Monday, January 19, 2015

First pics and news of the new Red Thunder

The Team Centurie from Odder in Denmark, are building a new twin griffon tractor for the modified and super modified class at the moment. The old tube frame of the Red Thunder will be replace by a new Domex 700 wedge frame with a new home made ROP. The tractor gets a new modified Scania rear axle with ZF planetary and a SCS reverser. The new rear axle housing is home made. In the modified class, the team will drive with 2 RR Griffon V12 engines on petrol. For the super modified class, the tractor gets a third engine , a Rover Meteor V12 tank engine with a blower on methanol. The  position of the Rover Meteor engine is in the middle, behind the both RR Griffon engines.
The first start of the new Red Thunder is planned for 2016 in the Danish Championship.
But, the team has decided to drive with the old Red Thunder in the Danish Championship this year.

for further information and pics of the project, check here:

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