Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some News

Finally some time for updates!!!
Yesterday was the second last points pull for the dutch A-Division, along with an S-Division Pull at Meerkerk.
Pictures of that can be found at

Today is the German finals at Schmachtenhagen, of which I suggest Stephan will put pictures online soon.

Then there is a nice site with pulling videos at with clips from the dutch A and B Division. You gotta check out the latest 2.5t mod videos of the B-Division. The new De Jong Special with two Rover Meteor engines, equipped with Allison superchargers has made it's first, very impressive passes and also the belgium Mad Max tractor has made the change from diesel to methanol, following the trails of Rocket Science of Jack Stijnen, who by the way, won the 2008 dutch championships in the 2.5t modified.
Other dutch champions in the A-Division, going into the finals at Bakel with a big enough points lead to already have the championship secured are Intertechno Lambada in the 3.5t and 4.5t mod and Reny's Mission Impossible in the 950 kg mod.
In the other classes it's still a thrilling competition for the crowns, which will be decided at Bakel.

News from Germany:
Dragon Fire finally runs and Paul Heistermann is actually starting to compete with the big russian radial. He has laid down some very impressive passes already and there doesn't seem to many bugs left to be worked out.
The Red Painter team has managed it's first 2.5t victory over the likes of Black Power and Green Spirit at Edewecht and is now pretty eager to enter the next season a little more aggressive with "a bit" more power.
Matthias Vogelsang on the Erlk├Ânig had an outstanding season in the 3.5t modified so far, heading for the german title in that class today.

Well.. I am back to packing boxes... my kitchen is moving out of my old appartement today...