Friday, January 16, 2015

New limited mod class for Germany

Germany will get a new limited modified class at 3,5t (all other rules of 3.5t apply).

Limits will be:

  • Mechanically supercharged or N/A engines in any combination that is not additionally mentioned in these limits must utilize one (1) air restrictor of 120 mm.
  • Turbocharged engines and any combination of them , must utilize one  (1) air restrictor of 102mm diameter or two (2) restrictors of 75mm diameter each.
  • Intercooling and water injection for diesel engines only.

Other legal options (without air restrictors)
  • N/A Automotive engines (engines with less than 7,7 liters each) in any combination up to 23,1 Litres (1404 cui)
  • 2 Automotive engines (engines with less than 7,7 liters each) with two 8-71 std. Helix supercharges with a maximum of 15% overdrive or one 14-71 Supercharger High Helix with a maximum of 50 % overdrive, both without air restrictors
  • Engine rpm limit for any automotive engine (under 7.7 liters) is 7500 rpm and must be governed by the ignition system. It is strongly recommended to control the engine rpm with an external box during the run.
  • Turbines up to 2250 hp
Limits are subject to change after every season.

Restrictors are getting currently designed.

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