Saturday, April 05, 2014

Speedway Grand Prix New Zealand / Nowej Zelandii - Auckland 05.04.2014 -...

As some of you know, I have a sweet spot for Speedway racing.

Since the sport is in a disastrous condition here (they still have more events than us pullers, but not near as many spectators) money is short for the riders and everything is really tough for them.

Now last year the probably best German rider Martin Smolinski made it into the Grand Prix on the last edge with a bunch of hard work and really getting his act together.

So here he went to the first Grand Prix in New Zealand, with a partly private/hobby crew and super low budget. Everybody, including himself, thought him making the semi finals would be like a dream come true. Well... long story short: I got up early to watch this and he made it into the semis and finished second there, so he could run in the finals ...

now watch what happened from there. And you GOTTA love the commentary :)

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