Friday, January 30, 2015

The new The Judge

The the Judge Pulling Team from IJsselmuiden in the Netherlands, have built a new 3.5t modified tractor during the winter. The twin RR Griffon V12 tractor got a new Domex 700 wedge frame and a new ROP. The new ROP was constructed and drawn by Berrie Boer (Screamin´ Bobcat Team). After that, the ROP was built by Rene Geerts (Mission Impossible Team). The crossbox of the tractor is home made and the gears were built by Benny Vreeman (Team Vampire). The drive shafts were built by Vreeman, too.
The DAF rear axle housing with the Rockwell ring and pinion gear are of the old The Judge modified tractor. The new tractor is 35kg lighter than the old one.
And last but not least, the new The Judge got a new paint job and a new design. The team will compete in the Duch Grand National Championship this year.

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