Sunday, November 02, 2008

Back home!

What a year!
I have just moved into my new appartement in Harsewinkel and got the computer back to work and online.
It's been a loooong time since I had a place I could call home. After fininishing my welding school in March, I was working for Hörstkamp all April and then some, being on the road for pulling a lot, started a new job 200 km away from home in Salzgitter (near Hannover), where I stayed in a little single room in a "guesthouse" during the week and at my parents on the weekends.
Then got a call from Claas, as they wanted me to come working for them again, which I started to do two weeks ago.
After having already given up my appartement in Bielefeld, I had to stay at a friend (with my furniture all packed in one room), sleeping on the couch for two weeks, while waiting for this place to become avaliable.
Today I moved in and while it's still a lot of boxes to be unpacked and a bunch of furniture that needs to be bought, I can now call this place home!
The most funny thing is: In the past I have been to this house regulary, as a good friend of mine was living here and we had a big room under the roof with a little pulling track for our Lego Pullers. About 20 ft from where I sit right now, I became German Lego Pulling champion in the 450g and 550g class pretty much exactly 20 years ago.
Anyhow: I am now welding combine parts for Claas, am close to the workshop of the Green Monster Team again (we went out with several guys and gals of the team tonight) and am back where I grew up.
No place like home....

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