Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oldie pictures

Hello Sacha,
I have put some old tractor pulling pictures online in a Picasa web album, all of them from the 1980's.
I think I have around 400 to 500 and will all have to scan them.
If you need to know more contact can be in Dutch/German or English.
I am a Dutchman living in Central London.
Geert Lenting

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ETPC Farm Stock

As we'll have a working weekend with the ETPC soon and the 2010 rulebook is part of it, I think the Sport, Super Sport & Farm Stock teams should have a look at the current rules that should be valid in every ETPC Member country for the next season, with maybe minor adjustments to be done over the winter.
I am somehow under the impression, the safety features requested in there have not yet made it into the minds of a lot of competitors in several circuits (air restrictors at lower (not Pro Stock) safety standard, individual turbo shielding, side shields) - but they are absolutely mandatory on any event sanctioned by the ETPC or any of their member associations from at least 2010 on.

If you want to voice your opinion or have questions regarding the rule book, you can do so in the Farm Stock forum (where you will find the rule book, too) and I'll try to answer why rules are the way they are.
If you want something changed, please inform either your ETPC representative or your representative of the Farm Stock "working group". Your national board should be able to answer who is in charge for this in your association.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More info about the Power Beurs next saturday

The exhibitors list Power Beurs Balkenbrug is out!
As you can see, there is a lot of builders (Caboturbo, BFS-Airflow, several pump shops,...) there. Also some tractors and sleds.

The exhibition will be in "De Diamanthal" from 13.00h to 19.00h, October the 31st 2009
Hoogeveenseweg 30
7707 CH Balkbrug

Entry is
6 to 12 years 2 € and older is 5 €
Parking is free

Thursday, October 22, 2009

West Coast Nationals

The West Coast Nationals have released their 2009 program as PDF download.
Nice work!
Download it here

The 2010 WCN will be held in California in February at

  • Tulare / CA on the 9th and 10th

The events are part of one of the biggest agricultural expositions (and it IS huge), the World Ag Expo, in the heart of the Californian dairy area where they run corn choppers by the dozen and harvest several times a year...
For further info check
For people who plan a motorsports trip, the Pomona drag strip is close and the NHRA Winternationals are held on the 11th to the 14th. John Force Museum is also located there.
Also there is a bunch of companies in the area who build and service parts for V8 engines.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ticket sales Ahoy

(picture by Terry Allin -

On you can now order your tickets for the Ahoy Indoor Pull.
Remember, the pull has moved to an earlier time and will be on the 27th of February.

The American guest puller is also known by now: It will be Kathy Archer with the Black Widow 5xV8 machine.

I for one am glad to hear some of the finest people in the sport are making it over again!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Oct 11, 2009 1:20:25 AM

Oct 11, 2009 2:36:13 AM

MicroPopeye team added 10 photos to Foto's 2009
Oct 11, 2009 9:52:49 AM

Wodansberger added 441 photos to Bakel EM (NL) 09
Oct 11, 2009 3:10:49 PM

Tractor Pulling Power grant 2009

Again for 5th time the Tractor pulling Power grant will be kept on Saturday 31 oktober 2009 in Balkbrug, the Netherlands. (hoogeveenseweg 30 7707 CH)

Time for some changes, this year the grant will be more aimed at motor tractor pulling in general.

We already started this last year by having some modified tractors like The Judge and No fire No fun and the two wheel drive truck Butterfly Morning on the grant.

According to the team members of The judge, it is the perfect location for changing some thoughts with others and sell all kind of parts.

The grant will be starting at 13:00, and will last until 19:00. Afterwards there is still time to have a drink until 20:00.

The organization gladly sees that experienced teams come stand on the grant, to transfer a small bit of their knowledge to new and just starting teams. It will also be a good opportunity to sell parts, which are not needed anymore by a team, but where others teams might be searching for.

When you want to form some more notion of the grant click on the links below to see some of the 160 photos of the grant 2007.

When you want to take part of this grant, with your tractor, or any parts like turbochargers, fuel pumps, clutches, rolling cages, rims, tires, miniatures, air filters, or you have twisted/broken parts which you want show even some sledges, are welcome.

Also promotion can be made there for events or competitions.

PARTICIPATION TO THIS GRANT IS FREE (only voluntary gifts afterwards).

You can apply yourself by e-mail with a small description of the things you bring, name, address, e-mail address, place of residence, phone number and an indication of how much space you think you need.

We hope to welcome you the 31th of Oktober in Balkbrug.

Org. Tractor Pulling (Diesel) Power grant 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

Popeye added 2 photos to 2009 Werkplaats
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Oct 4, 2009 4:48:56 AM

Buck Pictures Mods, twd, 4x4 and pits

Buck Pictures Mods, twd, 4x4 and pits.


I have uploaded the other classes from the Buck and Pit pictures which include traveling there.


The new albums are Buck Pits & Buck 2009

Go to

Left side under contents click on pictures

Sunday, October 04, 2009

New pictures from the US East Coast


I have uploaded the SS pictures from the Buck East Coast Pull.
Go to
Under content on the left side click on pictures.
The Album is Buck 2009-1