Monday, December 23, 2013

The new Legend compact diesel

Now that the old Legend is sold to the new owner it's time to spread some news about the new compact diesel Roland van Dongen is fabricating at the moment. The new compact diesel from Roland van Dongen will be made 80 % out of Alluminium components to save quite some weight. Since the compact diesels only may weight 600 kg included the driver, every saved kg counts. As a result of all the alluminium components there should be an extra 30/40 kg available on the front end. The tractor wil also be fitted with a type of gearbox with steps of 8 %. An  'optoerbak' as it's named in dutch. As a result of the box the wheels should reach a speed of 150 km/h at 8000 rpm's! The team says it will start with a wheelspeed of about 110 km/h and see how everything works and then, when everything is working as it should, slowly building it up. We are looking forward to the end result. for more information.

some news from the Screamin´ Bobcat workshop

The Screamin´ Bobcat Team from Ijsselmuiden in the Netherlands, are working on their modified tractor Double Screamin´ at the moment. The modified tractor gets a new Domex wedge style frame and some changes to loose weight.

The first start of the new Double Screamin´ is planned for the 25th of January 2014 in Zwolle, Netherlands.

For further informations and pics of the new Double Screamin´, check here:

NTTO buys Ironman sled

The Dutch Tractor Pulling Organisation, NTTO has bought an Ironman sled by Vaughn Bauer in the USA.
The sled will arrive in the Netherlands with both tractors from Adam Bauer (Cross Threaded  and Iron Toy) a few days before the 15th of March 2014 at the 36th European Superpull in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

Hot Head workshop news

The Hot Head Pulling Team from Germany, are buildinga new Mini Rod at the moment.
What the news, what is different to the old chassis? The new one,has a 42CrMo4 chassis, the driver's position is more forward and the center of gravety is lower. The team hopes to ger a better balance with the Cepek tyres with those changes. The rear axle is newly constructed and lighter. The new wider carbon fenders are lighter than the old GFK fenders. Also, the tractor gets a gearbox and a new V8 engine with a few hundred horsepower more.Which new V8 engine the Team will use, isn´t sure at the moment.

For further information and pics of the new Mini, check here:

or here:

Workshop news Team Gators

The Gators Team from Denmark, are building a new modified tractor at the moment. The team will only compete in the 2.5t Modified (Light Modified) class with this modified tractor powered by 2 supercharged Rover Meteor V12 tank engines. The tractor gets a new wedge style chassis, a set with new Puller 2000 HP tyres and a new Humco rearend. The Rover Meteor tank engines get some bigger valves and new cams in the cylinder heads. Also the engines get some special made pistons (made by Team Gators). The 2 engines are supercharged, maybe with Pro Chargers, the same as Gompie´s (Dutch Mini Rod) Rover Meteor V12 engine. The Gators Team are building most of the parts for the modified tractor in their own workshop and also make parts for other teams in Denmark. The Danish team has a vision, to become one of the strongest tractors in the 2.5t Modified class.
The Team hopes to be ready with the Modified tractor in 2015. For the first season in 2015, it is planned to only compete in the Danish Championship and in 2016, it is planned to also compete in the Euro Cup.

For further information and pics of the new Modified project, check here:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

new frame for Wild Toy

The Mini Rod called ,,Wild Toy´´ gets a new chassis for the 2014 season. The team from Denmark, bought the old Now or Never tube frame with the old Cepek tyres from Daniel Hollmann in Germany a few weeks ago. The Wild Toy is powered by a blown V8 KB Hemi engine.

For further information, check here:

The new Flying Hawk

The new Flying Hawk modified tractor is powered by 2 Continental V12 tank engines on methanol. The 2 engines are supercharged with F3 Pro Chargers. The modified tractor got a new Domex wedge style chassis with Puller 2000 HP tyres. The rims of the Puller 2000 HP tyres come from Northern Sheen in Canada.
The team from Germany, will compete with 1 engine in the 2.5t and with 2 engines in the 3.5t modified class in the German championship next year.

For further information and pics of the new modified tractor, check here: Team-Flying-Hawk/234036366633900

Mitas All or Nothing at the NFMS Pull 2014

The Interaction Team from Cadzand, in the Netherlands, will compete with their Case IH Puma Super Stock called ,,Mitas All or Nothing´´ at the 46th NFMS Pull in Louisville, KY. The Dutch team will compete in the Super Stock Alcohol class on the 13th of February 2014.

Competitors NFMS Pull 2014 are known

check here:

Gangnam Style is sold

The finnish Valtra Pro Stock tractor called ,,Gangnam Style´´ from the Herlevi family was sold to Norway.
Who the new owner is, isn´t known at the moment.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vampire is sold !

The old Vampire with the RR Griffon engine from the Vreeman bros. was sold to germany. Who the new owner is, isn´t known at the moment.

for further informations, check here:

The new Voldsom Volvo II

The Voldsom Volvo Team from Denmark, have bought a new Modified tractor in the USA for the 2014 season. The modified tractor is powered by 3 new BAE V8 Hemi engines and the chassis was built by the 2009 PPL Champion Scott Tedder from Marion, IN.
Also, the danish team was  in Scott Tedder´s workshop a few weeks ao, to learn all the new stuff and settings on their new modified tractor. The guys also made a very good test run in front of the sledge in the USA. The team will compete with 2 engines in the 2.5t and with 3 engines in the 3.5t Modified class. The first start of the new Voldsom Volvo II on European ground is planned for the 25th of January 2014 in Zwolle, Netherlands.

For further information about the new tractor, check here:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Team Fox stops

I just found some very sad news in my mailbox:

Fox have been on the track for the last time.
We have decided to stop Tractor Pulling for this time.
We want to thanks everyone for the support through all the years both sponsors, competitors and fans.
If anyone should have the interest in buying something you can contact us on or
Thanks Team Fox

Real pitty to see the young crew stop. There is so much history in this team... Wish I had more time to write some more...:(

Sportklasse Supersportklasse MIX 2013 (+Playlist)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tractor-Pulling Calendar 2014 - by janwerners Pulling-Bilder

Ab sofort , janwerners Pulling Kalender 2014
Hier eine kleine Vorschau der 12 Monatsblätter.

Out now!!
The Pulling-Calendar for the year 2014!!
You are interested and want more informations?

 No problem! Write a E-Mail to:

Kalendergröße Din A3,420 x 297 mm  , Querformat,Uncut in höchster Auflösung.

Kontakt und weiteres :

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Tickets for Sale! IJsselhallen Zwolle - Tractorpulling 25 January 2014

The ticketsale for the indoorpull in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle has started. This year it's also possible to buy one ticket for both sessions. The program for 2014 will look like this:
Session 1, starts at 11:00 in the morning
- Mini Unlimiteds
- BE Trucks
- Light Modifieds
- Light Superstocks
- Heavy Modifieds

Session 2, starts at 18:00 in the evening
- Two wheel drives
- Modifieds
- Superstocks

DTTO schedule preview 2014

check here:

First pics of the new Il Coyote

The Il Coyote Team from Italy, building on new modified tractor for 2014 at the moment. The Tractor gets a new wedge style chassis over the winter. The plan is for 2014, to start in the 2.5t Modified class. The old tube frame with the old heavy steel rear axle, was to heavy for the 2.5t class and the team had decided to build a new tractor. The new new lighter rear axle, is better and stronger than the old one. The axle gets some special made Mercedes planetaris and a SQHD differential. Also the Modified tractor gets a SCS Reverser and a set with new Northern Sheen rims. The 6 Zylinder Iveco alky engine, will be the same as in 2013.

You can find further informations and pics about the new tractor, at their Facebook page:

first pics of the new Just a Toy from Sweden

Also the Nasty Toy team from Sweden is building on a new Mini Rod for next year. Their Turbo BAE V8 Mini, called ,, Just a Toy" gets a new tube frame over the winter. The guys from Ljungbyhed, use a completely different material for the new chassis. Most Teams use the 42CrMo04 tubes, but the sweds now use the new DOCOL TUBE from SSAB. SSAB is a swedish steel manufacturer. The company is also known by their steel types Domex, Hardox and Toolox.

First pics and news of the new Backdraft

The Backdraft team from the Netherlands working on a new Mini Rod for next year at the moment. The tractor with the turbo Rover V12 tank engine,
gets a brand new homemade tube frame and a new better rear axle over the winter. The rear axle, is a Vreeman/Ford/homemade combination.

for further informations about the new tractor, check here:

or here:

Promo Season 2014

Sunday, October 27, 2013

new Le Coiffeur frame

The Le Coiffeur Pulling Team building on a new frame for their single Griffon at the Moment. After a middle well season and a bad balance of the tractor, the Team from Bad Iburg in Germany, has decided to built a new wedge style Domex frame for 2014. But, what is different to old one? The new one gets the weight, more at the front end and the main focus is lower.  The Team hope with this changes a better balance and a better maintenance options at the tractor. The first start of the new tractor is not known at the moment.

here are some pics of their new frame:
you can find more pics about the new frame on their facebook page, check here: