Monday, December 23, 2013

Workshop news Team Gators

The Gators Team from Denmark, are building a new modified tractor at the moment. The team will only compete in the 2.5t Modified (Light Modified) class with this modified tractor powered by 2 supercharged Rover Meteor V12 tank engines. The tractor gets a new wedge style chassis, a set with new Puller 2000 HP tyres and a new Humco rearend. The Rover Meteor tank engines get some bigger valves and new cams in the cylinder heads. Also the engines get some special made pistons (made by Team Gators). The 2 engines are supercharged, maybe with Pro Chargers, the same as Gompie´s (Dutch Mini Rod) Rover Meteor V12 engine. The Gators Team are building most of the parts for the modified tractor in their own workshop and also make parts for other teams in Denmark. The Danish team has a vision, to become one of the strongest tractors in the 2.5t Modified class.
The Team hopes to be ready with the Modified tractor in 2015. For the first season in 2015, it is planned to only compete in the Danish Championship and in 2016, it is planned to also compete in the Euro Cup.

For further information and pics of the new Modified project, check here:

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