Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sonder Hygum 2012 Standart- Klasse Mix

Truckpower first good pull on Methanol.

Videos Ekeröd (S)


I have a few and a playlist of videos from Ekeröd 2012.

Best regards Nils Öst

Ekeröd 2012 Intro                                                                                http://youtu.be/xUKaMoKOmCM
Ekeröd 2012 XL                                                                                      http://youtu.be/gMxIFFGJzQw
Ekeröd 2012 2600 KG TWD                                                               http://youtu.be/Sc2L7yCM2Ro
Ekeröd 2012 600 KG MOD                                                                 http://youtu.be/BTTotbm3rEQ
Ekeröd 2012 Double Trouble                                                           http://youtu.be/gdOnKcS7tl4
Ekeröd 2012 2500 KG MOD                                                              http://youtu.be/ohYNDDPbWTw
Ekeröd 2012 Farmstock 3600kg Euro Challenge                       http://youtu.be/VTmXwTLLNE8
Ekeröd 2012 Spellista med alla klipp                                             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUKaMoKOmCM&feature=share&list=PL0EB58276DF3964DB

3.6 to Supersport Schwadernau Switzerland / Saturday

Night Powerpull Sonder Hygum 2012 Farmstock 4,5t

Lubersac 2012

Here's the album of my pictures from Lubersac.
It was the 3rd round of the French Championship with Iwan, Sledge Hammer, Rattle N' Hum and Moving Moutains

All of the french championship pictures are available here

Herning ahead!

Upcoming weekend is Euro Cup time in Denmark again!

You can find the basic information, also in German and English, on our webpage:http://eurocup.tractorpulling.dk/
Newest version of the complete startinglist, can also be found here.

During the event, you will be able to follow the results, pull by pull.

And by the way!
It is still on the “old” pulling arena!
GPS : 56°07’06” 8°55’46”

See you!
Kenndal Racing

Tractor Pulling CADZAND 2012 Mini's Unlimiteds - Full HD

Night Powerpull Sønder hygum (Denmark)

About 100 of the strongest stock, Farm and modifieds from Denmark Wach all the Pulls Here Artrapull.dk Video

Night Powerpull Sonder Hygum 2012 Farmstock 3,5t

Eurol Bandit Cadzand 2012 - Light Modified

Rudy Linthorst: Cadzand photo's

Cadzand Mini Unlimited
Cadzand Light Modified
Cadzand Pro Stock
Cadzand Unlimited
Cadzand Super Stock

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fairfield, IL- Super Modified Tractors

Another local pull in the german books

Prostock & Superstock Sonder Hygum 2012.wmv

Guest drivers @ Klopeiner See / Austria at 05th August

More Info:

powered by www.oetpo.org

Sdr Hygum Red Evolution Prostock

Powerpull Sonder-Hygum 2012

Schizos Pulling-Pics: Cadzand


Snoopy goes Wild

Green Spirit the strongest in the Unlimiteds

Some pics available Tyrnävä event from finland now


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eurol Bandit at Beach Pull Light Modified 2012

Traktor Pulling Ekeröd / Schweden 3,6t Euro Challenge 2012

Traktor Pulling Ekeröd/ Schweden 4,5t Euro Challenge 2012

Beachpull PUTTEN 2012 Light modifieds EUROCUP - Full HD

Fairfield, IL- Super Modified 2WD

Fairfield, IL- Pro Stock Tractors

Popeye at Beachpull Putten, Netherlands

See our website for our Beachpull pull report.

"Stay tuned"

Parc ferme @ Red Shadow Team

Also now on facebook, join our side http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Red-Shadow-Sled-Team/243837155680109

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

unieke onboard beelden putten

Altenburg 2012 Sunday pics by Kevin

Altenburg 2012 Sunday

Altenburg 2012 Kompakt-Diesel.

Rudy Linthorst: Putten friday photo's

Putten 3.4 ton Super Sport Top
Putten 2.5 ton Sport Top
Putten 4.5 ton Sport Top
Putten 3.6 ton Super Sport Top
Putten 4.5 ton Super Sport Top

Altenburg 2012 Red Evolution Stage II

Altenburg 2012

Rudy Linthorst: Putten saturday photo's

Putten Modified
Putten 8.5 ton Super Sport Trucks
Putten Light Modified
Putten Unlimited
Putten Super Stock

Showpulling : Altenburg 2012

Altenburg 2012 - Pictures made by janwerners Pulling-Bilder & Video´s