Friday, February 27, 2009

New Sponsor

Team ***** have been possible welcome a new sponsor.

This was a submission to this site. I prefer FACTS over assumptions though?!

before you get bored

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Friday - and nothing new to tell?

Two days and no news...
Well, kinda. There is some to see in the introduction of the 2009 Euro Cup competitors, as the Breaker guys from Norway told me they will bring the tractor out with two Keith Blacks in the 2.5t modified class.
Then tomorrow is the big "meeting" day in Germany (which is why I am a little busy right now, along with doing some promotional stuff for our pull). There really have been some huge discussions about the future way of pulling in Germany and I think the meeting tomorrow won't be boring at all (5.4t discussion)!
Let's see what people come up with tomorrow!
Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pulling Season - just two weeks to go!

The snow is melting and temperatures try to rise, time for more tractor pulling in 2009!
In less than two weeks the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam/Netherlands will again be filled with action, noise and fireworks.
The list of competitors in the meanwhile looks pretty good again, so they must have stepped up the plate a bit lately.
With Show no Mercy of Bruce Slagh, another guest out of the NTPA's unlimited class will help with the show, so expect it to become a great day's entertainment!
If you have not yet booked your tickets, it may be time to do it now, as the last indoor pull in the Netherlands was sold out by the time of the event!
Further info and the link to the online ticket counter you can find on their website at

A week later there will be some outdoor pulling at Loosbroek with trucks, stock and hot farm tractors. More info about that event can be found at

Then on the 20st and 22nd of March it's time for the dutch S-Division (Stock and Hot Farm) guys to pull indoors at Nijkerk / Netherlands.

The week after, on the 29th of march, it's time for the Germans to start their season at Borken-Weseke, right on the dutch/german border. This pull in the past few years has offered good competition with teams from north germany and the netherlands, that was well worth watching. Also it's the first chance of the year, to see the big modified tractors on a full length track. Combined with the big boys, the Garden Pullers are giving a few demo runs in the morning, and the local 4,5t Hot Farm Teams will have a qualification run for the German Finals later this year.

April will again be packed with highlights as Arnhem and Füchtorf (Expect a HELL of a Griffon show along with a superb 2.5t mod) coming up!

So - time to plan ahead, get your lawn chairs back out and while on the road, enjoy the low fuel prices!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

20/02/2009: Pulling Tour 2009 (Netherlands)

20/02/2009: Pulling Tour 2009 (Netherlands)
During the past week, a part of Hue Pulling Team has made a trip to meet some V12 Dutch teams. It was as we had hoped privileged times and intense exchanges. We have learned a lot from these meetings. They will undoubtedly serve to advance our own mechanics. The changes that we know will be undoubtedly related to those encountered during this week. We will maintain trade with these teams that we welcomed as friends. We meet again to "Ahoy". And perhaps they will also visit us in the future.

Thank you to all teams: John, Herman, Marcel, Peter, Ko, Arend, Jan, Gerard, Jeffrey, Frans, Theo, Jan, Alexander, Helmer, Geert, Antonie…

To read the next and pictures on our Picasa album.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bernay 2009

Tickets for Bernay 2009 are already available :

Saturday 6th June :
14h00 : Standard classes (new in France)
17h30 : Garden pulling (first time in Bernay)
18h30 - 01h00 :
- Two Wheels Drive (french championship and european guests)
- Super-Stock (Eurocup)
- 4.5T modified (Eurocup)

Sunday 7th June :
13h00 :
- 2.5T modified (Eurocup)
- Pro-Stock (Eurocup)
- 3.5T modified (French Champonship and european guests)

Souhaitez vous  « être au bureau sans y être » ? Oui je le veux !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little update

I have spent most of the day trying to fix my broken laundry washing machine (damn thing), and trying to keep up with Emails (I should start to charge for technical advise - I'd get RICH) and trying to find out the contact details of a guy in Arizona who seems to have screwed us over 3 Allison accessory housings.
Anyhow - had a bit of time to start work on the introduction of our British competitors in the 2009 Euro Cup series. Unfortunatly I didn't get it all done yet, but pictures of them all are there by now.
Thanks to Ted for sending me the list and team locations!

To the people from Emmeloord

I had to delete your news post because it wasn't english and would not be understood by the majority of our visitors. Feel free to post again in english!

To that comedian from China trying to sell turbos: F.... y.....!

More Pictures of the new Fox

The new tractor make progress, we are now done with the fenders
and they are at painter, see more pictures under:
Team Fox

Monday, February 16, 2009

For our american friends

I am sick at home again - doctor told me to stay home to not infect the others at work, so now I am bored.
Since I just got the list of german teams going to run this year's Euro Cup and because of an MASSIVE interest for this site (or EU Pulling) from the US lately (guess I have to thank Sjors and Lucien for that) I thought I should rework my "Euro Pullers" info, which I took off a while ago.
So people who are not familiar with the European circuit can get an idea about the who is who.

I have figured though, that without much help from other areas of Europe it's plenty tough to keep info about all tractors up to date (in fact keep every tractor on here).

I will concentrate on introducing the guys that will pull in the Euro Cup this year and I would be VERY glad if teams from other countries that have signed up (and also those who haven't) would send me some additional info about their operation, so I can consider it in future articles / introductions. I cannot inform about teams on here, I don't know. Don't bitch if you are not in - send info!!!

Anyhow - here's the result of tonight's work, an introduction of the German teams in the 09 Euro Cup

From Italy

The Blue Leader Revenge of the Bertelli Pro Stock team, Italian vice champion in 2008 with a New Holland T series.
Here is a duel video - like a comparison test!

Greetings from Dombucci

Zwolle Picture Book available

Got the picture book from Zwolle done and it's now for sale by and on
Posted by Picasa

Bert's NFMS pictures

Justin's NFMS Pictures

Uncle Sam into the sand pile

Saturday, February 14, 2009

History in the making

We have to mark yesterday in the calender of tractor pulling history.
Lucien Keulers, a dutch guy, won a PS session at the NFMS!!!

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009 top
10,200lb Pro Stock Tractors
Driver Name City/State Vehicle Pull Distance
1 Lucien Kuelers Beek, Netherlands Turn Me Loose 245.66'
2 Larry Parish Marion, KY Elnino 238.69'
3 Josh Martin Chambersburg, PA Dairy Deere 238.42'

Congratulations Luke!

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Manufacturer's Cup

Everyone who has watched a motorsport event dreams of personally gripping the steering wheel of the vehicle given the checkered flag. There may be a chance to live that dream at the West Coast Nationals tractor and truck pull Feb. 10-11 at the Tulare County Fairgrounds in Tulare, Calif.

However, don't bother asking the owners of the multi-engine, blown, fuel-burning monster tractors that make the ground shake like a 7.5 earthquake when they manhandle a 60,000-pound sled 300 feet without bogging down. Those rides are not for novices.

[Read More]

Lidköping City Pull 2009

Welcome to Lidköping City Pull 2009, May 22.
Euro Cup 4500kg Modified, Marimans from Belgium showing theirs Volvo BM 810, Monster Truck show by Andres Flogård with Thor! More info at the LTPC website:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seaside Affair/Wild Times Motorsports visit

On Monday, February 9th, 6 crewmen from the Dutch Seaside Affair team visited,shared and dined with the crew of the USA Wild Times team. Both modified tractor teams run multiple Ford engines and have benefited from an international relationship for roughly 8 years. Only 3 modified tractors of this caliber compete utilizing supercharged Ford engines, so this relationship is definitely unique. See the Wild Times Motorsports website for more information on the visit at

Brad Jerew
Wild Times Motorsports

Turn Me Loose Website english

Hello Sascha,

The submit news button still doesn´t work on my computer!

(Try connecting your Email program with your browser. It will do wonders!)

I have the following news:

We have made an english language button on our website; check it out.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

New engine on Hot Chili

The Hot Chili Team around Holger Lang has decided to run a full season in 2009, after just random participation in the last couple of years.
Since they didn't want to rely on their old Arias engine, they've invested into a new engine, a Keith Black Hemi to be a little more specific.
Who would have thought Glynn Gunther's old machine would ever be powered by a Hemi?
The Arias engine was sold to Domenik Eisenmann, a former Garden Puller who is currently getting a new mini rod built with substantial help of the Joker Team (who btw are also busy with a complete rebuilt of their mod tractor).
Both minis rods are supposed to be out at Füchtorf on the 26th of April.

Zeinstra New Born Deere

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

totally off topic

Since the tractor pulling community is short on news I need something to keep entertaining myself.
I think you'll like this, too!
For those wo don't know it yet, check out Top Gear!

0 hour Continental

Under auction # 300290005996 you'll find a 0 hour since overhaul Continental engine on Ebay...
I have seen the engine before, it's in great condition!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Something different from Italy?

Hi Sascha there's some rumors about a strange mixture of engine here in the South of the Europe.
12 + 8 = 20 or 12 + 12 + 8 = 32 ... it's not so easy to estimate.. but the team is very very worried about the new configuration.. like the belowed tractor:
p38lightning 2
Greetings to all the pulling fans.

More new pictures from the Starlight Express team