Monday, August 31, 2009

New Website Austria

There is a new Tractor Pulling Homepage in Austria since a few Month and i will present it here.
My Name is Patrick Ludl and I´m the Webmaster from
You can find a few photos, movies and reports from events and trips we have made in Europe on our homepage.
For example at April 2009 we have made a trip to the Event in Ahoy Netherlands and we have visit also the Green Monster Team in Germany during this trip.
You can find this report also on our side.
Also you can find all our DVD´s on the DVD Area on the main page which we films and sell. The Movies are from Austria and some pulling Events from Germany and Netherlands.
At the category "Tractor Pulling?" you can find explanations about technical things for example sled,... This category will complete after and after.
Best regards
Patrick Ludl

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