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Final results NFMS Pull 2013

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Assorted Hooks (LSS, PS) from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY (2/16/13)

Lucas Oil- MAVTV Modified Tractor at NFMS

Thunder Pulling 8


The new part of the successful Thunder Pulling Series is available.
A spectacular, 100-minutes flashback of the Euro-Pulling-Season 2012.
TOP QUALITY in picture a sound, filmed and cutted in FullHD.
OnBoards and SlowMotions with good music……


The Pullinghighlight of the season. A One of a kind Pullingentertainment with „The Voice of PULLING“ ULF SCHNACKENBERG, who brings the fans to
CloseUp footage of the Tractors in the pits and on deck heating up their engines. Ear-shatering Sound of the multi supercharged V8 engines.
Detailed report, with all first passes and Pull Offs from all division.. Trackside filmed, from different camera positions and OnBoards…..


2500 Hoursepower - Wheelstanding Action. With the front end in the air from start to finish, the Funny Cars create a tremendous Show. Sledge Hammer against Screamin Bobcat and Heartbeat.


Turbine-Power, V-12 Allisons and Griffons against Multi V-8`s. Tractor Pulling on the highest level. The Pullingtrack vibrates. Earthshaking action in the Füchtorf arena.
The Dingerinks and Lambada show their performance with on of the best Modifeds on Earth.


950 kg weightlimit and 2500 Hoursepower -  there is something going on, and the Tractors are flying over the pullingtrack.


V-8 Power like Double Screamin and Black Power, against V-12 Griffon Le Coiffeur, Green Monster, DeJongSpecial, Radialengine Roude Lew and the
Alkyburners Rocket Science, Woody Woodpecker and Mad Max.
The most alternate division with the most exciting Pulls.


Over 2000 horsepower out of one Turbo and standard engineblocks. Dieselpower pure.
John Deere and International against Valmet, New Holland and Fendt…..


„IT IS GETTING LOUD“. The Ultimate Tractors. Five V-8 and over 10.000 Horses, tirespeed in excess of 100 km/h. Those machines set the track on fire……
See and feel the multiV8 Tractors like Seaside Affair, Lambada, Simply Irresistible, Fox……
Fighting against the  turbinetractors IVAN, LeRedoutable, Whispering Giant……
and the V-12`s Green Fighter, Green Spirit or Super Kasper. The great final at the European Championships.

Teamreports and Interviews  with closeups of the engines and a look under the hood,  and tractor technics :

-          Johanna Herlevi from Finnland: the most successful Pulling-Lady, with 3 Valmet Pro Stocks
-          Green Monster Team. The best Allisonpuller on earth and their new and improved PRO-CHARGER
-          IH-Super Stock Aerdvruter from Gert Jan Pauly a selfmade AlkyBurner from Holland
-          Roude Lew the most powerful double-RADIAL-engine in the Light Modified division.
-          ZEINSTRA Super Stock Team. Well Done Deere and New Born Deere,  were also successful in the USA …
-          DSCHINNI Evolution, the strongest and best looking Deutz AlkyBurner on earth from Martin Mattmann
-          Seaside Affair earthshaking V8 Ford power with 5 engines…..
-          ……………….


Europes biggest EuroCup and Outdoor Pulling Event.
On 3 days and 3 Pullingtracks, all the best european Pullingmachines fight for the EuroCup titles.
Full Euro Cup and NTTO-divisions like the Unlimited Modifieds and Nightpulling under the lights.
Spectaculare Scenes like the engine-explosions of the ZAPO SUPER STOCK or the almost rollover of Rocket Science with closeup footage.
A one of a kind and spectacular filmreport of this MegaEvent.
With the best Tractors from ItalyAustriaGermanyNetherlandsBelgiumLuxembourgFranceDenmarkSweden, Finnland..
Great Show of Lambada, Whispering Giant, Simply Irresistible, Green Spirit, Green Fighter, Starlight Express……..

„Last but not least“ we take a look at the EuroCups in Italy Pezzolo and in Belgium Zele, and show you also the  Highlights from the German and Austrian pullingevents like
Tulln:   International tractors and Pro Stocks from Holland: Red Nex Steyr, Code Red IH, Red Attraction MF…… first nightpulling show in Austria…. „Fire in the Pipe“
Klopeinersee:  V-12-Dieselpower in the Modified division like Morpheus and Final Destination and great tractors fromHolland and Italy.
„Four No Hemi“ a US-Import built from Joe Eder and running now in Italy, produced a great and dusty pulling show.
FÜCHTORF and KRUMBACH: Germanys TopEvents with international top Tractors……..Lambada, Whispering Giant, Starlight Express,
PEZZOLO Italy,  ZELE Belgium and Zwitzerland: Euro Cup of the 950 kg Modifieds with nightpulling. The best turbine powered Mini Modified HOT IRON in action.

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2. Send email to

Assorted Hooks (SF, TWD, PS) from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY (2/15/13)

Assorted Hooks (SF, TWD, SSA) from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY (2/14/13)

Assorted Hooks (DSS, MT, and PS) from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY (2/13/13)

Speedco Driver Bill Leischner at NFMS

NFMS 2013 pics session 3 by Dick Morgan

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Thunder Pulling 8

The new Thunder Pulling 8 DVD by Austrian filmmaker Gerald Wallaberger is now avaible! Finally in full HD with plenty of great action from the 2012 European circuit. I had the chance to watch it yesterday and it really is worth it!
For further information about the new Tractor Pulling DVD and how to order, check here:

Open workshop day at the Rabbit's Pulling Team

Open Workshop!

Come and see the rabbit's pulling team on saturday the 2. march from 11 to 17 h.

See our workshop and how we spend our time here.
See you on Skelbakvej 15,  9320 Hjallerup