Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tractor Pulling Lochem

This is my first Report for I hope you will like it.
On the 8th August I was in Lochem in the Netherlands. We arrived pretty early to get good places on the S-Divisie side. We found nice places right in front of the Vip Tent at the 70m mark. After some waiting the show started with the 3,5t pro stock class. There were a lot of nice pulls most of the tractors were pretty close to the 100m mark but only four tractors made a Full Pull Extreme Temptation, Rocky, Next Sensation and Neighbours Nightmare. The Pull of Neighbours Nightmare looked very good, they found a great balance. In the pull off all four drivers hammered the throttle to the floor and finally Rocky made the first place with 103.50m, second place Neighbours Nightmare 102.70m, third place Next Sensation 101.80m and fourth place Extreme Temptation 98.64m. So Rocky was one step closer to the Dutch championships.

The second class of the day was the 950kg Modified (Mini Puller) class. The most important battle was Reny’s Mission Impossible against Lambada VI both had good chances to win the Dutch championships. As usual both made the full pull all in all there were 6 Tractors in the Pull off Vampire, Let’s try, the riddle, Lambada VI, Reny’s mission impossible and little rascal. Little Rascal made the first stable run of they year, because they lowered the hook a few cm for the first time All other tractors were between 85m and 100m only Gompie was out of bounds. In the pull off Reny made 89.07m with nearly brand new Cepek tires, Lambada made it 4,53m farther 93.60m. The Lambada guys were cheering but then the riddle came and Burned very impressive 97.80m onto the track. So the fight between Reny and Lambada will go on in Meerkerk. Let’s try made the 4th place with 88.50m, Little rascal 5th 88.35m and Vampire made the 6th place with 88.13m.

The third class of the day was the 3,5t modified class. Intertechno Lambada was already champion in this class, because of the damage from last weekend in Edewecht they weren’t in Lochem. Instead Bertus Boer came with his new weapon the double screaming. The first pull of the class was made by delta Lloyd simply irresistible, it was nice full pull, but there was a lot of unburned methanol over the exhaust pipes. The second pull was made by the whispering giant it was a full pull too. Then Bertus Boer came, the 3 hemis on his tractor started screaming and he flew over the full pull line and stopped a few meters from the hill at the end of the track. Then Bandit made a full pull, too. The Judge stopped at 81.29m. Then we saw the premiere of the new Black Cat with 4 V8 engines, it was a pretty nice full pull but then there was a big green flame at one of the engines so they couldn’t start in the pull off. Eager Beaver had some engine problems in the first run so no beaver in the pull off. MPM Seaside Affair and Rising Star made full pulls too. In the pull off bandit had engine problems again and stopped at 80,85m which was the 5th place. Rising Star made the 6th place with 79,87m. MPM Seaside Affair made the 4th place with 83,04m Whispering Giant was only 26cm further and made the 3rd place. Simply Irresistible and Double Screaming were fighting for the first place finally Bertus Boer made it with 90.13m, 1,29m further then simply irresistible. So Bertus Boer won the 3,5t at his first appearance with this configuration in the Netherlands.

Now I will go on with the Super stock class because TWD isn’t that interesting for me.
The first pull was made by d’n aerdvruter and it was a full pull like a lot of people expected.
SilverBullet was out of bounds. The Survivor of Martin Kustermans runs better every event in Lochem he made 87,37m. The next full pull was made by the Terminator and Rob van der Waal. Then the local hero Hurricane came and missed the full pull only by a few cm. The twins incredible Deere and bits’n pieces made full pulls. Then Sjors Zeinstra came with his New Born Deere it looked like a good pull but then there came a little smoke from the rear axle and the engine exploded in a great fireball and put almost all rods out except for the first cylinder. Last news is that he is trying hard to be back on track in Meerkerk. Interaction with Bram Kols missed the full pull by 1,17m, although he had a nice stable run with a lot of speed. The second tractor of the Zeinstra team made a full pull. The Green Muscleman had problems and stopped at 23.86m, and the title aspirant Zapo made a full pull, the best looking pull of the first round. In the pull off Gert-Jan Pauly burned impressive 85.53m onto the track although he didn’t had a very stable run, which no one could reach. Second Place Incredible Deere 84,52m. Third Place Terminator 83,13m fourth place de graaf Bits ‘n Pieces fifth place Zapo 80,61m and sixth place was made by the Zeinstra Welldone Deere 79,66m.

The last class of the day was the 4,5t. The 4,5t class was the smallest of the day with 7 tractors. Rising star made the first pull but the sled was too heavy so they had to choose a new sled setting which took a long time. Then the class started again. MPM seaside affair made the first pull and stopped at 99,34. Cees Zijsling hammered the throttle to the floor as usual and made a full pull. Whispering Giant stopped at 99,92m. Green spirit had some engine problems and stopped at 92,49. The next tractor was the simply irresistible by Egbert Dros, who made an impressive full pull. Rising star stopped in the rebound at 89,86m and the alley cat at 5,30m. So there were only two tractors in the pull off: It Kypmantsje and the Simply Irresistible. First pull was made by It Kypmantsje he reached 83,95m. Egbert Dros reached 99,58 and took the win.

I hope you liked my first report.;-)


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