Monday, March 31, 2014

Now also my pulling site 2014 is available but only finnish language this moment
and my new website address is now
Website update is under construction.
And pics is available season 2014

de Hannu

"Der Film" Test & Tune Volkmarst 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Volkmarst Test & Tune 2014 Red Evolution

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Red Baron

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Never Done Deere

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Raging Green

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Mighty Quinn

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Schleich Performance

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Blue Diesel & New Blue Diesel

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Green Monster

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Black Beast

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Team Sonsbeck Gift Zwerg & Old Jim

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Hulk

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Red Devil

Volkmarst 2014 Test & Tune Deutz 13006 Standard

Monday, March 24, 2014

Advance Chassis

Hello, I work for Advanced Chassis and I would like to be added to your links page if possible.
We're a chassis shop that has been in business for 26 years. Originally we started with drag racing, but over 10 years ago got into the tractor pulling world by building 4 time National Champion Mr. Thundermaker for Lee Swift and Scott Schafer. You may be familiar with our more recent tractors: Honkin Donkey red, black, and white, Jerry Thompson's Hell Raiser, Max Smith's Hawkeye Hemi, Rick Peter's Buckeye Special to name a few. We build mini mod frame rails, do sheet metal work, roll cages, fenders, and rear ends for mini's and 4WD trucks, custom headers, and custom built tanks and do turbo plumbing.
Advanced Chassis

107 Victory Lane
Antwerp, Ohio 45813
Phone: (419) 258-2100
Contact: Dan Bowers, Dusty Price

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cooperation "The 2 Nation Cup" between FITP and ÖTPO

Proudly I can tell you in the name of FITP and ÖTPO, that we made a cooperation to have more events with more competitors.

Both Nations runs for national points at all 4 events and the common points represents the result of "The 2 Nation Cup".

We are very happy all Teams and promoters are in vafour for this trendsetting project. More details will follow soon.

- ITALY         FITP: melissa.marusi86[at] /
- AUSTRIA ÖTPO: wolfgang.leidinger[at] /

Cross Threaded Ahoy 2014 Session 1

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The new Le Coiffeur Stage 8 is ready !

After a lot work in the last months, the new Le Coiffeur Stage 8 is ready. The new light modified (2.5t) tractor got a new Domex Chassis, a new homemade rear axle, a new colour design and a lot of other different changes, check here for further informations about the changes: The Team will compete only in the german championships in 2014. The first start is planned for the 6th of April 2014 in Riesa, Germany (German Indoor Pulling event).

for further informations, check here:

The Challenger workshop news

The The Challenger pulling team from the Netherlands are building a new Mini Rod at the moment. The tractor gets a new chrom molybdaen tube frame. The driver´s position is more forwad and the center of gravety is lower at the new chassis. The team hopes to ger a better balance with the Cepek tyres with those changes. The rear axle is newly constructed and lighter. The RR Rover Meteor V12 tank engine, gets a new Littlefield High Helix blower with K11- rotors. The team make everything light as possible, on the tractor. The Team want more weight on the front axle. So, the RR Rover Meteor engine move 6,5cm more forward, than at the old chassis. Also, the Mini Rod gets a newly constructed planetary gear behind the engine and a new 2 discs clutch.

for further informations, check here:

or here:

Workshop team Pegasus

The Pegasus Pulling Team from Austria, are building on a new Mini Rod at the moment. The Mini is powered by a Allison V12 engine. The tractor got a tube frame. The Team will compete in the austrian championships this year. The first start of the new Allison Mini Rod is planned for 2014.

New design and new name for the old Vampire

The old Vampire was sold to the Bad Company Team from Germany last year. The Team comes from near Munich. The Team will compete in the austrian championships this year. The tractor got a new design over the winter and a new name. The new name of the tractor is Piecemaker.

Euro Cup 2014 schedules and EC 2014 are known

New in the Euro Cup 2014 calendar is Poznan in Poland, Budapest in Hungary and Pezzollo in Italy this year.
Also new is the Euro Cup in Brande in Denmark. The event move from Herning to Brande this year.

On the 30th and 31st August 2014, the European Championships will be held in Bouconvill, France.

  for further informations, check at Agenda 2014:

NTTO events 2014 are known

check here:

DTTO events 2014 are known

check here:

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Facebook.... or "Tractor Pulling from a fans point of view"

Today I've received a friendly request from a Jamie Dabro on Facebook, whether I could support him a little. He'd have a Tractor Pulling page and might need a few more visitors.
"Sure thing"... if somebody needs support and calls me, I usually try what I can.
So... when checking out what page he actually wanted support for, I checked and figured: "Oh my god.. that guy has 22.000 likes"...
This means 22.000 people receive the stuff he posts on their timeline.
Makes you wonder what the hell I've done wrong in the last 15 years of running tractor pulling websites? Well.. maybe post irrelevant stuff? :D

Wondering why he actually set up this page he said:
"I started this Facebook page couple years ago.
My meaning behind it was to cover some of the events that I go to throughout the summer across the Midwest.
I take amateur pictures and sometimes posted results.
Mostly I share others post but the main thing about the page is I wanted to get the awareness of Truck and Tractor pulling up!"
Well Jamie, with that many followers you've pretty much got THAT accomplished!
Folks, check out his Facebook page:

Volkmarst Promo 2014 (+Playlist)

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Premiere Lambada Gator

The new Kawe Runaway Deer

After a disappointing season in 2013, team Kawe Runaway Deer is back with a new tractor. As you may notice, the tractor looks more muscular, angry to perform at it's best in the 2014 season. Altough the tractor is still green and it still has the 7920 hood from John Deere, it's quite a different tractor now. The skeleton of the tractor is now made by Sjors Zeinstra and the Runaway Deer will become a components Prostock, in other words, the frame will now carry the rearend, engineblock,gearbox and the other components. The frame is made of Domex steel. And speaking about that rearend, that will be a Rockwell rearend with a Humpco differential. Let's see what the changes will bring in 2014, it sure looks great. As it looks now the tractor will make it's maiden run at the start of the outdoor season. We're looking forward to it...