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Report Made's Powerweekend 2010 Saturday

Maybe a bit late, but as we say here:
Better late then not.
And there is more in life then tractorpulling.. I better start thinking of what that would be ... hahahaha

Saturday edition Powerweekend Made 2010.

Due to canceling of Emmeloord we had quit some time without tractorpulling events in Holland, 18-19-20 June it was time for one of the most popular pulling events in Holland : Powerweekend Made 2010 edition.
3 days of pulling with almost everything with wheels and an engine...

Saturday was mainly Dutch NTTO A_division.

Powerweekend had to deal with the world championships soccer and Holland playing against Japan so they decided to provide big tv screens for the soccer fans who also like to be at tractorpulling events....
After the match was won by the Dutch, the real thing could get started: Tractorpulling time !!!!!!

Moderator Erik van Oosterhout started right away after the referee has blown his last signal for the soccer game.

First class to start with was the 0,95 ton modifieds.
The class started off with a full-pull of Lets try.
Next one, The Riddle, had a kinda wild ride, but also reached the full-pull line.
Little Rascal (with a complete new-drive line) did the job too while the other tractor of the team, the crazy rascal, ended in a cloud of smoke with an engine problem.

The Lambada team is nearly complete in the US to try their luck there, but Gert and Emiel stayed in Holland, and therefor Emiel was asked to drive at the only event the team is acting at this year.
Emiel started of very calm and he pushed the throttle a bit to late.
No pull-off for the Lambada, but a nice job for the first time on such a tractor !!
The Reny Mission Impossible team had used the time between Wierden and Made for completing their new tractor.

It was a close call because they arrived like 10 min before they were suppost to be on the track at the Made’s Powerweekend arena.
They managed to get to the finals, with a very nice full-pull !!! with a complete new chassis and several changes to the engine we can conclude they did a great job with the new tractor and the engine as far to the front as possible...
So with Lets Try, The Riddle, Little Rascal, The Challenger and Reny Mission Impossible we could get started with the pull-off.
Lets Try had to do a few braking correction and reached 81,54 mtr.
Next one to pull was The Riddle, he also had to brake a lot, his engine screaming for grip, but he managed to pull as far as 92,08 Mtr.
All the tractors had to work hard to keep away from the right line, René Geerts of Reny Mission Impossible, had quit a nice run but accidently pushed the ignition switch with his elbow so the engine stalled, but he must be very satisfied because when you put down two such a nice runs on a tricky track with a complete new tractor.........
The Riddle FP-92.08
Little Rascal FP-86.21
The ChallengerFP-85.03
Let’s TryFP-81.54
Reny Mission ImpossibleFP-79.54
Vampire 95.63
Lambada VI 95.51
Total Exception 93.51
Landy 92.80
Crazy Rascal 74.92

Next class to pull was the 3.5 ton Modified.

Test pull was done by the Judge, and it was clear that it was kinda hard to get all the power on the track.
When The Judge was towed back, there was a strange sound coming out of the rear axle... lateron it became clear that the third ring/pignion gearset of this season was sent to the ‘happy hunting fields’ very sad for these nice guys of The Judge team, back to the drawing board I guess...
They are planning to get pullers on this tractor, I would sugest they first try to overcome the rearaxle problems they have at the moment, because it will only get worse with pullers....
MPM Seaside Affair was back on the track again.
They had some serious damage after Stroe, the complete righthand rear wheel had left the tractor at the run in Stroe, resulting in a ruined chassis and overreved all5 engines.
The Seaside Affair team always invites the sponsors to Made (like a lot of other teams) so it was very important they were able to pull this weekend.
The guys from MPM Seaside Affair team did a heck of a job to get everything ready in such a short time!!!!
It would have been nice if all this hard work would have resulted in a full-pull, but the track didn’t allow that.
After the runs of The Judge and Seaside Affair it was clear there wouldn’t be a lot of full-pulls. The teams had to look at other runs and ‘read’ the track to get the maximum result out of this situation...
Bandit again broke a blowerbelt of the second engine, still no full-pulls so far..
Total Eager Beaver had a back-fire on one of the engines and here also was a broken blower belt the result.
The engines of Popeye didn’t run very well and the tractor started jumping on the track, 2 things that prevent you from a good result....

If some one would be capable to get to the full-pull line it would be The Double screamin’ of Bertus Boer.

Gert Dingerink was driving the Double Screamin’ this time, and he did a great job !! He didn’t make it to the full-pull line but it was the best distance so far.
The rest of the class didn’t manage to make it to a full-pull; Double sreaming was winner ...

First starter in the Superstock class was D’n Aerdvruter of Gert-Jan Pauly.
This team is experimenting with engine setting and therefore had their share of trouble this season.

It’s about time they get some points for the Dutch compitition.
D’n Aerdvruter started quite good, but the tyres kept searching for the grip they need to give the tractor the speed you need to make a full-pull.
The weight was allready moved to the back of the tractor, but apparently this wasn’t enough.
At the end of the run the engine made a strange sound... not all 6 cilinders were competing... and on 5 cilinders it is hard to get to the full-pull line.
This ment they had some work to do during the night because on sunday he had to pull for the Eurocup series.
And with the sponsors on the stands he wanted to show what he is capable of.
Luckaly they were able to get to the workshop on a trailer of Sjors Zeinstra, to fix the problem with one of the exhaustvalves during the night.
Never the less, when Pauly is towed back he always is in a good mood and waves to the crowd as if there is nothing wrong . 96,76 mtr. was what he had pulled
Silver Bullet made a nice clean run and got till 89,41 mtr.
Green Muscle man is driven by one of the young ones.. Gernanda Schutte.
She also didn’t get to the full-pull line: 84,61 mtr.
Terminator of Rob v/d Waal didn’t sound like he used to do and for sure didn’t put down the distance to be expected, Jurian pulled the throttle within the 20 meters and is going to give it another go after 6 starters.
Edwin Derksen with BE_Combi Incredible Deere was the only one who made it to a full-pull.
New Born Deere is still not doing what he suppost to do: make good clean runs.....97,05 mtr.
Zapo had damage in Berny and he wasn’t running clean now neither.
They wanted to com back later, but this wasn’t possible due to new problems, so only hookpoint for the sympathic team.
Most of the time the ‘old’ tractor of the Zeinstra team, Well Done Deere, is doing beter then the new born deere, this time no exception: 98,74 mtr.

Six Shooter is rather new to the scene (the team is not though) and they are not affraid to let the engine make a lot of rpm’s under this very nice designed and ‘painted’ hood.
With 98,95 he was very short to the full-pull line.
Manon Kools with Interaction wasn’t able to get the front wheels in the air.

This popular young girl drives this nice international as if she never did anything else, she reached 98,79 mtr, good enough for third place !!

Terminator was back to do his second attempt, but also this time he couldn’t rev the engine like he wanted it to do: 92,38 mtr on torque...

In Made they have 3 tracks, on 2 of them they run the A-Division competition.
The 4,5 ton modified and the prostocks are pulled at the same time.

The 3.5 ton Prostock class was kicked off by Extreme Temptation.
This nice International was struggling with the track to get some grip, sledge is set lighter.
Next one to pull with the lighter sledge settings: Nex Sensation... also this very potent Valtra was struggling and not able to get the speed into the sledge.
After Kawe Runaway Deer the sledge again was set lighter, this would be the final settings.
After Jan Burggraaf with his ‘old timer’ John Deere had pulled, the new Mr. Bean drove on to the track.
Mr. Bean had made some testpulls earlier this week and that looked very hopefull.
But the eventual pull ended in a cloud of white smoke.. something like that most of the times isn’t good news...
Rocky’s IHC 1066 didn’t have the greatest pull of all time... 93,95 was the distance
Extreme temptation had to pull again after the change in sledge settings... and had learned maximum of his first pull !! the John Deere nearly made it to the full pull line.
Also Nex Sensation came back for the second attempt, but didn’t manage to get by on the distance of Extreme Tempation.
Runaway Deer’s second attempt ended at 96,14 mtr. Second place so far.
Local hero Neighbours Nigtmare was doing his best was just 4 cm short of Kawe Runaway Deer: 96,10 mtr.
Karin Hendriks with Bad Boys Toy was doing her best with the v-8, but had to be satisfied with 84,48 mtr.
Rough ’n Tumble didn’t have enough rpm to get the turbo at full speed: at 86,37 mtr. it all ended.
The exhaustpipes of Red Attraction are an attraction to see normally.....
But this time it was even more spectacular, a fuel line broke and sprayed diesel on the redhot exhaustpipes, a specacular run with a great ball of fire was the result!! Very nice to see the driver kept pushing the throttle as if nothing was wrong !!!

Turn me loose had trouble getting his turbo turning and would shift 6 places.
The New Holland of Edward Beukeveld named Snoopy would have pulled further when they would have choosen another starting position on the track: 92,38 Mtr.
With Extreme Temptation still in the lead, there were still 2 to pull:
Wickie Power and Turn me loose in the rebound.
First Wickie Power was on, this nice New Holland was running very well!!
With 97,34 mtr. Aadri v/d Veeke was very pleased, second place!!!!!!!
‘Lucky Luke’ keulers with Turn me Loose again didn’t make it from the startline and was towed away with 27 cm pulled distance.
Shame for this nice looking Deere.

4.5 ton Modified class
The 4.5 ton Modified Class was a special one.
This class was done by a different sledge as usual: The Big Benz.
this Sledge is a inheritance of what was used to be the ITTC.
This Sledge (and team) do know what they talk about
But somehow there was some doubt about this sledge with some people.
Some thought the big benz wasn't able to stop the heavy 4.5 ton class.
So the big Benz was laoded with weight to the max to by sure he had maximum braking capacity.
John v Alphen was the first to try this sledge (why of all tractors let popeye do a test with a sledge??).
It was clear very soon the Big Benz was way to heavy.
John v Alphen had the same idea and pulled the throttle.
Sledge was set lighter.
Next attempt was for it Kypmantsje, Abe Zijsling kept on trying to get some speed but with this settings it was clearly impossible.
After his run he walked to the officials to talk about his experiences with this sledge.
Again a lighter setting was the result of a lot of talking with officials and sledge crew.
Then Alley cat was to try the Big Benz but also this Allison ‘with turbo’s’ powered tractor wasn’t able to get it going.
Again lighter settings....
Ok, taking in consideration the track wasn’t one with all the grip you wanted ( dispite the work the powerweekend guys spend on it) but the sledge had to be a lot lighter then the settint at the start of this class.....
Green Spirit was the one with the final setting and managed a full-pull.
Since the Simply Irresistible team didn’t want to pull on this track in front of the Big Ben zit wasn’t a big class tonight.
Wispering Giant made a fine full pull so a pull-off is a fact.
MPM had a bumby ride but also made a full pull.
it Kypmantsje pulled in the rebound a full pull, so there was a pull-off with 4 tractors.

First in the pull-off was Green Spirit, just after the start there was some fluid spraying from the left engine and at the end of the run Peter de Regt was waving heavily to let Eric shut the engine down.
Wispering Giant wasn’t able to reach the distance Green Spirit pulled.
After MPM Seaside Affair had some flames out of the top engine the run was over in order to keep the damage to a mimimum ( they had their share for this year I guess/hope).
All eyes were on Abe Zijsling wit it Kypmantsje.
Could he do the job and pull further then Green Spirit.
the engines were running very well and he was getting close... but not close enough.
Second place for it Kypmantsje!! The just placed a new ring/pignionwheel set in the rearaxle for this weekend, and I think the team was very satisfied with this result.

With this loud pull of the twin Griffon the day was over.
There was still a lot of action waiting for us on sunday...... the eurocup/b-div.

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Pictures from the weekend

TP Haltern am See 2010
Photos added by Kevin: 408
Jun 28, 2010
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Jun 27, 2010
Lambada Tomah
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Modified 2,5t Haltern Tractor Pulling 2010

Super Stock 3,5t Haltern Tractor Pulling 2010

Modified 950kg Haltern Tractor Pulling 2010

Pro Stock 3,5t Haltern Tractor Pulling 2010

Modified 3,5t Haltern Tractor Pulling 2010

Pics and results Haapajärvi event from Finland

Results Haltern

Haltern results

Tractor Pulling Finland Haapajärvi 27.6.2010

Sportklasse 3,5t Haltern Prickingshof 27.06.2010

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2010 Shelby Co. Fair - ORVTPA Super Farm

Four Wheel Drive - Harrells, NC Truck & Tractor Pull (Sat)

Two Wheel Drive - Harrells, NC Truck & Tractor Pull

Modified - Harrells, NC Truck & Tractor Pull

Four Wheel Drive - Harrells, NC Truck & Tractor Pull (Fri)

Shell Rotella Sponsors Koester Racing in NTPA

Shell Rotella® Sponsors Koester Racing for
National Tractor Pullers Association Season
Champion Pullers Larry and Adam Koester Get Energized with Shell Rotella
Houston – Shell Rotella® will be the title sponsor of Koester Racing for the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) 2010 season.  Father and son pullers, Larry and Adam Koester are getting energized this year with their new Shell Rotella Energized Protection tractors.
Larry and Adam are champion pullers in the mini-modified division.  Their tractors, as well as the team's trailer and mule (motorized utility vehicle), have been revamped with new Shell Rotella paint schemes that include bottle images as well as the "Get Energized!" tagline for the 2010 season.
"We have found a great team with Koester Racing, and the Shell Rotella team is really excited to watch the Koesters pull the Shell Rotella tractors into the winner's circle this season," said Mark Reed, global brand manager, Shell Rotella.  "Larry and Adam are two of the hardest working pullers out there, and it is an honor for us to energize them in the 2010 season."
The 2010 season marks Larry Koester's 24th year of tractor pulling in the mini-modified division.  Larry was introduced to the sport by his brother and brother-in-law, and started competing as a hobby following a farm tractor accident in 1986.  After developing a mechanism for the brakes and throttle, Larry was well on his way to finding his lifelong passion driving his "Footloose" machine.
In 2001, Larry captured his first Grand National Points Championship. He later captured championships in 2006 and 2008. Among other top finishes were runner-up placements in 1992, 2002, 2005, and 2007.  He was also named Mini Modified Puller of the Year in 1992, 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2008.
Through tractor pulling, Larry has been involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northwest Ohio for more than 10 years running and is a spokesperson for their cause.  In 2010, Larry hopes to come out and add another title to his ever-growing list, and will not be satisfied unless he falls second only to his son, Adam, as he did in 2007.
Adam is entering his sixth year of grand national tractor pulling in the mini-modified division.  The 24-year-old grew up in the sport and was a natural puller, clinching Rookie of the Year honors in 2005.  In 2006, Adam placed second in points to his father and beat him in a close finish in 2007 to win the championship.  Dad was not to be out-pulled in 2008, as he reclaimed the championship.  The winning duo is looking to again deliver winning results during the 2010 season.
2010 Koester Racing Schedule
May 14-15                    Pinetops, NC
June 25- 27                  Tomah, WI
July 9- 10                      Arcola, IN
July 17- 18                    New Hampton, IA
July 23- 24                    Chapel Hill, TN
July 30- 31                    Fort Recovery, OH
August 13- 14               Saluda, SC
August 17                      Armada, MI
August 20- 22               Bowling Green, OH
August 24                     Greenville, OH
September 3                 Wauseon , OH
September 4                Findlay, OH
September 9                 Wauseon, OH
September 18               Urbana, OH
October 15- 17             Raleigh, NC
For more information, please visit www.ShellRotella.com.  Updates will also be available via www.Facebook.com/ShellRotella and www.Twitter.com/ShellRotella
About Shell Lubricants
The term 'Shell Lubricants' collectively refers to the companies of Royal Dutch Shell plc that are engaged in the lubricants business. Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry, supplying 13% of global lubricants volume.a The companies manufacture and blend products for use in applications ranging from consumer motor oil and food processing oils to heavy industrial lubricants and commercial transport oils. The Shell Lubricants portfolio of top-quality brands includes Pennzoil®, Quaker State®, FormulaShell®, Shell TELLUS®, Shell CASSIDA®, Shell RIMULA®, Shell ROTELLA® T, Shell SPIRAX®, Jiffy Lube® and a portfolio of leading car care brands.
aKline & Company, "Competitive Intelligence for the Global Lubricants Industry, 2008 – 2018."
Blair Hefty                      
Coyne PR                                           Shell Lubricants
bhefty@coynepr.com             Shell Media Line
(973) 316-1665                       713-241-4544

Mini Modified - Harrells, NC Truck & Tractor Pull

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Simply Irresisteble 4.5 Eurocup @ Made 2010

2010 Smoke 'n' Noise Truck and Tractor Pull

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