Saturday, February 27, 2010


Minis are done!

Mission Impossible: - Fp - 52.72
Little Rascal - FP - 52.52
Little Dan - FP - 52.12
Challenger - FP - 50.24
Let's Try - FP - 49.41
Crazy Rascal - FP - 45.60
The Gambler - FP - 45.28
Hot Head - FP - scratch
Vampire - 57.11
Wild Toy - 5 cm

Black Widow is fixed again and just left the pits. To replace the Pro Stock Pull Off 5 Alkies are doing some "mini competition" now.
I am updating some pictures in the meanwhile. Don't have internet in the press area and am in the pits doing all this.

Pro Stock

After pretty much everyone made a Full Pull, the smoke machine broke. They have skipped the Pro Stock Pull Off and the Semis.
Minis now.

3500 kg modifieds

Bad news... Black Widow broke something in the rear end. Currently phone calls are made all over the place to get a new ring & pinion and what ever else comes out in pieces...

Anyhow, results:

Bandit - FP - 59.01
Lambada - FP - 54.73
Double Screaming - FP - 53,??
Desperate Dan - 59.20
Eager Beaver - 59.13
Popeye - 57.62
Judge - 53.40
Super Kasper - 53.25
Black Widow broke rearend & burried the front end at about 50m


Another rather light sled setting, but good and close competition in the Pull Off!

Heart 2 beat - FP - 58.58
Screaming Bobcat - FP - 57.78
Intertechno Predator - FP - 57.74
No Illusion - FP - 57.62
Cloud 9 - FP - 55.85
Sledge Hammer - FP - 54.78
Butterfly Morning - FP - 52.36
XL - 59.43
French & Furious - 42.97

Super Stock

After a rather light sled setting and a lot of Full Pulls we got to see a pretty surprising result in the Pull Off. The "non component" machines ruled it:

Red Alert - FP - 63,72
Terminator - FP 62,73
Red Fever - FP - 57.53
Interaction - FP - 56.76
Zapo - FP - 54.30
Hurricane - FP - 52.88
Incredible Deere - FP - 51.75
New Born Deere - FP - 50.17
Just Smokey - 58.29 (no grip engine not running clean)
Well Done Deere - 53.51 - engine shut down

Pictures to follow in the break!

Good morning from Ahoy!

Good morning everybody!
I am sitting in the pits of Ahoy and have set up internet connection. I will keep you updated with pictures and about the things happening as time allows.
Black Widow looks to be in good shape and Archers, the class act they are, are already busy talking to the EU Pullers!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Update - February 26, 2010


New Videos from joker1976mrjo

New Videos from rmpruitt

New Videos from Pulling44

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Picasa Web Albums Activity

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Monday, February 22, 2010


On Saturday 27 February 20010, the Ahoy complex in Rotterdam will again host the European Indoor Tractor Pulling Championship. The 32nd Superpull promises to be another spectacular event, combining plenty of horsepower with pure entertainment. In addition to teams from at least seven countries, the competition will include a star attraction from the Unites States.

As was the case in previous years, the 2010 event will be spiced up by a top competitor from America. And not just any competitor, but Black Widow, a 13,000 hp monster which will be piloted by a woman, Kathy Archer. Kathy, who lives in Ohio, is keen to take on the best European teams and show the crowd what she’s made of.

Kathy has tractor pulling in her genes – her parents, Dave and Arlene Archer, competed at the highest level for over 40 years, winning many coveted titles.
Kathy has been involved in tractor pulling for over 8 years, and has seen her fair share of success: she won the Ohio State Puller of the Year award in 2007, and was the Bowling Green Ring Winner in 2009.
In addition to hair-raising competitions, visitors will be treated to a spectacular programme, including fireworks, laser shows, DJs and special demonstration trucks. All seats provide a first-class view of the action. As was the case in previous years, the participating machines will be on display in the adjacent exhibition hall for a close-up inspection. There will also be an entertainment program.

Check for further info!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Warpath and Controlled Chaos in Putten!

Two American teams at the Total Beach Pull 2010

We are very pleased to let you know the contracts have been signed with two
American teams to attent the Beach Pull 2010:
Kevin Cambell, with his International V8 super stock The Controlled
Chaos and Carlton Copp with his V8 pro stock tractor War-Path.

Both teams are looking forward to visit Holland and to compete with the
Europeans top tractors at the Total Beach Pull in Putten.

NFMS Friday

Results Friday night

Keith's NFMS pictures

Feed address

Becaus of heavy spam attacks, Email feeds have to be send to pullingworld.postenglish2(at) from now on!

Monday, February 08, 2010