Saturday, December 13, 2014

Workshop visit Post & Dros

On the 15th of November 2014, I made a little workshop visit at Post & Dros in Dronten, in The Netherlands. Post & Dros assembles and revisees V8 engines for Drag Racing (Vegter Pro Mod Team), Tractor Pulling and many other different motorsport categories.  Marcel Hoornsman, team member of the Komeco Simply Irresistible team, made a little tour trough the workshops at Post & Dros with me and he explained me a little bit, what happens in the different workshops. So, we started in the first workshop, where the engine blocks, cylinder heads and crank shafts are processed. They have special machines to grind and balance the crankshafts and machines for prepearing the cylinder heads and a machine for engine block honing. One room further, they have a test bench for ignitions and fuel pumps. A workshop further,  Post & Dros assembles  engines for customers. Also, in the workshop of Post & Dros, is the base of the Komeco Simply Irresistible modified tractor. Currently, the tractor is completely disassembled. The 5 New Century V8 engines will revised and the tractor gets a new chassis over the winter.
One thing I can say after this visit, you can see a lot of interesting machines and V8 engine stuff in the Post & Dros workshop !

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workshop visit Post & Dros 15.11.2014

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