Thursday, October 02, 2014

International Educator in Progress

The chassis of the old Interaction from team Kools has arrived in the UK. The new home for the Bonnet, gearbox and rear-axle is Myerscough College Mechanisation. The college has bought the components as a project for her students. Just like the Two wheel drive team Rattle and Hum from the Netherlands, this team will exist out of degree students! The plan is to make a 4,5 ton Supersport tractor, the second one to be built in the UK. The students are now looking for a DT468 engine block for their 4,5t Supersport. Allready the team has got their hands on a Holset Turbocharger and a Sigma fuelpump. Further specs about the tractor are, for now, unknown. A new name is allready there yet.... It'll be called from now on: International Educator.

For updates about this project please visit the facebookpage of the college! Here!

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