Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures Weseke

pictures of "New Innovator"

Hello Sascha..
some news from Norway....
We have put som new pictures of the new innovator farmstock tractor on our web site...
Bernt Egeland

New Rocky Website

Hi Sacha,
Within any second our new website will be online!
It´s completely restyled and we added some nice things too!
Manda Luteijn
Rocky Pulling Team

Italian Pro Stocks

Hi Pulling Fans, the pro-stock teams are very busy in rebuilding the tractor for the 2009 Italian Championship.
By the way, Albertazzi Racing is improving the Fast Deere (Cervo Veloce)..... because it time to runaway from the dangerous pro-stock: The Huntsman Mc Cormick, the Jaguar Ford, the Puma IH....
Nothing runs like a deere? Hopefully is true!
Greetings from Dombucci and keep on pulling, always!

2.5 ton modified 1:32 custom made

dear sascha
i have some foto,s of my tractors on scale
if you like can you put the pictures on the site.
The engine is a RR griffon efi
Greatings a airplane engine fan

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Infos Weseke

This sunday the outdoor season will start at Borken / Weske.
The list of competitors can be found further down this page or click here.
Here a few infos:
Weseke is the home pull for the Heistermann Team (Kiepenkerl & Dragon Fire), the Hawk Team, Boomerang & Smoking Devil and to some extend also Century Fox.
The area has a pretty alive Hot Farm circuit and several tractors are going to hook in the 4.5t Sportklasse on sunday, too.
It's located about 2km from the dutch border, between Winterswijk and Borken.
The address of the track (for your TomToms) is:
Oedinger Diek 31

Größere Kartenansicht

The weather forecast is not great, but it is supposed to stay more or less dry (1.5mm rain), so it's pretty sure the event will be held.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Huntsman to Italy?

Rumor has it, the Huntsman Pro Stock of Rob Uphill has been aquired by the Landini company (owner of McCormick tractors) to compete in the 2009 Italian circuit in the hands of the Buffalo 3000 Team.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update site and update complete car

Hi Sascha,

You must remember us as the BMW/Ford V8 from carpulling.

Now the complete car get a make over as you can see on ouwer website,

Maybe it is possible to set some news on pullingworld?

If it can it would be nice.

Thanks so far,

Pieter Admiraal

PS: the season start on queens day 30/04/09 in Klaaswaal.

3.5t - under 68mm inlet Super Sport of Team Lindemann

Team Lindemann has their new Sportklasse machine done and brought it out to daylight for the first time. The tractor is supposed to have it's first competition at Füchtorf on the 25th of April.
IHC 1455 Run Out - MyVideo
A few pictures:

New Aerdvruter

The southern dutch "Aerdvruter" component Alky SS starts to look like a tractor by now. Check and click on "nieuwbouw" for more pictures.

Info Füchtorf

The "provisional" starting list of Füchtorf is now online at Also don't miss your chance to get cheaper tickets or VIP tickets on
Competitors for the Hot Farm classes on saturday are also welcome (need to follow the new ETPC rulebook) and can also sign in through the website.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Competitors Arnhem

Since the list of competitors is not avaliable for those who check the website of the Arnhem Indoor Pull in the Gelredome in another language setting than dutch, here it is:


3,5 ton Prostock klasse
1. Appy Power
2. Easy Rider
3. Extreme Temptation
4. Neigbours Nightmare
5. Passion 4 Diesel
6. Red Attraction
7. Rednex
8. Rough and Tumble
9. Runaway Deer
10. Wickie Power

4,5 ton Supersport klasse
1. Blue Thunder
2. Brutus
3. Red Danger
4. Never Done
5. Red Impact
6. Secret of the Valley
7. Simply Green
8. Walter Pelkmans
9. White Stallion 2
10. Gebr. Bruggeman
11. Real Red

3,5 ton Superstock klasse
1. DeGraaf Bits 'n Pieces
2. European Maid
3. Hurricane
4. Interaction
5. Red Alert (GB)
6. Red Fever (GB)
7. Survivor
8. Terminator
9. Zapo
10. Zeinstra Welldone Deere
11. Zeinstra Newborn Deere


3,5 ton Vrije klasse
1. Alligator
2. Bandit
3. Beverol Eager Beaver
4. Burning Madness
5. Desperate Dan (GB)
6. Green Fighter (D)
7. Green Monster (D)
8. L ' Aspirateur (F)
9. MPM Seaside Affair
10. Super Kasper
11. The Judge

2,6 ton TWD klasse
1. Butterfly Morning
2. Cloud Nine
3. Flashlube No Illusion
4. Heart - 2 - Beat
5. InterTechno Predator
6. No Limit (F)
7. Rattle and Hum
8. Screamin' Bobcat
9. Sledge Hammer
10. Thunderstruck

4,5 ton Vrije Klasse
1. Dragon Fire (D) *Demo*
2. Alleycat
3. Baby Duck (B)
4. Burning Madness
5. Desperate Dan (GB)
6. Green Fighter (D)
7. InterTechno Lambada* Driver Jan Lammers*
8. It Kypmantsje
9. Kiepenkerl (D)
10. MPM Seaside Affair
11. Super Kasper

Turn Me Loose

Since it was only announced in dutch and a lot of people probably wonder, here is the official statement of the Turn Me Loose team in english:

"We have to announce, the Turn Me Loose tractor stayed in the USA because of engine problems. After installing the engine for the European Circuit, the engine had a problem during a test. Because of the delivery time of the wrecked parts, it was impossible to ship the tractor in time for the competition in the Gelredome. As team we find this rather sad and disappointing. We would have liked to make our debut in the Gelredome and want to excuse to the fans and the promoter of the Gelredome event. As soon as the engine is running and has been tested, the Turn Me Loose will be shipped to the Netherlands. When exactly this will be possible cannot yet be forseen."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fwd: New Website

Hello Sascha

I have a new website for you to check out. I put this together for Chad Mayhill at Hoosier Pulling Tires.

Our club is on You Tube now so you can see a partial field of what we have.
Search Dekalb Super Pull 2009 and look for what this guy calls Econo Hot rods.

Richard Crowell

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zancaldi Pro-stock team

Hi Pulling Fans, from the land of the sunshine another pro-stock team work around the engine.
This time Zancaldi team are busy on the sleeves of the CASE IH Puma name E Ross (the Red One).
Take a look on
Paolone e la camicieria
Greetings from Dombucci
Keep on pulling

Ahoy TV show

Click here for the 2009 Ahoy Tractor Pull TV show

Tractors Weseke

Freie Klasse 3,5 t
1 Boomerang D
2 de Jong special NL
3 Erlkönig D
4 Final Destination D
5 Flying Hawk II D
6 Isotov I D
7 Isotov II D
8 L' Aspirateur F
9 Le Coiffeur VI D
10 Road Runner NL
11 Rocket Science NL
12 Roude Leiw jr. Lux
13 Smoking Devil D
14 Super Kasper NL
15 Twin Limit F
16 Wild Star Lux

Sportklasse 4,5 t
1 Deutz - Daisy
2 Deutz - Lady
3 Ford 8000
4 IHC 1255
5 MF Siebers
6 MF Siebers
7 MF Siebers
8 MF Manders
9 New Holland -Blue Wum Bruns
10 Renault - Meisterjäger Becker

Freie Klasse 4,5 t
1 Boomerang D
2 Dandy D
3 Erlkönig D
4 Final Destination D
5 Iwan D
6 Kiepenkerl III D
7 L' Aspirateur F
8 Smoking Devil D
9 Super Kasper NL
10 Wild Hawk D

1 Backdraft NL
2 Crazy Horse D
3 Ghost Buster I D
4 Ghost Buster III D
5 ? Hot Head III D
6 Let's Try NL
7 Little Rascal NL
8 No Fire No Fun NL
9 Shooting Star D
10 The Challenger NL

Freie Klasse 5,4 t
1 Dandy D
2 Dragon Fire D
3 Iwan D
4 Kiepenkerl III D
5 Wild Hawk D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mick's Performance at Le Coiffeur Team

To finish the installation and do the first setting on the new KAM injection system on the Le Coiffeur's Griffon engine, Ryan and Keith Micke visited the Le Coiffeur Team during the last week.
Ryan Micke is a specialist in tuning Electronic Fuel injections for supercharged engines for Drag Racing and Tractor Pulling and has also been working for the Green Monster Tractor Pulling Team. Daily buisiness is tuning Drag cars, mainly the Camaro of his brother Mark Micke, who runs the fastest Drag Car with a centrifugal supercharger (see article here) .
The final tune up of the Griffon engine could unfortunatly not be done, as during the test runs a problem with the drive of the Griffon's supercharger prevent the engine to get any boost pressure. The supercharger drive will be fixed in time for the Tractor Pull at Weseke next weekend and there some more test runs will have to be made.

During their stay there of course was a little time for sightseeing (Marienfeld Ministry and Bad Iburg Castle) and an evening at the Rampendahl Brewhouse in Osnabrück.
Ryan and his brother Mark will be at BAE engines next weekend, dynoing their new Hemi engine for 2009 season, which, equipped with a Pro Charger and a KAM injection system is supposed to make remarkeble more power than the 2700 hp 540 cui Chevy used in the last season.
Despite that draw back the Le Coiffeur team hopes to get the engine dialed in soon, to compete in the 2009 Euro Cup season.
For further information on the KAM system, contact the webmaster at

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

New Sponsor

The Lidköping City Pull joined in as sponsor for the website!
This great swedish event will be part of the 2009 Euro Cup Series and has is already known for an outstanding crowd and great atmosphere. Check out their website at:

European Championship 2009

Program European Championship 2009 The Netherlands (Bakel)

Friday 11 september 2009
Support Act: Lekke Band (flat tyre)
Main Act: Rowwen Heze

Partytent open from 20:00u on 11 september 2009
You can buy your tickets online

Saturday 12 september 2009 (with reservation)

EK Track
Superstock Class 3500 kg
Modified Class 950 kg
Pause 60 min
TWD Class 2600 kg
Modified Class 3500 kg
Track 2
Euro Standaard Class 7500 kg
Euro Sport Class 2500 kg
Mini Diesels
Euro Trucks 8500 kg
Supersport 3500 kg Eurochallenge

Event starts at 12.00u

After the competition a pullingparty with the band
will be held

Sunday 13 september 2009 (with reservation)
EK Track
Prostock Classe 3500 kg
Modified Classe 2500 kg
Pause 60 min
Modified Class 4500 kg
Track 2
Euro Standaard Class 10.000 kg
Sport Class 4.5 ton Eurochallenge
Mini Diesels
Euro Supersport Classe 4500 kg
Match starts at 11.00u

Free Entrance Competitors Arena
... world's most powerful motorsport!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Married

Last weekend Daniel Guggisberg, Hot Farm Puller and ETPC Hot Fam working group leader from Zimmerwald/Switzerland married "his" Nancy!
The party I've heard was great with family and pullers from all over Europe!

Congratulations from here!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not much writing this week...
I am busy working and actually helping the Le Coiffeur team with the EFI conversion of their Griffon. So - check the pictures below. That's the stuff I currently work on, instead of working on the website much.

New Pictures out of the Green Monster Team's Workshop

New Pictures


The german as well as the dutch board are full with discussion about limits and the 4.5t class.

I have a proposal here:
We leave the 2.5t alone for the next three years (I think it's in good shape as long as the weight stays were it is. Whether it's limited or not shouldn't make much difference).

We change the 3.5t into an 3.6t unlimited (like in the USA).
Leave the 4.5t alone

Put both classes into the Euro Cup 2011 and let promoters decide which class they want. Problem should then solve itsself within 3 years...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Bruce Slagh

Bruce would like to know if you could post a comment on your forum for him!?!
He would like to say:
"We would like to thank everyone for treating us so good! It was very exciting to come over there and pull! We had the best time!!
Thanks again for everything!!"

Show No Mercy Pulling Team