Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big news from the Starlight Express Team

The Starlight Express Pulling Team from Italy has mounted turbos on their 3 Allison V12 aircraft engines.

for more information about their new configuration, check here: starlightexpress3.blogspot.de/2013/03/first-startup-starlight-turbo.html

pictures: plus.google.com/photos/104244125672844884377/albums/5859347303145585777?banner=pwa

The Riddle workshop news

The Total Exception team is not the only team building a new mini. Also the the Riddle team from Putten in the Netherlands are building a new Mini for this season.

For further information, check here: www.theriddle.nl/the-riddle-homepage

News and pics of the new Total Exception mini modified

The Total Exception Pulling Team buliding a new Mini Modified for the 2013 season at the moment.

more news, check here: www.pullingteam-exception.nl/page/nieuws2013

pics: www.pullingteam-exception.nl/page/fotoalbum

2012 NTPA Modified Champion Bret Berg and "LG Seeds Money Maker"

2012 NTPA Unlimited Modified Champion Ken Veney "Funny Farmall"

Starlight Express 3 Turbo edition First startup

Sunday, March 10, 2013

GREEN SPIRIT VI Red Edition - AHOY 2013 - HD

Ahoy 2013

Rudy Linthorst: Rotterdam photo's

I've uploaded my photo's. I've something new. My camera has 2 slots for memory. On 1 stick I placed small JPG's and on the other the usual RAW's. When I've got time I will replace the JPG's for the developed RAW's.
Rotterdam Super Stock
Rotterdam 8.5 ton Super Sport Trucks
Rotterdam 4.5 ton Super Sport
Rotterdam Modified
Rotterdam Pro Stock
Rotterdam Mini Unlimited
Rotterdam Two Wheel Drive
Rotterdam Heavy Modified

YOUNG BLOOD UNLEASHED AHOY 2013 - Evening session - HD


4.5 Ton Supersport Ahoy 2013

Schizos Pulling-Pics: European Superpull Ahoy

Ahoy 2013

Results Ahoy

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Rabbit G'N MadFP59.59
2  TerminatorFP58.13
You Never KnowFP54.41
Zeinstra Newborn DeereFP53.83
Six ShooterFP29.26
Agrifac InteractionFP27.23
Red FeverFP9.97
8Mitas All or Nothing52.98-
9  Red Alert51.20-
10Indifferent Deere31.80-

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Team van Vlastuin AgroFP54.94
2  RhinoRocketFP34.63
Team PrinsenFP21.36
Team van Heugten56.29-
No Risk No Fun56.22-
Black Sensation New Edition51.00-

Supersports (powered by W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading B.V.
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Simply GreenFP58.99
2  Mannheim MiracleFP11.92
Steel to Steal58.18-
Maximum Massey43.50-
Black Magic39.63-
Never Done0.04-
8Red ImpactDiskw.-

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  The JudgeFP57.40
2  Inter-Techno LambadaFP57.08
Double Screamin'FP55.76
MPM Seaside AffairFP53.39
Whispering GiantFP53.14
Green Fighter54.23-
Snoopy 352.44-
8Eager BeaverHookp.-

Avondsessie 19.00 uur

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  John Deere 2FP59.63
2  RockyFP59.42
Extreme TemptationFP58.05
Mud PatrolFP56.78
John Deere 1FP56.46
Dams RoosterFP55.28
Red EvolutionFP53.25
8Blue Hazard36.51 
9  KAWE Runaway Deer14.50 

Mini Unlimiteds
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Gencom Lambada 8FP55.03
2  Little RascalFP52.79
Butter Let's TryFP 
the Challenger48.04 
Hot Iron45.21 
Deltahoist Crazy Rascal35.46 

Two Wheel Drives
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Heart 2 BeatFP55.84
2  Inter-Techno PredatorFP55.58
Sledge HammerFP55.36
Screamin' BobcatFP55.18
JLM No IllusionFP53.76
Team XLFP53.06
8Dr. Power Stage VFP50.85
9  Cloud Nine56.10 

Heavy Modifieds (powered by W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading B.V.
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Whispering GiantFP 
  Inter-Techno LambadaFP 
 MPM Seaside AffairFP 
 Simply IrresistibleFP 
 Green Spirit VIFP 
Snoopy 352.46 
Rising Star50.26 
9  Snoopy 426.46

some pics of the new Blue Power from Denmark

check here: www.teambluepower.dk/53138476