Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Challenger workshop news

The The Challenger pulling team from the Netherlands are building a new Mini Rod at the moment. The tractor gets a new chrom molybdaen tube frame. The driver´s position is more forwad and the center of gravety is lower at the new chassis. The team hopes to ger a better balance with the Cepek tyres with those changes. The rear axle is newly constructed and lighter. The RR Rover Meteor V12 tank engine, gets a new Littlefield High Helix blower with K11- rotors. The team make everything light as possible, on the tractor. The Team want more weight on the front axle. So, the RR Rover Meteor engine move 6,5cm more forward, than at the old chassis. Also, the Mini Rod gets a newly constructed planetary gear behind the engine and a new 2 discs clutch.

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