Friday, December 31, 2010

Pro Stock,Tractor Pull, video 1, Illinois Nationals

Old video's 1983 and 1985


We've recovered some old videotapes and uploaded some snapshots of them.

Popeye @ Ahoy 1983, with "Speedy" and "Lady Diana" besides the pullingtrack.

Tractorpulling @ Ahoy 1985, several competitors; Mike Smith USA with "Deer Harvester",
Ron Barga USA with "The Judge", "Lollipop", "Green Monster", "Dombo", "Deer Hunter", "Popeye" and more...

Have fun and a happy new year!
--  Met vriendelijke groet,  Popeye tractorpulling team  

Friday, December 24, 2010

A merry Christmas!

The crew would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas!

In our neck of the woods snow has taken over control and slowed down the public life.
Time to lock the workshop, leave the tractors, shut off the computers for a bit, put some good music on the stereo and spend time with your family, preparing for the celebration.

It's again been a good year for this website. Even though I have less time to run the show here, a lot of guys have jumped on board and kept this site alive. Thanks for that!!!

I would also like to thank our sponsors, who made it possible to carry the costs of the website and it's gear to offer an "open" place for discussions, pictures, videos and news.

 Now - time to close the good old macbook and do some preparations in the kitchen!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Kevin´s pics: RR Griffon Modell is ready

RR Griffon Modell


Fotos: 20

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New competition system in Germany

The DTTOe.V. , on it's 30th anniversary, got a new competition system.
In the past you could choose between a Points Pull with all classes, a Cup Pull with 5 classes or a (Hot) Farm Pull with a max of four "bigger" tractors giving a demo.
Now every promoter can either do a "Garden Pull", "Farm Pull" or  "Tractor Pull".
The tractors are split in three pools:

Garden Puller
Farm Puller (anything under 68mm inlet)
Tractor Puller (4 different Mod classes, Pro Stock, SS, Mini rods)

Any promoter of a Garden or Farm Pull can now book up to three classes out of the "Tractor Pulling" package and hold a competition for points.

Tractor Pulling promoters need to have a minimum of four classes out of the "Tractor Puller" pool and a minimum of one class out of the Farm Pulling pool.

"Dass ich das noch mal erleben durfte!"

Coyote: the first alkyburner made in Italy

Hi Pulling Fans, from Baricella, close Bologna, I've the pleasure to show the first picture of the Coyote Alkyburner Edition out from the team CIEMME Workshop.
As you can see it looks very nice and sounds good: hopefully it will be competitive in short time in the 3,5 ton and hopefully in the 2,5.

More tecnichal info in Valid HTML 4.01!
Greetings from Italy.
Keep on pulling, always!
Domenico Bucci
mobile +39 3471058108

New compact diesel from France

 Under you'll find the latest news about this new Deutz Compact Diesel

Thursday, December 09, 2010

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