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Last Pullingevent for Dutch A-div.

Meerkerk was the last pull of the year in the Netherlands for the regular competition since Bakel organises the European Championships this year.

In Holland there were two classes which had to be battled for the final champions...
The 950 Kg Modifieds and the superstocks was still not clear who was the champion.
The 950 Kg Mod’s was lead by Lambada since Reny Mission Impossible was forced to use his new Cepek tires and had to find the right setting again..
Lambada knows that it is very difficult to beat someone with good Cepeks.
Also the Riddle was trying to mix in this battle since they have made some changes to their chassis after their last wild run (and tumbling) in Wierden.
When The Riddle is running like he should and is able to make stable runs without falling on his side, he is some one to count in for the victory.
The battle in the Superstocks is going to be a tough one between Zapo and the always reliable Incredible Deere


But first to pull was the 3.5 ton prostock class.
Rocky allready was champion in this class after his win in Lochem , but that didn’t make the others make less eager to go for the day’s victory, or try to make a step forward in the championship.

Next Sensations made a testpull, but just missed the full-pull.
Since Next sensation is running very well, the sledge was set a bit lighter, and so he had to come back later to make a new pull with the new sledge settings.

Rocky made a nice and stable pull with the new settings, but didn’t reach the 100 meter line either, it stopped at 99,19 meter
They must have thought it was a good pull because they decided not to pull again.
Or they are saving all the energy and parts to go for the eurocup and/or european championships.
After seeing the run of Runaway Deere, it looked they’ve made the right dicision, because Runaway Deere reached 96,46 meter, wich wasn’t bad at all.
But after seeing make Neighbours Nightmare a full-pull, it was clear that there were going to be more full-pull’s, also because the track was not getting any worse...
Edward Beukeveld’s Snoopy made it to 99,33 meter which is not bad at all concidering he is running with the cilinderhead with 2006 spec’s since he lost the 2009 head in Eext.
Then it was the turn for Rough and Tumble who have been followed by bad luck the whole season (and the seasons before), they made it to a satisfying 90,32 meter.
Extreme Temptation, making his run on homeground in front of a lot of sponsors and fans, made a impressive full-pull, so they must have been satisfied.
Also the very nice running Next Sensation Valtra made a full-pull in the rebound.

After ‘visiting almost every A-B-S-div. Pull in Holland’ Jan Burggraaf with his New Generation John Deere did a nice pull which ended at 88,91 meter, Bad Boy’s Toy, the only female driven tractor in the A-division, again had bad luck after again a very busy week in the workshop, and made it to a poor 52,09 meter.
Also White Crow was not running the way it should and could and made it to 65,07 meter.

Time for the Pull-Off:

First to run was Neighbours Nightmare.
This fanatic young team is doing very well and reached an impressive 96,44 meters.
Next one to pull was Extreme Tempation. And if they didn’t had ruined their turbo, they could have beaten the Neighbours Nightmare John Deere.
At 94,29 meter it was over for the nice and impressive looking Case because of this broken turbo.

With only Next Sensation to go we crossed our fingers for the sympathetic Neighbours Nightmare guys.
But as aspected, Next Sensation made a very nice pull and won the class with 99,93 meters.
This was the end of a very exciting and compatitive class!

950 Kg modified.

Also this class was yet not decided, with Lambada and Reny Mission Impossible only 4 point difference in the advantage of Lambada after the win in Lochem.
In motorised sport they say: when the flag dropes the bullshit stops.
Or: to finish first, you first have to finish.
in the 950 kg mod’s it was exciting till the very last second!!
Reny Mission Impossibe was the man to beat since he was the 2008 Dutch champion.
But the Lambada guys are never giving up and made sure the Lambada was ready to battle big time for this years championship.
Reny Mission Impossible had to change to his new Cepeks because the ‘old’ ones were really worn out and he proved in Made he could not win with the ‘pumps’ firestone.. no he had to step into the ‘working shoes’ called Cepek.
But he had to find the right settings, and this caused him some headbreaks considering the missteps he made with the first few time’s out on his new cepeks
Also the Allison was letting him down with a lack on power in Lochem.
After a big maintaintance of the Allison and a checkup of the rearaxle between Lochem and Meerkerk, he knew he made the right preparation to go into the battle with Lambada in Meerkerk.
But would it be enough? And how would the balance be, which is crucial in the 950 Kg Mod’s and very difficult with a big and heavy engine like an Allison??

First one to pull was Backdraft with Almer v/d Marel at the pedals because owner and regular driver John de Graaf was in Dubai for his job, and Almer put a nice 81,59 meters on the scoreboard with a nice running backdraft. So the team is doing a nice job even they have to miss the expertise of John.
Next one was Lets try who is doing a great job this season. They didn’t make it to a full-pull, the sledge was not making it easy this time....
The also good running griffon powered mini Vampire did a great job and put a nice 95,88 meters on the scoreboard.
Then the always inpredictable Riddle was on.
Or it goes really well.. or it goes terriblely wrong.
this time it worked out well, and they made it to the the pull-off.
Then Lambada had to make it’s run. Did he made it to the pull-off?? Sure he did.
Little Rascal is getting closer to his old balance and made a fine 99,68 meter.
Gompie didn’t get the RPM and speed he wanted and made it to 94,76 meter.
Challenger is strugling with their new tires and balance this year, and because of this they left the track at the 50 meter mark.. disqualified..

Dirty Herrie didn’t get the RPM they want and stopped at 68,33meter, and finished as last one in the class.

Mr. Showman Durk Veenstra pulled 92,74 meter, so no pull-off for Landy this time.
Then it was time for Reny Mission Impossible. If he wanted to be in the race for the championship he had to makei t to the pull-off first, which he did with a good running engine.

Last one in the qualifying was the Crasy Rascal, he pulled 80,98 meter.
Oké it was time for the decicion in the class: the pull-off.
First one to pull was The Riddle, but with a jumpy ride as that one even the overpowered Riddle is not going to win, so the championship was in the hands of Gert Dingerink with Lambada and René Geerts with Mission Impossible but then they had to pull further then the 94,62 meter of The Riddle.
Lambada was the first to try and did this in a fabulous way !! 99,22 meter !!
So it was up to Reny Mission Impossible to do better then Lambada otherwise Lambada was the new Dutch Chamion.
We all thought it really was a mission impossible for René Geerts to do better then Gert Dingerink did....

But the unexpected happened!! René pushed the throttle early and hard to the max of his Mission Impossible and made it Possible!! He pulled a Full-Pull since there was no floating finishline, but he won the class and therefore the Dutch Championship with 1 point difference!! And he did that in style !!

3.5 ton modified
After this nerve wrecking 950 Kg modified class it was time for the 3,5 ton modifieds which was kicked of by the twin griffon powered The Judge.
but he didn’t run like they want and stopped just for the 50 meter mark.
MPM Seaside Affair was the next one to pull and stopped just for the full-pull line.
but it was a testpull and they decided to come back for another go.
Beverol Eager Beaver put 98,17 meter on the scoreboard with a lot of smoke coming from one of the engines.
Wispering giant pulled 96,90 meter which was enough for 6 th place.
Impala gave it another try and stopped at 63,89 meter because the left line was coming too close.
Rising Star pulled a nice 97,81 meter with the nice balance we are used to from Rising Star.
Popeye only runs a few events this year, and Meerkerk was one of them, he started jumping after a few meters and John v Alphen wisely pulled the throttle to prevent the driveline from damage.
The Judge came in front of the sledge in the rebound, but this time didn’t even made it from the startingline.
MPM Seaside Affair made his second attempt after making the testpull, which afterwards wasn’t a good decicion, less meters as in the first pass : 97,32 meter

Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible made an impressive full pull and showed every one how it should be done!
Bandit made it just over the full-pull line, but broke a blowerbelt of the second engine.

The Double Screaming of Bertus Boer substitudes for the Intertechno Lambada in the 3,5 ton Modified, and was for this occasion driven by Wim Dingerink Jr.
He started of very well, but wasn’t able to keep the triple V-8 between the white lines, so a disqualification for Double screaming.

In the Pull-Off Delta-Lloyd was the first to pull and pulled an impressive 93,04 meters. Bandit probabily had more trouble then just the blowerbelt because they didn’t hook in the pull-off.

3.5 ton Superstock
After having a break during the TWD class the next class was the 3.5 ton Superstock.

Also in this class the championship was open, two tractors were able to win the championship:
Zapo and incredible Deere.
Zapo had a very strong season so far, but Incredible Deere offcourse is the former Bits ’n Pieces and for sure one of the strongest and most reliable tractors in Europe. When Incredible Deere should be able to win this event, he had the same amount of points as Zapo: 115, in this case the day victory determines. So then he would be the champion.

Meerkerk was also the event for the maiden run for Six Shooter, a very nice build IHC Alky superstock , from the guys that had pulled some while ago with the ‘old’ Zapo Fiat superstock. Certainly a welcome tractor in the superstock class!!

First to pull was Sjors Zeinstra with his New Born Deere after he complete ruined his engine in Lochem, I think they had some nichts with not much sleep.
And when you arrive at the next pull, you hope that everything goes well.
Sjors made a nice and balanced run untill there was a funny noise and a lot of fire under the hood of his john Deere... at 93,55 it was over and out for New Born Deere after a week of hard work in the shop.Luckaly the Made's Powerweekend rescue quad was very quick at the spot to be sure the fire was put out...

The Fendt powered Hurricane was not able to get the RPM’s in to his engine, it looked a bit like he wasn’t able to hold the clutch so he tried with his two attempts, but didn’t succeed, and was towed away after pulling a poor 20,72 meters.

Then Edwin Derksen was in front of the sled, he had to make a full-pull when he wanted to stay in bussines for the biggest price.
And after some small hesitation at the start he made a nice full-pull.
Next to pull was Interaction who had made some changes in the breathing of his International, but that seemed to be a right change because he made a very nice full-pull.
Zapo was the next who had to do the job, but hardly got over the full-pull line.. he had to do better in the pull-off in order to keep Incredible Deere behind him.
Silver Bullit made it to 79,74 meters with an engine that was not running well.
Surviver screams the whole year over the dutch tracks, but everything stays in place, so he reached 91,30 meter.
‘the other’ Zeinstra John Deere Well-Done Deere is driven by the son of Sjors since Cadzand and this young guy is doing a better job then his father with ‘the new one’ and he did the job again by reaching the the pull-off.

Then was the new Six Shooter in front of the sled.
The nice ‘paint’ job on his hood really impressed, which also did his acting on the track! He made a very nice pull for the maiden run !! 96,66 meter for the first time out is good.

Willem Veldhuizen with his DeGraaf Bits ’n pieces had his share of exploding turbo’s and is building up the power bit by bit in order to keep his methanol filled intake together for a while. He made it to the pull-off this time.
The Terminator didn’t have the run he liked and came very close to the full-pull line, but not enough: 99,08 meter.

D’n Aerdvruter of Gert-Jan Pauly is doing better every week with a win in Herning and Lochem , it certainly makes that the expectations are getting higher every week. Due to a lack of grip, this week he could not impress anyone with 98,70 meter, no pull-off for this sympathetic team from the south of Holland.
But the always friendly Gert-Jan waves to his fans no matter what happens.
The Green Muscleman was driven by Willem Veldhuizen for the occasion and he made a nice run with it: 98,60 meters.

It was time for the Pul-Off:
First to run was Edwin Derksen with Incredible Deere.
And he made it very clear... he was in a winning mood! 99,60 Mtr was the distance to beat.
Interaction prooved again that the chances he made work and pulled in style 96,21 Mtr. Bram Kools waved to his fans with a smile from ear to ear showing that he was satisfied.
Then Zapo had to beat Incredible Deere if he wanted to keep his first place in the championship.
He was doing his best but could not beat the distance of Incredible Deere, Incredible Deere is Dutch Champion!
Rowan Zeinstra made his pull and did again an impressive run: 96,04 Mtr just behind Interaction.
There was still one man who could make a difference in the pointstandings: Willem Veldhuizen with De Graaf Bits ’n Pieces, if he could manage to pull further then Incredible Deere, Zapo would be Dutch Champion.... But Willem could not get his John Deere of the startingline, so Edwin Derksen could start partying!!

4.5 Ton Modified.
Last class of the day is the 4.5 ton modified.
Since Intertechno Lambada was allready champion, the others just have to fight for the ‘best of the rest’ position.

it Kypmantsje was in second place and was eager to keep it that way, while MPM Seaside had a chance to take that place away from Abe Zijsling.
in that case it Kypmantsje had to let go more then 8 points and MPM had to win.
Green Spirit wasn’t there because of the damage they had in their plantetairy after Lochem, Lambada had decided not to run the last few events since they seem to have trouble with the reliability of their V8’s and they are Dutch Champion anyway. So this created chances for other teams to get the 20 points.

it Kypmatnsje was the first to pull, but hs engines stalled just a few meters for the 100 meter line. So he had to do it in the second attempt.
Ad Boot with his Alley Cat impressed with 89,57 Mtr.
Delta Lloyd Simply Irresistible drove a bit fast on to the track at the ‘wrong’ place and ruined his steeringsystem so it seemed afterwards, but first he made a heck of a full-pull!!
MPM also made it to the finals.
Wispering Giant had an engine problem and could not make a pull.
Impala is heavily underpowered for this class and did 75,77 Mtr.
Popeye made a run with nice running Allisons till 98,18 Mtr. not bad at all!
it Kypmantsje came back for his rebound, and had to make a full-pull if he wanted to stay in touch with MPM.
With two screaming Griffons he did what he had to do: Full-Pull!!
Just before we took of with the pull-off Rising start pulled 94,01 mtr.


Delta Lloyd wasn’t able to come back in the pull-off due to his broken steering device, regulation says that the tractors have to drive in front of the sledge by their own... and the Simply wasn’t able in doing that. Shame.
So we startet with MPM Seaside Affair, who made a nice pull resulting in 76,98 Mtr. on the track.
it Kypmantsje had proved in the first run his engines run well, but in the pull-off he could not get them get any rpm’s, he was towed back by the Keep moving sledge and gave it another go.
After 71,88 mtr the griffons stall making MPM winner of the day.

That made an end of a great pulling day in Meerkerk and in fact a great pullingyear in the Netherlands, I’m looking forward to the European Championships in Bakel!!


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