Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the rest of the video of Füchtorf 2010

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tractor Pulling Füchtorf this weekend

It's time for germany's biggest pulling event this weekend!

The final starting list is out and offers some last minute surprises, after some southern german teams cancelled and were replaced by good friends of the Green Monster Team.
We'll have tractors all the way from Italy (Starlight Express & Cuore Rosso) and England (Just Smokey & Rough Justice) as well as top machines like Double Screaming, Green Spirit, It Kypmantsje, Dragon Fire and our own machines, the Green Monster and Green Fighter. Also present will be an eager Red Painter team with an updated triple Knox Hemi tractor, Le Coiffeur back at old strength, Roude Leiw Junior, the unique 2.5t W18 mod of Jan Romviel and Gerd Wagner, our local mini hero Hot Head and just soooo many more. A total of THIRTEEN V12 machines and several Radials will take care of a good cubic inch party!

On Saturday we will be doing anything from Micro, Garden, Stock and Sportklasse, followed by the legendary Füchtorf Pulling Party.
Camping facility with toilets and showers is right on site, so you can make it a nice weekend out. Weather forecast is good (sunny 21°C) and prices will again be very reasonable!

Hope to see ya'll this coming weekend!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Tractor Pulling Baltic Cup Grimmen

Tractor-Pulling-Baltic-Cup-Grimmen at July, 10th 2010


The unique Night-Pull in Germany!


4,5t Sport 18.00 -19.00

3,5t Modified 19.00 - 20-00

5,5t Sport 20.00 - 20.45

Show Super Stock 20.45 - 21.00

Balti Cup 0,95t Modified 21.00 - 22.00

2,5t Modified 22.00 - 23.00

Show Super Stock 23.00-23.10

4,5t Modified 23.10 - 24.00

24.00 Fireworks

Competitors from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway and Finnland!

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