Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little bit of statistic

Some stats about the development of the number or tractors in the various classes within the ETPC within the last 7 years.

Interesting to see is the trend of competitors in "hooded tractor classes" going down in numbers. I would suggest, this is because of the growing number of limited classes like Super Sport or Farm Stock (which are not listed since the ETPC still doesn't recognize them as official classes by not passing the rule book), which keeps teams from the lower ranks away from running in PS or even SS. Especially the SS class has suffered badly from the introduction of the PS class as well as the change to methanol engines on the top. This would be more clearly to see if I had some older numbers (if somebody has them, please send them to me).
Also interesting to see is the number of modified tractors (without the 950kg mods / minis), which should be around 170 (vs. app. 119 "hooded" tractors) at the moment is rising again and still the main type of vehicle at the European tractor pulls.
Considering the PS, MOD 3.5t and MOD 4.5t have lately gained numbers by the addition of the TPI (Italy) to the ETPC, the upswing in popularty of the 2.5t MOD should be noted, too as that class is not offered in the italian championships.

The complete stats with actual numbers can be found here