in the UK this season and at any pulls in Europe that we can get an invitation to!! We’ll send you some more pictures when we have finally completed the tractor. We look forward to showing visitors at Arnhem over the new UK TWD – ‘Risky Bizzness’.

Andy & Mark

New compact diesel puller "Next Generation"

Hi Sascha,

last monday I've visited a newcomer team and I was impressed with what I could see in their workshop. It would be nice to have a few words and pictures on www., my favourite tractor pulling site. ;-)

New Compact Diesel: Next Generation

Here are the first pictures of a new compact diesel project, called “Next Generation“.

Philipp Godenschweiger (19, Gardener and landscape designer) and Torben Häbel (19, industry, ship and system mechanic) from Rendsburg / northern Germany, startet to create this tractor a year ago.

They began to modify a rear axle out of an Opel Ascona car and mounted some planetaries that are usally doing their job in a MF 35 tractor. The clutch is a single disc design with riveted sintered metal pads, the gear box has it´s origin in a Volvo 164.

Brand new, freshly cut Dick Cepek 31x15.5x15 tires are sitting on new, lightweight, highly polished 15” aluminium rims that were partly sponsored by Raphael Rehbach, Ty-Rex-Team.

The “ Next Generation “ will be powered by an overhauled 2.0 TDI engine with a KKK turbocharger. They've built their own alumnium intercooler to cool the compressed air with liqiuid ice (these can be bought from the team after testing the prototype ).

The injection pump is costum made by their sponsor - Diesel- und Einspritztechnik Lindemann- located near by.

These guys are building in a very clear and deliberated style, they prefer stainless steel where ever possible, so frame and front axle are fine solutions. The hood imitates an IHC 1455 tractor.

Of course, there will be much work before this Compact Diesel Puller gets his final black paint job, but their goal is to start in 2008, to learn from their first experiences for the future.

Raphael Rehbach

Monday, March 24, 2008

New pictures Green Fighter

march 24

News about Truckpower

Hi Sascha

It is a busy time for the Truckpower Team and things are moving.
Check out our homepage for updated pictures of the new tractor!



News at is updated weekly with information about swedish tractor pulling. First round of the swedish championship will be hald in Lidköping at May 23. I also have a new function at the website, feel free to chat with me if I´m online, see more at

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Workshop news from Team Beesten

Team Beesten march 22
A few pics out of the workshop of the Team Beesten, where they are currently working on two tractors. Their Deutz Pro Stock is getting quite an engine overhaul with new pistons and new bearings and is supposed to be ready for Füchtorf.
Their "Sportklasse" 9006 is basically becoming a new tractor. The only thing left of the old one is the rearend. Several 913 Deutz engines have been aquired as spares for the two tractors, so the 912 they used in the 9006 last season was put on the side and will be replaced with one of those 913s. They hope to get that one going by the middle of the season.

Competitors Weseke

It's time again!
Finally the outdoor seasons kicks off with the traditionally early pull at Borken / Weseke on the last sunday of March.

A pretty nice field of competitors was booked for this small, but well organised event on the dutch / german border:

Garden Puller
1 Blue Attraction D
2 Dino 2 D
3 Giftzwerg (oder Mr. Easy) D
4 Jackass D
5 Knock Out D
6 Little Mellie D
7 Maximum Destruction D
8 Moorexpress D
9 Pegasus 2 D
10 Snoopy D
11 Tiger Duck 3 D

Freie Klasse 3,5 t
1 Boomerang D
2 Erlkönig D
3 Flying Hawk II D
4 Green Spirit VII NL
5 Isotov I D
6 Isotov II D
7 Le Coiffeur VI D
8 Red Painter D
9 Smoking Devil D
10 Super Kasper NL
11 The Judge NL
12 Wild Star LUX

Standard 5 t
8 Starter

Freie Klasse 4,5 t
1 Boomerang D
2 Century Fox D
3 Erlkönig D
4 Green Spirit VI NL
5 Iwan D
6 Kiepenkerl III D
7 Red Painter D
8 Smoking Devil D
9 Super Kasper NL
10 The Judge NL
11 Wild Hawk D

1 Beverol Sensation NL
2 Catweazle II D
3 Crazy Horse D
4 Crazy Rascal NL
5 Ghost Buster I D
6 Ghost Buster III D
7 Hot Head D
8 Let's Try NL
9 Little Rascal NL
10 No Fire No Fun NL
11 Reny's Misson Impossible NL
12 Shooting Star D
13 Vampire NL

Freie Klasse 5,4 t
1 Century Fox D
2 Dragon Fire D
3 Green Spirit VI NL
4 Iwan D
5 Kiepenkerl III D
6 Wild Hawk D

Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's been a busy week here with my welding school and tractor pulling. I brought home some work from our last board meeting that needed to be done and also had to put a lot of time into a school project, because the other guys who were supposed to help didn't move their back ends.
Anyhow... managed to make it to the workshop today.
New Green Fighter is coming along well and we're positive to have it going at the Füchtorf Pull.
Reverser mount is done, reduction box is getting built at Höner and Claas, two engines are already on,... working on new fenders now.
Green Monster is not yet ready. Waiting for parts from the USA (delivery dates don't seem to mean A THING over there) to get it all ready for the Indoor at Arnhem.
Besids that I probably have news - but those are all related to the sled story that went on at Zwolle and Arnhem - and is something the associations can do the "news feed" on.
Easter holidays now - will be at my parent's place from tomorrow until monday. Might use the time to check out what's going on at the northern teams.

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Double Stuff Ahoy

Sunday Pull Chat

Pulling Chat tonight!

Video Clip Ryan's Toy

There is a clip of Ryan's Toy's demo run in the evening session on our video channel

Ahoy Results

Official results Ahoy

(Click the framed picture for the picture gallery)

Short info

Super Stock:
Ryan's Toy was just barely ahead of the british IH brigade, Velhuizen broke turbo, Derksen hit rev limiter off the line - backed off and sorta ruined his run that way.
Ryan's Toy laid down one heck of a nice winning pass in the Pull Off.

Predator out on top - did everything right. Screaming Bobcat and Heart to Beat on the following positions.

3.5t Mod
In 3.5t the Double Stuff, running 200 kg over weight, had an excellent first pass but one engine wouldn't start again for the pull off.
Whispering Giant was by far the best, Judge on a nice runner up spot, putting a few meters on Desperate Dan. Popeye ran out of gear with new HP tires.

Pro Stocks:
To sum it up: "Valtra power demonstration"

TWD second session - missed it

Double Stuff back for the 4.5t in the evening with weights packed everywhere. Inofficial info was about 4200 kg total weight. Nice pass but not enough to keep up with the "real" 4.5t competitiors (some 3.5t tractors pulled as "class fillers" with underweight).
Green Spirit won 4.5t ahead of a great running Popeye (suppose John ran in low gear) but blew the rear end up.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anniversary Tickets Füchtorf

The Green Monster Team is celebrating it's 30th birthday at it's Tractor Pulling event on the last weekend of April 2008.
Besids offering a high extra purse for the modified classes, the team also offers special "anniversery tickets" for the pulling fans in the pre sale. For only 17 € you can get entry to the pulling action on saturday AND sunday, as well as free entry to the anniversary party on saturday night and on top one free drink at the pull.
Expecting a tough 2.5t modified as well as a pretty international 3.5t and 4.5t competition with many of the competitors the team has battled it out with on the track during the past 30 years, the Green Monster team will also present the new Green Fighter tractor on a pulling track for the very first time.
Camping is avaliable for moderate costs with showers and electricity, so a weekend trip will be worth it!
If you want to spend a nice pulling weekend for an affordable price, don't miss the chance to order your tickets online now and safe money!
Check (ticket sale on the german part of the website only, due to bank transfer and legal issues)!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

30th Ahoy Super Pull

It's Ahoy time again! For the 30th time the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam will host the European Super Pull. Fans are already betting on the results of the "US - EU" competition with a Modified and an Alky Super Stock tractor from the US going to run there this coming saturday.
With the "Double Stuff" of Larry Roberts chances are good to see a "fair" competition as the tractor was build for the US 3,4t modified class. Even though it doesn't fit into the engine limitation of the European modified class, this time it will not be an overweighted unlimited tractor blowing the EU mods off the track. Question remains what is going to happen in the heavy 99 mod class, that has meant trouble for the US competitors recently. The Super Stock competition should become interesting, too as the class limitations are alike in the US and Europe, even though there is a slight weight difference of 300 lbs between those two classes.
Anyhow - this is a weight difference that can be taken care of, as it's usually within the "moveable weight" of the component tractors.
So it will be the two Bits'n Pieces tractors, Red Fever, Red Alert, Just Smokey and others against Ryans Toy II.

I will be at Ahoy taking pictures and should have them up by sunday afternoon along with the results!

More info at
Picture of Double Stuff by

Your predictions - put them here

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dutch Pull Chat

Dutch Pull Chat tonigh!!!

News from the sled rebuild at Edewecht

Check the Red Shadow website for the latest pictures of the rebuilt Red Shadow sled. They plan to have it ready in time for Weseke in four weeks.

The legend is back alive

Check out the Popeye web site! The Popeye team has the triple Allison machine fixed and put a video online where you can see it getting fired up again for the very first time after the accident!
Hats off to all the people at the venture farm making this possible!

Sunday, March 02, 2008