Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures Malila (S)


Jun 28, 2009

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This weekend we were on tour to Sweden, for a new tractor pull event at Sweden. The Malila Speedway hosted it's first tractor pull and with the swedish and some guest pullers we put down a not too bad show. The stadium is an EXCELLENT facility and the people working there also know what to do (they have a race there every week), just the track left something to be desired in the end (was ok in the beginning). Anyhow, they were happy and want the pullers back for some Euro Cup action next year. They will certanly work hard on the track for the future and I can imagine this place becoming a regular stop on the Euro Cup tour.

Fwd: New Picasa Web Albums Activity

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Marilla PULL Track pictures

I have uploaded the track pictures from the pull at Marilla NY.


Go to my site;

Content on the left side

Click on Pictures



Marilla Pit Photo's

I have uploaded pit photos from Saturdays pull at Marilla NY.

Go to

On the left under content click on Pictures

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canandaigua Pull Pictures

I uploaded some pictures from the ESP sanctioned pull at Canandaigua NY.

Go to my site

Then on the left under content click on PICTURES that will take you to the album.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity


Hi all!

I have some, maybe sad, news:
I have a new job from first of july on. I am going to work for Dostofarm in the, for them new, area of water purification and disinfection.
It's a small, but very eager company and I will be doing the machine service and maintenance - world wide.
So I will be on tour A LOT and busy as hell.

For me this, of course, is a big challenge and opportunity I don't want to miss out on.
So things will maybe get a little quieter on here. But in the past few weeks I have found people who are willing to help on this site and actually you all can help with placing your news on here, too.
I don't want this site to die - but priorities in my life have changed in a heartbeat.
Since I will be in the US a lot, I might be able to visit pulls over there, too and I probably will have the time to maintain the site, but the regular feeds, resulting on web research won't be possible anymore.

I hope you understand this move - but pulling so far has not fed me very well and I am lucky there was people who knew me for all my life and think I can do this and gave me this job!



Monday, June 22, 2009

Ford Sportklasse for sale

This Ford is for sale in the classifieds by Bart vd. Berg.

Putten Promo clip

Hi Pullingfans,

a link to the promotionfilm on YouTube for the Beach Pull 2009:

You will find more information about the Euro Cup event on

Hope to see you there.

Haapajärvi pulling event 21.6.2009

Hello pulling fans, here is some picture from last pulling event in Finland
---> <---

Result of the competition

Pro Srock 3500kg
1. The Eagle
2. Caesar
3. Countdown

Modified mini 950kg
1. Diesel
2. Another Grave Digger
3. Stormy Lightning

Modified 2500kg
1. Helmi-Orvokki
2. Bad Boy

Modified 3500kg
1. Helmi-Orvokki
2. Bad Boy

Modified 4500kg
1. Devils Power
Next up, Härmä Pulling even 4.7.2009
Motorsport picture for motorsport fans /

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi from Italy

Hi all!

I am in Italy under the great service of the Starlight Express Team.
Actually we wanted to go pull today, but I made the ultimate trip for a rain out. Instead we visited the Ferrari Museum and spent the day with their greatest pleasure.... FOOD.
By now it's Grappa time.
Anyhow, should be back home by monday night.

Have fun everybody. I sure have :)



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4th Round of the Danish Championships

Hi pullingfans
This weekend the 4th round of the danish championship took place in Egtved DK
Heavy rain in the days up til the event but saturday the sun was out all day and nice warm weather , lovely .
The track was a bit tricky again this year.
Have fun ;-)

French Points

Current points France

Recent Picasa Updates

First set pictures Made

Back home


After spending some time still at Made on monday and after wards some time in the Green Monster shop analyzing the engine settings of our 2.5t run and getting a set of new tires on my car, I just fell to bed yesterday night.
I have now started with updating the website (as you can see below) and also the for sale section (which has a lot of stuff and even complete tractors on for sale now).
I am going to work on the pictures from Made now...
Will take a while...



Dansville photo's

Posted the photo's I took at the Dansville pull, go to

Go to content on the left, click on pictures, that will take you to my gallery.


Update Burning Madness

Following previous correspondence (May 21) on multi turbine tractors and the article written by Burning Madness Team Captain in latest issue of Dutch TTPM on delay in progress of building the new BM II (5 turbines), hereby 2 pictures "revealing" actual status. Photos are free for publishing, small post would be nice.

Thank you,

Robert, supporter of team Burning Madness

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Foto for sale The Magic.

Hallo Sascha,

Will you please put these foto,s to my for sale message on the for sale site on Pullingworld, I send you yesterday?
I don,t know how to do it by my self.
Thank you verry much.



I have just opened my eyes after the Made tour... so sorry for the late reaction!
The pictures need to be on a server.
Anyhow, anybody looking for some entry in the modified division, check the for sale page (in a bit).


Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Homepage of Hot Chili Team

Here is the new homepage of the Hot Chili Pulling Team Germany

Only german, but a lot of pictures!

So have a look an click on !!!