Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pictures Grt. Eccleston

Mark has put up some pics from Grt. Eccleston. Good job and thanks a bunch my friend!

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Pictures from Byrne

Hey, some picutres from Norway, 1 week before EC 2008


Bernt Olav Egeland
Jæren Truck & Maskinservice
EC 2008 - event grounds one week before the pull

A little bit of statistic

Some stats about the development of the number or tractors in the various classes within the ETPC within the last 7 years.

Interesting to see is the trend of competitors in "hooded tractor classes" going down in numbers. I would suggest, this is because of the growing number of limited classes like Super Sport or Farm Stock (which are not listed since the ETPC still doesn't recognize them as official classes by not passing the rule book), which keeps teams from the lower ranks away from running in PS or even SS. Especially the SS class has suffered badly from the introduction of the PS class as well as the change to methanol engines on the top. This would be more clearly to see if I had some older numbers (if somebody has them, please send them to me).
Also interesting to see is the number of modified tractors (without the 950kg mods / minis), which should be around 170 (vs. app. 119 "hooded" tractors) at the moment is rising again and still the main type of vehicle at the European tractor pulls.
Considering the PS, MOD 3.5t and MOD 4.5t have lately gained numbers by the addition of the TPI (Italy) to the ETPC, the upswing in popularty of the 2.5t MOD should be noted, too as that class is not offered in the italian championships.

The complete stats with actual numbers can be found here

New Sponsor

We have a new sponsor on board!
If you look for high performance parts for your engine (no matter the color), they can help you out. CNC machined on 3 and 5 axis machines backed with years of experience in building parts for Tractor Pullers!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Finland

Mod. 2500kg
-Helmi Orvokki

Mod. 3500kg
Liu Gong

Mod. mini 950kg
Stormy Lightning
(mayby Grave Digger)

Pro Stock
Sigma Power
-------------------------- / motorsport picture from Finland

And Denmark!

0.95t mod:
WILD TOY Jørgen O. Lauridsen

2.5t mod:
BLACK POWER. Poul Ager Jensen
VOLDSOM VOLVO Søren Jacobsen

3.5t mod:
BLACK POWER Henrik B. Jensen
MØFFE Ole Mikkelsen

4.5t mod:
BIG MAMMA Søren Dahl
METAL BOY Mads Hansen
BLACK LADY Lars Olesen

Super Stock:
BLUE POWER Niels Damgaard
(Og med stor sandsynlighed også HOBO..)

Pro Stock:
JOHN DEERE Michael Galsgaard
BUKKE BRUSE Jacob Jensen
BLUE BAMBINO Niels Damgaard
BLUE RABBIT Henrik Svenningsen

Thursday, August 28, 2008

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and the Germans

The german competitors at the EC:

- Isotov II
- Le Coiffeur
- Green Monster

3,5 t
- Erlkönig
- Green Monster
- Isotov II

4,5 t
- Iwan
- Kiepenkerl
- Green Fighter
- Erlkönig

0,95 T
- Hot Head
- Blue Magic

Super Stock
- Rowdy

Pro Stock
- Back to Europe

Dutch competitors at the European Championships

The ones to beat:

2,5 ton:
Green Spirit VII
Rocket Science
Road Runner

3,5 ton:
Inter-Techno Lambada
Whispering Giant
Beverol Eager Beaver

4,5 ton:
Whispering Giant
Inter-Techno Lambada
Green Spirit VI

950 kilo:
Reny’s Mission Impossible
Lambada VI
Let’s Try

Extreme Temptation
Neighbours Nightmare
Easy Rider
Next Sensation

Super Stock
Magkal Bits 'n Pieces
Hydrostop Bits 'n Pieces
Zeinstra Welldone Deere

Two Wheel Drive:
Sledge Hammer
No Illusion
Screamin' Bobcat
Inter-Techno Predator

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Final round , Danish Championship

Final round of the danish championship took place in Hjallerup on the 23 of August .
Nice day with fine weather and no seriuos incidents or delays .
Have fun watching picture and video .

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finals Dutch Championship A- B- and S-division

The finals of the dutch championship A- B- and S-division will be held on 23 and 24 august on the Kivitsbraak 1 in Bakel, The Netherlands. Combitickets for the whole weekend are availble online including fridaynight with the popular Dutch tex-mexx band Rowwen Heze.
This year also will be held for the second time
an machinery show with for example Liebherr, Case, Steyr, Case-IH, Hyundai, Terex, Hitachi, Challenger, Caterpillar,Takeuchi and JCB.
So lot of entertainment for the weekend

See you on 22,23 and 24 augusts in Bakel
And if you don't have time then we see you next year with the EK in Bakel on 11,12 and 13 september

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bowling Green Results so far

Aug. 15 Bowling Green, OH

Aug. 15 Bowling Green, OH

Aug. 16 Bowling Green, OH

Aug. 16 Bowling Green, OH

Some News

Finally some time for updates!!!
Yesterday was the second last points pull for the dutch A-Division, along with an S-Division Pull at Meerkerk.
Pictures of that can be found at

Today is the German finals at Schmachtenhagen, of which I suggest Stephan will put pictures online soon.

Then there is a nice site with pulling videos at with clips from the dutch A and B Division. You gotta check out the latest 2.5t mod videos of the B-Division. The new De Jong Special with two Rover Meteor engines, equipped with Allison superchargers has made it's first, very impressive passes and also the belgium Mad Max tractor has made the change from diesel to methanol, following the trails of Rocket Science of Jack Stijnen, who by the way, won the 2008 dutch championships in the 2.5t modified.
Other dutch champions in the A-Division, going into the finals at Bakel with a big enough points lead to already have the championship secured are Intertechno Lambada in the 3.5t and 4.5t mod and Reny's Mission Impossible in the 950 kg mod.
In the other classes it's still a thrilling competition for the crowns, which will be decided at Bakel.

News from Germany:
Dragon Fire finally runs and Paul Heistermann is actually starting to compete with the big russian radial. He has laid down some very impressive passes already and there doesn't seem to many bugs left to be worked out.
The Red Painter team has managed it's first 2.5t victory over the likes of Black Power and Green Spirit at Edewecht and is now pretty eager to enter the next season a little more aggressive with "a bit" more power.
Matthias Vogelsang on the Erlkönig had an outstanding season in the 3.5t modified so far, heading for the german title in that class today.

Well.. I am back to packing boxes... my kitchen is moving out of my old appartement today...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swepull site is closed

I have to close the swepull site. I have no time to take care of the site. It´s for sale, please contact me for more information:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Silver Bullet Reloaded is in the House!

Rich and Jordan thought they would try and fire her up for the first time over the weekend....So I hope that we can get some more photos of the tractor outside in full dress. They are headed for BG on Weds. so hopefully everything goes well so we can see the maiden run!

The new Hurricane

This last weekend there was a pull in Lochem.. and for eva that has been the home pull of the Hurricane team and this year we saw the the first look at there new tractor..
There are lots of videos out there already..
Nice looking tractor hope they get it dialed soon

Monday, August 04, 2008

Youtube Video of Edewecht 2008

Edewecht 2008-08-03 on VeohTV:

Edewecht Video 1:

Edewecht Video 2:

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