Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures Bryne

Pictures from this sunday.
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Rudy Linthorst: Stroe photo's

Stroe 4.5 ton Sport Top
Stroe 3.4 ton Super Sport Top
Stroe 2.5 ton Sport Top
Stroe 3.6 ton Super Sport Top
Stroe 4.5 ton Super Sport Top
Stroe Unlimited
Stroe Light Modified
Stroe Pro Stock
Stroe Modified
Stroe Mini Unlimited
Stroe Two Wheel Drive
Stroe Super Stock

Next Sensation Pro Stock @ Stroe 2013 2nd place

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Stroe 2013 Eurol Bandit Light Modified.

Another Russian Invader - Megapull Stroe 2013 - HWTPF

Pictures Stroe NL 25.05.2013 by

Click here: Pictures Stroe 2013 by and have fun.

Lambada on fire

picture by Sabine Böhm

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hassmoor 2013 - Made by janwerners Pulling-Bilder

Pezzolo - June 9th

The great Tractor Pulling is back at Pezzolo!
FITP Italian Championship and big guests from the Netherlands!
Boer Family will be there with the Double Screamin' and the Screamin' Bobcat!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rudy Linthorst: Erichem saturday photo's

Finally I'm done with all the photo's of the Farm Stock event @ Erichem (NL). Now do some relaxing to be fit for tomorrow in Didam (NL) for the first Grand National of this season.
Erichem 4.5 ton Super Sport Promo
Erichem 3.4 ton Super Sport Promo
Erichem 3.6 ton Super Sport Promo
Erichem 2.5 ton Sport Top
Erichem 4.5 ton Sport Top
Erichem 4.5 ton Super Sport Top
Erichem Modified
Erichem day 2

2500kg modificeret Allingåbro 2013

Team Lambada, 4500 kg Modified PULL OFF at Lidköping City Pull 2013

Lidköping City Pull 2013 Crash

Lidköping City pull 2013-05-17

Lidköping City Pull 2013 Euro Cup results    check at results

Monday, May 13, 2013

some interesting stuff from the first round of the Danish Championships 2013 in Herning

Black Power with new Carbon fenders and scoops
The Danish Diesel V8 Mini  Dini is back  on the track
Oil Addict, a new Radial engine tractor for the 2.5t Modified class

Slaedhunden with new Fenders and a KB Hemi V8 in front of the 2 Transmash engines

Thomas Lynggard with his new John Deere 8345R called John I Extreme in the 4.5t F
arm Stock class

pics by Karsten Christensen