Friday, May 30, 2008

What are they up to now...???

Hi Sascha,
After a wedding with a lot of ****** and fun, we have updated our site, again with some very special pictures and small movies. The quality of the movies is not so good, but you will get the message. Egbert and Johannes are not joining the team on the pull in Made next weekend, on this picture you will understand why. We have had some serious "Wheelchair Pulling" and the winner was; Egbert. He has beaten the complete team and the familly of Johan and Bastiaan.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tour to Bernay

Hello Sascha

Because its the 25th Tractor Pull in Bernay, we organise a trip to this big event. The admosphere around this French event with perhaps the biggest crowd of Europe (20,000 and more), is always very special!
-leave, Friday June 6 from Holland
-Hotel in France with breakfast
-Saturday morning: Visit LeBrun Tractor Parts (old Rustica pulling team) This company sells over 300 new and used tractors every year
-Saturday afternoon/evening: Eurocup Tractor pull
-Camp at campsite
-Sunday: Eurocup tractor Pull part 2
-Sunday evening late: home
price € 185,- pp right now already 15 fans go; 3 places left!
more info on

thanks and regards, Dirk Meijer

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New T-Shirt of the Next Sensation Team

The Next Sensation Pulling Team will have their new T-Shirt up for sale at Made for the first time.
Nice art work!!!
So check their trailer at Made this weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

List of ETPC approved sleds for 2008

The list is getting a little longer.
So to update the teams, here's the list.
Remember, hooking to a sled not on the list or not rated for your tractor will make you risk a 1 year and 10 days ban of any ETPC competition.

Powerweekend ahead!

This weekend it's the first time for the real big competition. The Euro Cup season starts at the Powerweekend at Made.
But not only Euro Cup competition is going on there. With three tracks busy for two days, you can really live your addiction in the new Pulling Arena at Made. From litte Lego Pullers to heavyweight modifieds, everything that has wheels and can pull a sled, will be on hand at Made, near Breda in the south of the Netherlands.
A friendly and easy going atmosphere, a huge party on saturday night and teams from all over Europe coming together make this a true "must go" for the Puling Fan!

EU point tables updated

Updated some national points of the competitions so far...

Something from the Guggisbergs in Switzerland

Friday, May 23, 2008

New videos from Italy

Check the videos of the first round of the Italian championships!

New engine for the Adler finally ready took a long time....
Problems with the parts delivery from the US caused quite a delay in the delivery of this nice V8 engine, build by Post en Dros in Dronten, for the team Adler. But now it's "home" in Dithmarschen and the team around Jan Adler can finally finish the tractor and debut it with additional V8 power.

For more pics check Hermann's Gallery!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

25 years of Tractor Pulling at Bernay

If you stand in the track under flood lights at around midnight, a slight wind coming over from the atlantic, finally cooling down the hot grounds, in front of you over 20.000 people going nuts and, driven by this little frenchman with the funny white beard who never seems to interrupt, cheering their loungs out and in the back you hear the roar of of a dozen heavy modified tractors warming up their engines, getting ready to enter the track for the final showdown of the day, you know it won't get any better than this. You are in Bernay, the most enthusiastic and crazy Euro Cup event in the calander.
If you have not been there in the past, then this year you should go!
It's their 25th anniversary pull and they are doing their best to make it a very special event. All 5 Euro Cup classes will compete and with additional invitational classes and a round for the French championship there should be over 100 competing teams there to entertain you.
With the new highway A28 now almost leading you directly to Bernay the trip has become a lot easier and faster than in the past (5 h drive from the dutch / belgian or the german/belgium border) and with the comeptition starting at saturday early evening and ending late sunday afternoon, it's no problem to make the trip from the heartland of EU Pulling without taking any time off work.
Check their website for the latest news and info and See Ya at Bernay - still my most favourite Tractor Pull!

International Hot Farm competition at Made/NL

On the first of June, it will not only be the opening of the Euro Cup series at Made, but also the first time for a Hot Farm competition between more than two countries.
Competitors from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and of course the Netherlands are expected to compete in the "3.5t Super Sport" category.
Further info at:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Edewecht sled getting a new paint job

I didn't expect to see the sled getting ready for a paint job at the place I went today, but good for a few pics:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures from Aars / DK

Since Stroe got rained out and the germans are taking their first break, the most interesting pull this past weekend probably was Aars in Denmark.
Check the Danisch Picture Gallery at

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eliminator Sledge Receives ETPC Licence

The STPC sledge "The Eliminator" is the first UK sledge to receive a 2008
Licence from the ETPC. The members of the Scottish club have worked very
hard over the last few weeks in order to get the sledge ready for their first event
of 2008 at Fife Show today. The sledge was inspected by the ETPC Sledge Inspection Team
on Monday and has received a National B Licence. The sledge is currently the
only sledge in the UK to hold an ETPC license and meet the HSE recommendation of
" use of best practice". The BTPA , and all its Competitors would like to thank the STPC
for all their hard work in making the sledge comply with the new ETPC safety rules.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little bit of advertising..

for a new friend of mine:

New Judge in the works...

Nice picture gallery of the new Judge

More Country Channel

This time about Peter Clarke and his red alky machines!

The Monster's EFI System

At the Hassmoor Tractor Pull fans and competitors alike took a very close look at the Green Monster Tractor. The Allison engine on the front of the tractor was equipped with an electronic motor management system.
The Green Monster team is not the first team to use a system like that on a pulling tractor, but it probably was the first team to
A) use only one nozzle per cylinder
B) hammer down a Full Pull and leading distance in the Pull Off at the very first time out and
C) cause a lot of discussions after hammering down another, very impressive Full Pull in the 2.5t class, that made the competition raise it's eyebrows.

To sum it up: The conversion was an instant success, that was not even expected by the team themselves.
Since I was deeply involved into this conversion and it caused like 3 weeks of downtime on this website, I want to give you a little "behind the scenes" look of how it works.
After a not too successful test run with a new supercharger at the Euro Cup Finals at Bettborn we figured, we have problems getting the characteristic of that supercharger into our mechanical fuel system.
Something had to be found that could get this mechanical change to work well - and in a very short time.
Since EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Systems are allowed in ETPC competition since 2006 and two Teams in Australia and England had already managed to run EFI on Rover Meteor V12s I started some research on avaliable systems.
I found a lot of fuel management systems, a few even capable of V12 engines - but had a problem finding anything that could deliver the amount of fuel it takes to power a V12 Allison.
More or less by accident I ran into a supplier of injectors big enough for our needs.
But they do not only build injectors, they race with centrifugal supercharged as well as twin turbocharged engines and heavily support a Motor Management System, that is big enough, rugged enough and fast enough to handle the needs of a V12 Allison engine in Tractor Pulling trim - and then some.
The system can handle up to 12 cylinders with extreme boost pressures with fuel and distributerless ignition and comes with a really fast and very accurate Datalogger. It also has automatic features where they are needed and can be manually programmed to do what it should do where and when you want it. We first were a little concerned about costumer support, but the guys went way beyond expectation to help us get this thing to run by coming over to germany to help us install and set up the system into a pretty much "competetive and running" state, as it could be seen in Hassmoor.
We agreed on helping them on the EU market some and have for now taken over the distribution of this system in Europe. Which is the reason I can now show you details and don't need to hide information from the competition. If you want the same, we can now help you out and can also provide costumer service when it comes to spares and configuration help.
For the general set up we still need their help, but we can now shorten the time you have to hire these guys, based upon the experiences we have made by now.
From what I have figured so far, fine tuning the engine is childs play when you have a general understanding of things.

So basically what this system does, is to inject the right (or if choosen, the desired) amount of fuel for each individual cylinder, based upon the fuel map, Air / Fuel ratio and EGTs.
Up to 550 lbs/h per cylinder (880 lbs/h in the works) with one electric nozzle. It can also be staged ontop of a mechanical fuel system. So even if you need more than 550 lbs/h per cylinder, it's easy to add that extra amount with a normal CFI nozzle, that will be operated (turned on and off) by this system. The system will just add the CFI nozzles when needed, take that amount of fuel off it's calculation and keep control of it all. But you can also hook up to 32 electric nozzles if you wish to...

It also comes with a safety feature, that turns the fuel and igntion for an individual cylinder off, at a desired temperature. This is very handy
- when first setting up the system
- when you've became risky and tried to run it over the edge
- in case of mechanical failure

Under full load it will run in a "self operating" mode, where it monitors the EGTs of every individual cylinder and calculates the amount of fuel needed for the next combustion of each individual cylinder. Still you have control of how much it should add or extract away from your fuel map and at what temperatures you want it to operate this mode in.
Same goes for the A/F ratio - even though this one will be overridden by the EGT mode.
You can also adjust the amount of fuel for every cylinder by the fuel map. This also helps, when you loose an EGT sensor in a run and the system has no info to calcualte with. It will then run upon A/F ratio and the Fuel Map. So burning up stuff with this system is pretty hard to do...

The other neat thing is the ignition control. It will operate single coils (typical automotive spare parts, but also avaliable from MSD or other high performance companies by now) and you can layout you ignition table based upon rps and boost pressure.
Very nice to make it start well, retard timing under high boost levels or to use it as a very soft rev limiter, buy just pulling timing out when the engine gets near it's rev limit.
It also offers a "hard" rev limit as you can shut down fuel and ignition at the same time / rpm and just turn your cylinder into an air pump.

The data logger is also pretty neat.
1st of it's fast with a sample rate of 300 million per second. If you want to measure your combustion pressures at every half degree - just hook the right sensor and do it.
48 analog channels
8 digital channels
8 rpm channels
Cold Junction calibration of 12 thermo couplers (kinda neat.. just hook the sensor and it gives you correct data)
4 MB of built in Flash Memory

Since it's built "into the box" it also shows you stuff like the exact amount of fuel that was injected to every cylinder in the EGT override mode (pretty helpful when trying to get your fuel map closer to perfect).

And there is so much more that I have not yet discovered.

What I really like about it:

It generally works and it worked good instantly! No bull shitting from the suppliers end!

It makes the engine run good even if your fuel map is not 100% correct. If something is totally off, it shuts your cylinders in danger down and you can then see what you've done wrong, without melting stuff.

Once set up, you can also leave your hands off the system.
So there is no real need to parade around with a Lap Top in the pre pits to make a run down the track. If you wish you can of course check your datalogger info and adjust things that went wrong. In the very first run at Hassmoor we had two cylinders a little lean and they were shut down, so I gave them a little more fuel with two mouseclicks. But after that everything went smooth and the only result I got out of reading the data files in the track was, that I could have also downloaded them at the trailer and make changes there (it was like "Ok.. basically it works like hell - now where are the pulling specific advantages I can get into this system?).

Engine oil has very very little methanol in it after a weekend

Then engine got the nickname "Eco Bitch"... if it goes on like this, we'll have the system paid by the savings in methanol soon.

If you want, you can play "balls out" in the pits and impress the spectators with testing the function of every single injector and spark plug in the pits...

And after all, after seeing what it does for the price it costs, the investment was worth it. For us a datalogger that comes close to this one, an igntion system that can do what this one can do and a mechanical fuel injection would have cost pretty much the same. Of course we could keep our old fuel pump and we can now use the other stuff we took off on the other engines, but if it just saves us time in repair and helps us to perform a little better, after one season we should be financially better off with it than without it.

And finally: Changes made to the engines can now be gotten to run down the track a lot quicker than before. So we also should reduce "trial and error" time on the track and convert it into time we run in the competition.

EU requests for a complete system or the 550lbs/h injector nozzles can be send (or will be redirected) to
Requests from the USA or other countries to

Tickets EC

Hello pulling fans!!!
It`s now possible to buy tickets for the EC.
Go to and click on tickets and then you are there.
Since you are in Norway you have to buy separate tickets to the beer tent. You can`t buy beer everywere. So there is a beer tent with a screen inside and a tribune with chairs for 1000 people. We can probebly extend the tribune a little bit if nessesary.

Kind regards Kristian Enoksen, NTPF.

New sponsor Bits'n Pieces

Dear reader
We are proud to announce that MAGKAL will be the main sponsor for our Bits'n Pieces pulling tractor.
After 6 years there is again a "relationship" for the season 2008
For more product info look at

Willem Veldhuizen
Bosch Car Service Willem Veldhuizen

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More TV coverage

Sascha, have a behind scenes look in the workshop of Just Smoky.
front page click, tractorpulling behind the scenes.

Dave Jones

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Italian in trouble

It looks like our friend Luigi Baroncini had quite some bad luck last weekend...
But it also looks like he has something new ready soon:

a little correction

Hello Sascha

I just want to correct the information which is written at Pulling world concerning Team Wild Toy. It has been understood that the 9,5kg. Modified is not going to race anymore however this is not true.

In 2005 my brother and I bought the 9,5kg. Modified. We decided to call it Wild Toy back then. We raced together in two seasons. But then he wanted to race in the 2,5t Modified class and I decided to buy him out last year since I wanted to continue in the 9,5kg Modified myself. So the 9,5kg Modified is still active in the Pulling World.

Regards from Joergen O. Lauridsen (JOL


Results Emmeloord / NL
Results Hassmoor / D
Points Germany

Video Hassmoor

Schizos pictures from Hassmoor fast as possible ;-)

Hassmoor 2008

Friday, May 09, 2008

Super Pull of the north

This monday it's time for the super pull of the north again.
The German pullers will face tough competition from Denmark and Sweden at Hassmoor, near Rendsburg in Holstein.
An enormous crowd is again expected to show up to watch the best machines east of the Netherlands compete on the tricky Hassmoor track.
Furhter Info at

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

back home

Finally back home after spending the last 10 days at our workshop, setting up an EFI system on the Green Monster.
Stuff now runs pretty well and is ready for the first track tests at Hassmoor.
For further info or requests for this EFI system, which also includes datalogging and distributerless ignition and will also handle any Alky Super Stock engine, blown or turbo V8s or any V12 on methanol just fine with only one injector per cylinder for a competetive price contact me!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wierden 2008 picture by MrJo

Please click "Fotos" on my homepage and you can see the picture galerie.

just one pic...

... for all the gear heads to explain why I am currently spending like day and night at our workshop for the last few days and can't update Pullingworld.

Will be at Wierden tomorrow though...