Sunday, March 10, 2013

Results Ahoy

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Rabbit G'N MadFP59.59
2  TerminatorFP58.13
You Never KnowFP54.41
Zeinstra Newborn DeereFP53.83
Six ShooterFP29.26
Agrifac InteractionFP27.23
Red FeverFP9.97
8Mitas All or Nothing52.98-
9  Red Alert51.20-
10Indifferent Deere31.80-

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Team van Vlastuin AgroFP54.94
2  RhinoRocketFP34.63
Team PrinsenFP21.36
Team van Heugten56.29-
No Risk No Fun56.22-
Black Sensation New Edition51.00-

Supersports (powered by W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading B.V.
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Simply GreenFP58.99
2  Mannheim MiracleFP11.92
Steel to Steal58.18-
Maximum Massey43.50-
Black Magic39.63-
Never Done0.04-
8Red ImpactDiskw.-

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  The JudgeFP57.40
2  Inter-Techno LambadaFP57.08
Double Screamin'FP55.76
MPM Seaside AffairFP53.39
Whispering GiantFP53.14
Green Fighter54.23-
Snoopy 352.44-
8Eager BeaverHookp.-

Avondsessie 19.00 uur

Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  John Deere 2FP59.63
2  RockyFP59.42
Extreme TemptationFP58.05
Mud PatrolFP56.78
John Deere 1FP56.46
Dams RoosterFP55.28
Red EvolutionFP53.25
8Blue Hazard36.51 
9  KAWE Runaway Deer14.50 

Mini Unlimiteds
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Gencom Lambada 8FP55.03
2  Little RascalFP52.79
Butter Let's TryFP 
the Challenger48.04 
Hot Iron45.21 
Deltahoist Crazy Rascal35.46 

Two Wheel Drives
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Heart 2 BeatFP55.84
2  Inter-Techno PredatorFP55.58
Sledge HammerFP55.36
Screamin' BobcatFP55.18
JLM No IllusionFP53.76
Team XLFP53.06
8Dr. Power Stage VFP50.85
9  Cloud Nine56.10 

Heavy Modifieds (powered by W.K.M. Cornelisse Trading B.V.
Pos.Tractor1e Pull2e Pull
1  Whispering GiantFP 
  Inter-Techno LambadaFP 
 MPM Seaside AffairFP 
 Simply IrresistibleFP 
 Green Spirit VIFP 
Snoopy 352.46 
Rising Star50.26 
9  Snoopy 426.46

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