Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Hot Farm Rules / Germany

The german Hot and Farm Pullers had a meeting last sunday and have changed a substantial part of the rulebook.
After the request from the ETPC T&S board to make sure anything over 500 hp is 100 % build to the Pro Stock safety sules, the decision was made to stay exactly below those 500 hp. To insure the power limit an Air Restrictor of 68mm diameter over 20mm for tractors with more than 68mm Turbo inlet was introduced to the rules.
Another request of the T&S people was a "serious" ROP. With help of the Trecker Treck Team Sonsbeck a calculated ROP was designed and will now also enter the rules for 2008.
For Hot Farm (Sportklasse, Super Sportklasse) from other countries this means, they can only pull in Germany using a smaller than 68mm Turbo or the air restrictor and have either a "Street legal" ROP, ETPC Rollcage or a homemade construction according to the DTTO rulebook.
Anything else will be considered a "Pro Stock" and teched by those specs and rules until clear guidelines for any classes in between are coming from the ETPC.

The new rulebook for 2009 will be confirmed at the next DTTO Board meeting and will be ready for download at by the end of december.

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