Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

20/02/2009: Pulling Tour 2009 (Netherlands)

20/02/2009: Pulling Tour 2009 (Netherlands)
During the past week, a part of Hue Pulling Team has made a trip to meet some V12 Dutch teams. It was as we had hoped privileged times and intense exchanges. We have learned a lot from these meetings. They will undoubtedly serve to advance our own mechanics. The changes that we know will be undoubtedly related to those encountered during this week. We will maintain trade with these teams that we welcomed as friends. We meet again to "Ahoy". And perhaps they will also visit us in the future.

Thank you to all teams: John, Herman, Marcel, Peter, Ko, Arend, Jan, Gerard, Jeffrey, Frans, Theo, Jan, Alexander, Helmer, Geert, Antonie…

To read the next and pictures on our Picasa album.

Pulling Tour 2009 (Netherlands)

New Red Painter

Check out the gallery at for pictures of the new Red Painter! Link request


Wild Toy Tractorpulling have made new homepage

The address is

Regards jol.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Sponsor

The Beach Pull Putten has joined as new sponsor for the website!
Check for news about one of the best events in Europe!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures and Videos from Füchtorf by MrJo

Pictures and Videos Copyright by .
Use the google translation tool to translate my german homepage to your language.

Greetings MrJo (Johannes Meuleners)

Fwd: New Videos from Pulling44

Pictures from Füchtorf by Schizo

Füchtorf 2009, Sunday

Füchtorf 2009, Saturday

all pictures © by Stephan Görtz
Verwendung der Photos nur mit meiner ausdrücklichen Erlaubnis!
Alle Photos sind auch in höherer Auflösung verfügbar.
Do not use or download any pictures on this page without my permission!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pull Chat

Pull Chat vanavond!

New Sota Spirit

Hi Pulling Fans, under the name Sota Spirit, the ultimate modified, built in-house by the Splendido Team, has "sung the song" for the first time.

The orchestra was directed by Oddy's Racing: The beginings were very interesting!

Take a look on .

Keep on pulling, always.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old photos Tractorpulling Wierden

Dear Sascha,

As you may be aware of Tractorpulling Wierden is celebrating this year its 30th anniversary. This is an excellent time to look back and to dig in our achieves to find some old stuff. Today I posted 44 photos of the early eighties on our internet site. The photos were taken at “de Vossenbos” in Wierden our former pulling location. There are photos of the Silver Fox (see attachment). The pride of Wierden in the eighties. Also there is a picture of Popeye driven by Jan van Alphen. I will post some more old pictures next week of our first pulling event in 1978. Click on the link below to go to the pictures.

Best Regards,

Vincent Snoek


Nijkerk videos

Complete classes from Nijkerk / Indoor

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

New pulling website from Finland !

hannu tilus

Hotels Füchtorf

Just had to order several hotel rooms near Füchtorf and figured a lot of hotels are already full.
If you are looking for not so expensive rooms:

Hotel Buller
Münsterstr. 41
49219 Glandorf
+ 49 5426 3317 (german)

Then, for larger groups, there is a big hotel complex at Ostbevern, that will just open a new building and they also have a lot of (very nice) rooms still avaliable. Not so cheap, but you can get 4-bed rooms, which makes it affordable again:
+ 49 2532 95680 in your language (the website of Lidköpings Tractor Pulling Club) is now using Google Translate for showing the website in 9 different languages. You can read the LTPC website in danish, german, english, spanish, finnish, french, italian, dutch and norwegian. Please, visit the LTPC webiste and have a look.


List of competitors updated

To Green Monster team

Thunder Pulling 4

Thunder Pulling 4 can be ordered by Email at: or can be purchased at the DTTO Pulls for 19.90 € / 26 $ US.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Website Kiepenkerl

The Kiepenkerl Team now has a website at German only but has a lot of pictures of Kiepenkerl and Dragon Fire!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

A few pictures Arnhem

Dutch visit in sweden

Last weekend the swedish Team Blue Griffin had a visit from Ko de Regt from the Dutch team Green Spirit. Ko de Regt has helped the guys in Team Blue Griffin with the settings of their two Griffon engines. There is no deadline of the rebuilding of Blue Griffin, the team are not sure they will race this year.

Arnhem Videos

List of You Tube videos from Arnhem

New Red Thunder

Picasa picture's

Hello sascha,

We had some tractorpulling picture's on picasa from oure site
maybe you can create a link to your site,

Kind reagards
Bjorn Bruggeman

Lägesr apport Evolution

Here comes some pictures of the "new" Evolution!

Regards Emil

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tractorpulling Wierden

Hello Sascha,

The starting list of Tractorpulling Wierden is online. Could you please put a link on your site. Thanks!!


Vincent Snoek

Tractorpulling Wierden

Results Indoor Arnhem 2009

Results Arnhem

Pictures Arnheim by Schizo


Pictures Arnhem

That's how it goes...

You hope to get stuff online and then you have electronical gizmos in your tractor and get those fixed instead of taking pictures.
Anyhow: Tractor problems got solved and Stephan shot a bunch of pictures for us. I will go through them now and get the best online. Stephan will upload a wider selection in the morning.
As for results: I didn't get to see much of the event, so the best source probably is our dutch forum...

For those who wondered what was wrong with the Green Fighter in the 3.5t: The crank trigger sensors had the wrong polarity and caused bad signals at higher rpms, which made the EFI go into a safety mode (= ignition off until signals were good again) about 3 to 4 times in each run. First the right hand engine, then the left hand engine. Problem was of course easy to fix - but then the MSD Pro Mag on the top engine was acting up and needed rewiring. The 4.5t runs were extremely rich. Better safe than sorry - we don't have time to fix it before the Füchtorf pull, as the little tractor is still in bits & pieces...
Ok.. better get the MAC to work now!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ready for Arnhem

I going to leave for the Arnhem pull now.
Green Fighter will be present with two EFIs on the bottom engines, so I am not sure how much time I will have to take pictures, but I will try to get some stuff online from there later tonight.
Expect pictures sometime tomorrow early morning!

New Picasa Web Albums Activity