Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Changes at Best Solution

After a 2 years absence, the John Deere alky burner Super Stock from the Pulling Team Kaiser is back on the track. The Best Solution got some changes during the last months. Now, the chassis got some changes on the front end (more weight on the front end). The team hopes to ger a better balance with those changes. Also, the chassis got a new colour with a new design. The Super Stock got a set new front tyres and rims. The John Deere engine got a new pump drive for the methanol pump. The pump drive was made by Kaiser Performance (home made). Also, the clutch bell got a modification. The clutch bell was been spindled and a tube was inserted. With those change, the Super Stock can drive without the splinter protection cloth around the clutch bell. And last but not least, the hood got a change. The hood is now electric hinged on the tractor.

for further information, check here: www.facebook.com/pages/Kaiser-Performance/309375439200587?fref=ts

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