Sunday, September 28, 2008

Link request

here is new webpage from bryne em 2008
i take this all pictures and if this is possible
please insert new link pullingworld !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannu Tilus

Friday, September 26, 2008

German Farm and Hot Farm Finals

For the very first time the DTTO is sanctioning a pure Farm and Hot Farm event. The best Stock and Hot Farm pullers from the season will meet in Hildesheim (near Hannover) to hold their final championship pull.
Check out further info at

Already a little preview on next season

Time to catch up with some rumours!

Before the season I already promised a couple of new hemi powered 2.5t mods for the 2009 season.
By now the Intertechno stable has confirmed building a twin engine mod and the Heartbeat Team building an alike tractor is also not a well kept secret anymore.
Then we have the Red Painter team from northern germany, about which there is rumours circulating telling about a new tractor, too.
Then there is the unconfirmed rumour about the New Limit TWD team coming out with a multi engine Chevy tractor next season and another former multi V8 team coming back with multiple blown V8s.
Further rumours tell about a new twin Griffon tractor for the 3.5t class from germany and a twin Griffon and a triple Chevy for the Danish championships.
Down in south germany, Hans Schwaiger is working on a "little brother" for the Rowdy, a serious Pro Stock.
That things are going well in Italy was just prooven last weekend, when the Turbo 2000 Team entered the tracks with the second triple Allison tractor from south of the Alps.

Doesn't look like too bad of a 2009 season to me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Hardcore-Tractor-Pulling Bettborn 2008

INFO All videos on this site are about 5 to 150 MBIt will take 2 to 25 minutes for download, so please be patient 
Alternativ Link

Best of Pro Stock Bettborn 2008 >more videos click here<

powered by

test video 16:9

I have uploaded a test video in 16:9 format. I will add another 35min video of the Bettborn Tractor Pull.

best regards


..and more pictures from Bettborn

There is a load (of excellent) pictures at, and Wilco has his pictures online, too

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New triple Allison tractor from Italy

Here's the new Triple Allison modified 4,5t (3,5t with two engines) coming out for 2009 season.
May do his maiden run on the last pull of the Italian championship on 21st of september.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New rules in NTPA

Now this makes for some VERY interesting reading!
Pro Stock limited to 4.6 chargers and going down to 600 cui

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The NTPA invites fans and competitors to check throughout the weekend for updates and complete results from the Enderle Pull-Off.

Some pics by Paul Weeks

An old Detroit Diesel powered modified built in the 1970s and an US built Compact Diesel tractor.

Euro Cup Finals coming up

End of season = BETTBORN time!
On the 21st of September all the top guys will have their last showing for this year at Luxembourg at the Euro Cup Finals.
The event is really worth going and always perfectly organized.
For more info check

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Vote for Pulling

The north german TV station has come up with an online voting list for the most spectacular events in northern germany.
Tractor Pulling already made the top 40.
The top 30 events will be covered on their TV station - and now the german pullers need your vote for some extra TV coverage.
If you click here
and scroll down, you will find a little thumbnail which says "Treckerpulling". Check the box, scroll down to the bottom and hit the "abstimmen" button!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

back to work

Ok.. that's it!
The 2008 all open dutch championships in Norway are in the books!

I have to go back to work early tomorrow - and 250 km from here. So I'd better hit the road!
Have fun in the CHAT and see you folks around!

4.5t mod final results

1 Lambada NL wedge/4 x Hemi FP 99.50
2 Whispering Giant NL wedge/4 x turbine FP 97.98
3 Baby Duck B wedge/4 x turbine FP 95.87
4 Green Spirit NL tube/2 x Griffon FP 87.41
5 Iwan D single tube/3 x turbine FP 78.53
6 Green Fighter D tube/3 x Allison 93.92 99.78
7 Erlkönig D tube/4 x turbine 93.33
8 Kiepenkerl D tube/4 x turbine 91.11 90.52
9 Fox DK tube/5 x V8 87.50
10 Big Mama DK tube/Diesel 62.98 68.60
11 Metal Boy DK tube/Diesel 62.16 65.88
12 Black Lady DK tube/Diesel 63.52 52.44
13 Jaerbuen N wedge/6 x V8 NA 4.81 32.48

some video impressions from Byrne


How about an EC chat while waiting for the results?

2.5t EC - V8 power dethroned!

The old warbird engines got it done!
V12 victory in the light mod class at the 2008 European Championships!

Top 6 of the class:


1Black GoldGBtube/AllisonFP


2Green SpiritNLtube/GriffonFP


3Black PowerDKtube/ 3 x ChevyFP


4Rocket ScienceNLtube/DAFFP


5Green MonsterDtube/AllisonFP


6Le CoiffeurDtube/GriffonFP

2,5t news from Norway

2.5t is in second attempt
all the top guys made a FP in the first attempt
They are expecting heavy rain soon though...

Pro Stock Top

Bukke Bruse
Sigma Power


Extreme Temptation

John Deere
John Deere

Next Sensation


Complete Results

Complete Results day one

First day results from Norway (by Timo)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

More from Byrne

1. Heart2beat
2. Sledgehammer
3. intertechno predator

1. Lambada
2. Let‘s Try
3. Hot Head

3,5t mod
1. Lambada
2. Green Monster
3. Eager Beaver

First results from Byrne

1. Magkal Bits ‘n Pieces
2. Zapo
3. Interaction
4. Zeinstra Well Done Deere
Hydrostop Bits'n Pieces with turbocharger problems

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

EFI News

Mick's Performance has now tested their 550 lbs injectors at 130 psi and reached a throughput of 700 lbs of methanol per hour.
This enables the KAM system to handle up to + - 700 hp per cylinder with one nozzle and operate up to 16 cylinders (theoretically over 10.000 hp) with one unit. For engines with more than 700 hp per cylinder, nozzles (of different sizes) can be combined.
After having done Chevys and Allisons, Ryan Micke is currently working with the first line of blown Hemis.
For further info contact Sascha at "".
I can by now also provide final prices after having taken over the European distribution of the systems of Mick's Performance.

Pictures from Austria

Finally some pulling pictures from Austria by Andi!

Great Eccleston Report

Hey everyone sorry its a bit late but theres a small report from the pull at Great Eccleston. there is a link to some pics a bit lower down the page ...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Fwd: New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Picasa Web Albums

Trecker Treck Sonsbeck

For those who are not going to the EC...
This upcoming weekend there is one of the bigger german brush pulls at Sonsbeck. The Team Sonsbeck is kinda new to the hot farm scene, but has made an impressive showing this year, as they imported a fleet of MF V8 pullers last winter (they now run 4 of those field locomotives) in addition to their European model MFs, which they already pulled previously.
They have invited Pullers from the NL and Switzerland to their upcoming event, so it will be an international Farm Stock pull on german ground.
On Saturday the 6th they have New Holland representing their current fleet of tractors there and as usual, a nice little get together at the bar with all the pullers.
Sonsbeck is located near Wesel, just over the dutch border, still on the left side of the Rhine River. So for dutch fans who want to spend some time to check out how the Sport Klasse is developing outside of the NL, this is a close event to see some of the swiss and german pullers mixed with some dutch guys nearby.

Starting List EC

Complete list of competitors at the 2008 EC