Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bollingers in the NFMS 7500 Ib Modified finals 2014 with Top Gun

Top Gun
One of the biggest surprises at the NFMS pull yesterday, was the run of Tom Bollinger with his twin Allison V12 modified tractor called ,"Top Gun". The man from Stonington, IL made a very nice pass with a distance of 218.30 feet. In the end the distance was enough for a good 4th place. With this 4th place,Tom Bollinger is qualified for the NFMS finals 2014 on Saturday night. His brother Steve Bollinger finished 8th with his triple Allison called "Money Pit".
Money Pit
The distance of Steve´s run was 211.20 feet. That wasn´t enough for the Saturday night finals. The winner in the 7500 ib Modified class, was Ricky Long from Glasgow, KY with his tractor MAV TV. The Tractor is powered by 4 Hemi engines. In runner up position it was Wayne Bunnage from Ellery, IL with Keeps On Tickin and 3rd place wet to Ricky Rose from Glencoe, MN with his Giddy up.

Pictures by JP Pulling

more pics, check here:

Winner Modified 7500Ib: Ricky Long with MAV TV

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