Monday, December 23, 2013

The new Legend compact diesel

Now that the old Legend is sold to the new owner it's time to spread some news about the new compact diesel Roland van Dongen is fabricating at the moment. The new compact diesel from Roland van Dongen will be made 80 % out of Alluminium components to save quite some weight. Since the compact diesels only may weight 600 kg included the driver, every saved kg counts. As a result of all the alluminium components there should be an extra 30/40 kg available on the front end. The tractor wil also be fitted with a type of gearbox with steps of 8 %. An  'optoerbak' as it's named in dutch. As a result of the box the wheels should reach a speed of 150 km/h at 8000 rpm's! The team says it will start with a wheelspeed of about 110 km/h and see how everything works and then, when everything is working as it should, slowly building it up. We are looking forward to the end result. for more information.

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