Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Facebook.... or "Tractor Pulling from a fans point of view"

Today I've received a friendly request from a Jamie Dabro on Facebook, whether I could support him a little. He'd have a Tractor Pulling page and might need a few more visitors.
"Sure thing"... if somebody needs support and calls me, I usually try what I can.
So... when checking out what page he actually wanted support for, I checked and figured: "Oh my god.. that guy has 22.000 likes"...
This means 22.000 people receive the stuff he posts on their timeline.
Makes you wonder what the hell I've done wrong in the last 15 years of running tractor pulling websites? Well.. maybe post irrelevant stuff? :D

Wondering why he actually set up this page he said:
"I started this Facebook page couple years ago.
My meaning behind it was to cover some of the events that I go to throughout the summer across the Midwest.
I take amateur pictures and sometimes posted results.
Mostly I share others post but the main thing about the page is I wanted to get the awareness of Truck and Tractor pulling up!"
Well Jamie, with that many followers you've pretty much got THAT accomplished!
Folks, check out his Facebook page:

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