Sunday, March 02, 2014

The new Kawe Runaway Deer

After a disappointing season in 2013, team Kawe Runaway Deer is back with a new tractor. As you may notice, the tractor looks more muscular, angry to perform at it's best in the 2014 season. Altough the tractor is still green and it still has the 7920 hood from John Deere, it's quite a different tractor now. The skeleton of the tractor is now made by Sjors Zeinstra and the Runaway Deer will become a components Prostock, in other words, the frame will now carry the rearend, engineblock,gearbox and the other components. The frame is made of Domex steel. And speaking about that rearend, that will be a Rockwell rearend with a Humpco differential. Let's see what the changes will bring in 2014, it sure looks great. As it looks now the tractor will make it's maiden run at the start of the outdoor season. We're looking forward to it...

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