Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some videos

After a week of night shifts and "thanks" to the financial crisis I now have a day off that I could use to help me get back into a normal time schedule...
I will now finish my photographing article series for my new german website ( and then help a friend moving and later on check what's new in the Pullingworld.
For now Alexander Groothedde has placed some pretty nice Zwolle video clips on youtube while has pretty much all the important stuff of Zwolle event on youtube by now.
Sunday we're supposed to get the official TV coverage from RTL 7.
Well.. I'd better get back to writing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From the South of Europe

Hi Sascha, from the "Belpaese" another interesting workshop that pull in the pro-stock class with a John Deere powered by a Powertech engine with common rail injection (the first time in the world, isn't it?).
Pompa iniezione 2
Pulling fans, take a look at the makin of the fuel pump... on

New website from Finland season 2009


I've made my own pulling website and the adress is
If it is possible, can you put the link on the pullingworld website

Hannu Tilus

(editors note: Of course I can!)

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dutch Tractor Pullin TV coverage - part 12

Part 12


Hey Sascha ,

How can i place some pictures with my Advertisment?

I've got some nice pics of the 12ply tires wich i sold to Paul Liefooghe (Mad Max) and Harry van Opdorp (Road Runner).

In the attachment you'll find them.


With kind regards,


Arjan Braspenning
Rucphenseweg 27
4882 KB , Zundert.
The Netherlands.

Tel : +31(0)6 1319 0755
Tel : USA +1 507 215 5339

Hello Arjan
To place a picture in the classifieds, it has to be on a server somewhere (like a picasa album or flickr) und you then have to insert the URL into the ad, as explained below in the entry form.
I unfortunatly can't offer picture hosting, as I don't have server. Pullingworld is a "blog" that is hosted at Google, and I can only work within it's given possibilities.

Pics Zwolle

Hi Sascha,

Our pics are online


Carsten und Annika

Zwolle pictures for purchase

The best shots from Zwolle are now avaliable as prints, download files (for use on other publications), coffee mugs, lighters, watches, ....

All Zwolle pics

All Zwolle pictures are up!

Complete Results Zwolle

Results Zwolle 2009

first Zwolle pics

Little Update after Zwolle

Unfortunatly my little netbook ran out of battery after the evening session - these results are a little late.
As far as pictures from the Pulls: Vodafone NL charged me 78€ + tax for the few pics I uploaded from Etten Leur, so I will not do full galleries from the pulls from outside germany anymore. A few here and there don't hurt though (helps if you folks click on one of my sponsor logos or buy a picture here and there)
Anyhow - I am just loading 1629 pictures from Zwolle onto my computer (that new camerea with the big lens is a BOMB) and will sort and choose now and hopefully have something up by tomorrow evening (just soooo tired right now).
I got home a little late as we first got stuck in the Hot Head Team's workshop and on the way home then had to help two girls who put their car into the ditch on the icy roads. Nobody hurt...
Pull was good and completely sold out. People were send home at the gates...
The turn out of Super Stocks was a little weak but the 2.5t mod was GREAT with Rocket Science and Green Spirit making the sled setting in the Pull Off look way too easy...

Evening Session Zwolle

Two Wheele Drive:

1. Sledge Hammer
2. Screaming Bobcat
3. Heart 2 Beat

3.5t Mod

1. Popeye
2. Beverol Eager Bever
3. Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible


1. Red Fever
2. Terminator
3. Interaction

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling Tires

There is quite some talk at present about what tire to use in the light
division in Europe.
The popular Firestone 23° 8 ply and 10 ply Pullers are hard
to find since they went out of production, the Firestone HP Puller is
too heavy for a lot of the light mods and needs to be really broken in
to work well.
Due to the involvement of Good Year in the past couple of years, some
mod teams have choosen for the 12 ply and 14 ply Good Year Harvest
tourque with results from excellent to average. Now that Good Year had
to pull out of sponsoring (thanks to the screwed up economy) and
Firestone has introduced the "Super All Traction", a couple of teams
are going to give that one a try.
The first sets will be mounted on Mad Max and Road Runner for the
indoor pull at Zwolle tomorrow.
Since I was curious myself how all those different tires look, here a
few pictures:

The old, familiar tread design of the 23° All Traction Firestone, which was also used on the 23° Puller

The Good Year Harvest Tourque (cut for Pulling)
The common Firestone HP Puller
The Firestone "23° Super All Traction"

Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible Album updated

New Thunder Pulling Video

I have just found the new Thunder Pulling 4 video by Gerald Wallaberger in my mailbox and looked through it. As usual, Gerarld did a hell of a nice job catching great impressions of the past Pulling Season. He was shooting at Ahoy / Netherlands, Füchtorf / Germany, Herbertsfelden / Germany, Euro Cup Finals Bettborn / Luxembourg, Bowling Green, OH / USA, and several RN and Gn events in the USA.
The DVD is PACKED with action shots, short interviews and really fun to watch. I highly recommend it to everybody, who wants to see and keep the 2008 Pulling season with a world wide view on the sport.
Thunder Pulling 4 can be ordered by Email at: or can be purchased at the DTTO Pulls for 19.90 € / 26 $ US.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New sponsor for the site

We have a new sponsor for this website, that actually sells stuff you can use:

Performance Parts for Tuner Cars

"Stay protected and outfitted while pulling at the track. Vivid Racing sells shoes, suits, helmets, harness kits, gloves, and more."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zwolle - this saturday

It's noise and party time again!
Europe's loudest pulling party is going to enter the Ijsselhallen in Zwolle this coming saturday.
Especially the 2.5t mod, which wil be running as first class in the first session promises to become a nice battle with some relatively new and updated iron on the track, that will face top competitors from the past season. The methanol injected Griffon on Green Spirit 7, the DAF Alky Burner Rocket Science, the twin V12 De Jong Special, the radial powered Herbie and the new aquisition of Gerad Jonkman, the twin Limit, along with very potent tractors like Mad Max, Little Giant and Road Runner should deliver not only a thrilling competition, but also a lot of variety on the track.
The tough A-Div Minis, supported by Little Dan from England and the german Hot Head will also be nothing short of exciting.
The heavy mods might lack some of the absolute top machines, but those who will be there are very able to put on a good show. Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible, Popeye, Iwan, Desperate Dan, It Kypmantsje and the dutch / beligan / french turbine gang with L'aspirateur and Le Redoutable have all been on the podium even in the toughest competitions lately.
The (already sold out) evening session will feature a nice field of TWDs, a good 3.5t mod in which the top machines out of the 2.5t and 4.5t will meet and get pure 3.5t machines like Super Kasper and Beverol Eager Beaver thrown in for excitement. For the Alky Super competition the top three from Enland is coming over to battle against well known dutch machines like Terminator, Interaction and Silver Bullet, while new iron like the new Hurrican Fendt Super Stock and the new IH Alky of Martin Kustermans will test their chances for the 2009 season.
Overall an event worth going!

For further info on the Tractor Pull at Zwolle on the 24th of january, check their website at

Pull Dates Germany

The german pulling dates are published.
There is still neogations going on with more promoters, so there might be some more events added.

Results Gordyville

Klint has made a nice result list from Goryville, with a profile and picture of every participant! Check here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New McCormick Puller

Hello Sascha

I was talking with Robbie and he asked me to send pictures of Dave Ramos New McCormick XTX 215 that we will be introducing at the West Coast Nationals. You might remember Dave' 185 AC "Money Pit" when you where out here last.


Sportklasse Tractor Team Lindemann

Moin Sascha (north german - Hi Sascha)

Hier ist der erste Start vom IHC 1455

(german - Here the first start of the IHC 1455)

Test Run IHC 1455 + 844S Trecker Treck - MyVideo

Also check out their other videos to see some of the outlaw pulling going on in Schleswig - Holstein.


Hello , Sascha
We are pulling in the Netherlands with our tractor called the " BRUTUS" in 4,5 ton Supersport
(see our website )
30-december 2008 we had a terrible moment as our shed had a big fire and its completely destroyed.
It was not our working shop / repair shop for the tractor , but we had stored our 1486-hood and side skirts over there ... see these links with photo and movies
Now we want to rebuilt the hood from the tractor like a 5488 serie CAN YOU HELP ME :
I'm looking for good Sheet Metal from the following
IH models : 5088 - 5288 - 5488
Just the grill-hood and panels , we allready have the dashboard and fenders
Greetings / met vriendelijke groet :
International 5488 Tractor

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Share Cropper

Robby Fagundes has his new Share Cropper Mini done and ready for the West Coast Nationals in February!

New site Blue Rabbit

We the team from the bluerabbit are right now in the progress off building a complete new frame for out tractor see more on the webpage.
Jesper Østergaard Jensen - Bluerabbit


The two dutch guests in Louisville KY, USA next month, will be shipped right after the pull to the Netherlands!
The official European presentation of both tractors will be at April 11th, 2009 during the 5th aniversary of the indoor pull in GelreDome, Arnhem.

Turn me Loose was the first European tractor on the podium in the US. During the Supernational in Tomah, Wisconson he was on the runner up position.
Lucien Keulers is looking forward to present his new tractor to the European crowd.
Sjors Zeinstra (Zeinstra's Newborn Deere) is also happy to come over to the GelreDome stadium in April
This JD 8530, with an Engler Chassis and built by K&K John Deere Specialties (Kraig and Kurt Wileman) must be one of the worlds most powerful alky superstocks.
He's looking forward to battle against Europe's strongest Superstocks of Willem Veldhuizen, Rob van der Waal and Peter Clarke.
Tickets for Europe's biggest indoor pull are already available via:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Murfreesboro videos by Eric Prewitt

Finals Light Diesel SS

Finals Light Alcohol SS

Light Limited Super Stock Finals

Competitors Zwolle

The list of competitors for the first European indoor pull of 2009 is published!
Check it here
For further info on the Tractor Pull at Zwolle on the 24th of january, check their website at

2 Dutch tractors at Championship Tractor Pull in Louisville, KY USA

2 Dutch tractors at the Championship Tractor Pull in Louisville, KY USA
In 2008 Luke Keulers was the 1st European who pulled his brand new tractor at the famous indoor arena "Freedom Hall" in Louisville, KY USA.
This year 2 Dutch tractors will come to the start. Luke's "Turn Me Loose" will be there again on Friday night. After the pull he will change the engine and make it ready to ship it to Europe.
Completely new will be the Zeinstra New Born Deere. A new Alky John Deere from Sjors Zeinstra, which is "the best" of two worlds. An American K and K tractor with a Veldhuizen engine.
Right now the tractor is almost ready to fire up. This weekend Sjors and Luke will fly over to start the yellow engine for the first time.
The tractor will use the new Firestone rubber and has a lot of igh tech under the hood. The hood by the way, will be different. But as Sjors mentioned not as different as the Zeinstra Well Done Deere.
Over 50 European pulling fans already decided to visit this 4 day event with over 70.000 spectators, which is famous for its great admosphere, top track, fast show (over 20 tractors pull within 1 Hour) and.. the SAND PILE FINISH!
Both classes are filled with the best North American tractors. If you win Louisville; "You're HOT"
We keep you posted
regards, Dirk Meijer

Transportation Popeye tractorpulling team


Popeye tractorpulling team is busy rebuilding their trailer, they took out quite some rust and will replace that with new iron... Still lots of work/wishes to do, and wonder when it'll be completed.
For the story of the rebuilding (including pictures) visit our site at: (and go to the "transport" section. Site is updated quite often, so; keep checking it, is our advice.

By now we have a Picasa gallery, too, which now shows pictures of our transportation from the past 30 years. Also pictures in it of Popeye's transport accident in 2007.

--  Met vriendelijke groet,  Popeye tractorpulling team John van Alphen

A new girl in the team

The french "Hue Pulling Team" is pleased to announce the birth of EMMA, the first child of Julie and Benoit. She's is doing well and resting at her parents. It weighs 3310 grams and measures 50.5 cm.
It is a good begin into the year 2009.

Hue pulling team

(Editors comment: Congratulations!)

2009 Murfreesboro videos

Thanks to Eric Prewitt again! Some videos of the Indoor Pull at Murfreesboro!

Light Alky Supers

Light Diesel Supers

Pro Stocks

New workshop pictures Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible

Some new pictures out of the shop of the Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible Team!