Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The new look of the Blue Hazard

The Blue Hazard foundation has chosen for a whole new concept for sponsorship of the team. The goal is to make the trademark more clear and at the same time to make it more easy for potential sponsors. But, how do you connect the tough tractorpullingworld with a woman behind the steering wheel? After a few brainstorms a new idea was born. The bigger sponsors get a place on the hood, so that there is created space for a chassis full of white hearts which are for sale for potential sponsors. There has been chosen for a subtle interpretation of this concept. Because of the use of dark- and lightblue background, the white hearts are jumping out and you can see the names pretty good. To make the total look more pretty the black roll cage, as we have seen it the past years, became blue.
To make the concept complete, the whole website has had a makeover. is now in the style of the tractor. Next to that, the Blue Hazard will be on the track with a whole new engine and new Puller 2000 tires. There has been made a lot of changes, so the team is pretty curious for the results.
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